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As promised, here are some ideas for preparing for a disaster if you have pets or service animals**  to consider.
Food, Water, First Aid…you might already have these things for yourself but have you thought about how much more you’ll need for your pet? During lease signing you received information from the American Red Cross about preparing your own personal emergency response kit. For the next 4 Mondays we’ll highlight some important ways that you can be prepared in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. I’ve written about a couple of incidents recently that resulted in people being stranded with only the supplies in their vehicles. Since I thought those were excellent questions, I took some photos when I switched yesterday from my cold weather emergency kit to my warm weather kit.
It’s sort of hard to see but above the container is a stocking hat for warmth and a waterproof hat that will also provide some sun protection. Also included are a few different types of rope, a compass, a road atlas of North America, WD-40, duct tape, and a 4 pack of toilet paper. Our food kit contains graham crackers with peanut butter, pop-top cans of soup, poptop cans of fruit, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, garbage bags, spoons, forks, a survival guide, and plastic dishes. Not shown: My vehicle has space beneath the back seats, where we store tightly rolled sleeping bags. Because of extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year, the food should be rotated out of the vehicle every couple of months so that you always have fresh food available.
In cold weather, your water bottles should have about 2 inches of the water removed to allow room for expansion when the contents freeze. Depending on the laws in your state (and your interest in complying with them) weapons and ammunition can be very useful additions to your vehicle kit. When taking a longer trip, add more food and water to your kit than you might normally keep in it.
Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio. Keep reading below for more information about the main categories of the wedding check list.
If you don't want to use a spreadsheet tool, you can download the printable wedding checklist in PDF format.

For most people, a wedding will be the largest and most complicated event they will ever help plan.
Months prior to the wedding you will need to consider stationary for the save-the-date cards, invitations to the wedding and bridal shower, response cards, wedding programs, and postage all need to be selected and purchased at the right time. For some families, the rehearsal festivities are almost as eventful as the actual wedding day. The main event requires planning for the location, the officiator, logistics for guests and guest book, transportation to the event, decorations, special ceremonies, and the vows. Part of the wedding planning should involve looking beyond the big day to ensure your honeymoon is also an event you will cherish. This is a great location for your roommates or family members to congregate and to find each other after a large scale emergency.  Housing Assistants or other volunteers will be deployed to each NAP site and will check folks in on a roster. Accidents happen at all times of year, and no matter what the season, your survival, or at the very least, your comfort, can hinge on having food, drinks, light, tools, and appropriate clothing.
Inside the container are two pairs of socks, a rain poncho, a Berkey sport bottle (it can purify up to 100 gallons of water) and a space blanket. But it fits easily into a backpack and would be sufficient for day-to-day emergencies in warmer weather.
I also use them when I take my dog hiking – it is a no-space way to conveniently keep her hydrated and it doesn’t add extra weight to my back pack. I leave it back there year-round because it keeps the other container from sliding around and it makes a good container for shopping bags and small items that I am transporting. I leave the lid off this container and use it for things like groceries or library books. For some people it can take a year or more to get all of the reservations in place and to finish the arrangements. To help make sure that your big day goes off without a hitch, you need to stay organized and focused on all of the little details.
Dresses, tuxedos, and all the accessories need to be accounted for, ordered on time, fitted properly, and paid for as per the agreement to which you commit.
Corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, venue arrangements, bridal party bouquets, and the like must be ordered in time for the wedding day. In addition to the printer concerns, you will also need to consider hiring a calligrapher, buying address labels, gifts, and thank you cards for before and after your wedding date.
Arrangements must be made concerning the caterer, the drink menu and food, decorations, invitations, and the right venue.

You'll need to ensure you have the appropriate reservations made for travel and accommodations, vehicle rental, and transportation to the airport. More recently, a freak snow storm hit the Atlanta, Georgia area causing a gridlock that left many travellers trapped in their vehicles overnight.
In the winter, it holds winter hiking boots, snow pants, and extra blankets but there is still a little space on top for shopping bags. Our free Wedding Checklist can help ensure that in your wedding planning you don't forget the important details that will make your wedding picture perfect. Just select the two cells containing the checkbox and the item description, then right-click to get the insert and delete options. So, consulting a checklist can serve as a source for inspiration (or perspiration, if you are the one funding the wedding). Makeup, hair styling, and other beauty services will need to be booked for the bride and her party.
You must also ensure you have the marriage license information for the ceremony as well as the rings to exchange.
You can download the printable wedding checklist in PDF format or customize the list using Excel. A good wedding planning checklist should be as comprehensive and detailed as possible, so you should customize it based on your specific plans. Brides-to-be also need to consider the clothing to wear after the event and the couple will need to be prepared if they plan to leave right away for their honeymoon. Do you have a leash or travel carrier for your pet? It’s important to think about all of these things.
You are responsible for providing your own drinking water and food as well as any other personal items you might need in case of an emergency. Using the two templates together can help you stay organized and aware of your wedding budget. You’ll be stressed too, which might make it harder to think about all of the things you need to care for yourself AND your animal friend.

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