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The Government of Canada states everyone should be prepared to be without any power, gas, or water for a minimum of 72hrs. Located just minutes from Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada), Barefoot Bushcraft is Niagara’s only Year-round wilderness, and primitive skills and survival school.
This toolkit is designed for those currently in public health practice, especially for those who are new to public health.  The information included is for people in all branches and areas of public health practice, from environmental health to policy development to health communication, and everything in between.

This toolkit contains introductor material on public health topics, education and training material relevant to public health practitioners, state and federal public health resources, and an index of pressing topics with which all public health practitioners should be familiar. Click on a Capability icon to view online trainings, resources, and drills & exercises that support that capability.
This course covers the basic information of creating an emergency plan, preparing for disasters, risk management, pets, concessions for the elderly and special needs, knowing your legal rights, the decision to stay at home or “get out of dodge”.

The school offers archery, shelter building, fire starting without matches, and other practical outdoor skills.

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