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The DVD includes video footage that details Tarrant County's full-scale dirty bomb disaster drill.
Divided into two modules, “Emergency Preparedness and Response Fundamentals” and “Putting Principles into Practice,” this course addresses basic environmental health concepts important to front-line staff with years of experience as well as those new to the field.
An overview of key issues that should be considered for inclusion in a local jurisdiction's pandemic influenza plan. An examination within each issue area of questions that should be asked, ideas on where to find information that may be needed, and partners that could be consulted to address those topics within the plan. Examples of ways in which other jurisdictions have addressed the topics described in the guide.
Links to information that can be used to further investigate the topics or resources that can be used to customize tools for individual jurisdictions. At the core of this guide are plans developed by departments that host two of NACCHO's Advanced Practice Centera, cutting-edge learning laboratories that develop and test tools that help other LHDs tackle all-hazards preparedness. Requirements and recommendations for managing mass fatalities during a worst-case scenario pandemic influenza.
Being really good at emergency response takes practice, and since most of us don’t have that experience, preparedness is the next best thing. When an emergency occurs, the first priority is to save lives; the second is to stabilize the situation. Once you understand what the risks you may be responding to are, it’s important to know what assets may be affected during those situations – what’s vulnerable. If your company is highly susceptible to a particular unacceptable risk, systematically reduce the likelihood that your company will be vulnerable when exposed to the risk.

Join our tradeshow email list for updates on sponsorship opportunities and upcoming exhibitor deadlines. There are two programs (HMEP and NIMS) with similar but unique objectives that serve to assist tribes with planning, preparing, and responding to emergency situations involving public health, hazardous materials, and all hazards.
The Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Fair is a one day event being held on the Mater Academy Charter Middle High School Campus.
This resource provides state and local public health entities with information and guidance on the key ingredients to consider when developing and facilitating a bioterrorism tabletop exercise. The tool also includes an interactive training manual as well as a chapter-based lecture series focused on the design and evaluation components of a public health exercise.
Santa Clara County, California and Seattle-King County, Washington, have both produced notably comprehensive, but very different, plans addressing pandemic influenza that serve as the foundation of this document's findings. Its focus—the care and management of the dead—is one of the most difficult aspects of disaster response and recovery operations. We might prefer to think about what we’ll do when fortune strikes, but thinking about an emergency response plan before a catastrophe may be the only difference between recovery and losing your business.
You need to understand the situations you may be responding to and what will happen if they come to fruition.
It may go beyond immediate loss of resources; consider how it could affect the reputation of your business. With a good emergency response plan in place, you can worry a little less knowing that certain hazards have been avoided and if emergency does strikes, you’ve done what you can to prepare.
Topics of expertise range from physical security, IT, risk management, cloud, information security, records management, cyber security and records management.

These programs provide training and technical assistance to tribes in the area of Tribal Emergency Response Commission (TERC) development, emergency plans development, exercising emergency plans, and training first responders on uniform national response procedures and protocols.
This is a fun-filled day of adventure and education for all ages featuring disaster preparedness information, volunteer opportunities and emergency management outreach. You’ll be fortunate you can carry out a well-executed emergency response plan if it comes to using it. These very important actions will be hard to follow through on without a detailed plan in place. Oil spills result in major environmental losses and loss of revenue for oil companies, but they also mean the entire industry’s reputation takes a hit. If lack of a sprinkler system means your building would burn to the ground while waiting for a fire truck, getting a sprinkler system mitigates that risk and gives you some control. The toolkit provides scalable, operational direction and tools to guide jurisdictions in creating a local plan. Which risks are most likely to occur; which will have the biggest impact on safety of your employees? If your swimming pool isn’t properly grounded, you can remove the risk of electrocution by closing the pool during electrical storms. There may be risks that you can accept and don’t require expending resources on trying to avoid or control.

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