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This morning the New York City Department of Health conducted a large-scale medical emergency preparedness drill simulating a massive public health emergency, causing many to wonder if they are preparing for Ebola in America. 30 locations were setup throughout the city, in which first responders simulated a large-scale bio-terror attack or medical outbreak.
Those who portrayed victims were bloodied with a homemade mixture containing coagulated blood powder.
By not knowing the location or circumstance, the trainees treated the drill as if it was real, he added. Besides preparing to help residents in a crisis, the main purpose was for agencies to utilize the drill as a way for various agencies to come together.
Hoover said there were times during the drill when those involved had no clue as to what was going to happen. Those involved said they enjoyed the drill, and it really did help in preparing in case of a real-life crisis situation.

Corridor, defined in the IFC, is an enclosed exit access component that defines and provides a path of egress to an exit. The drill included over 1,500 New York City workers from more than a dozen agencies including the New York Police Department and the New York Fire Department. Participants setup emergency stations and distribution centers where they could quickly distribute medication and supplies to infected areas. Then Martial Law is declared, Americans are rounded up, sent to FEMA Camps (plastic coffins & guillotines waiting), Ten Governor take control of the 10 zones…welcome to The New World Order! Agencies on site included American Red Cross, Crawford County Search and Rescue, Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, Crawford County Medical Reserve Corps, Crawford County Department of Emergency Management, Alma Fire Department and Alma Police Department. Imagine a small passenger plane with 15 people that took off from Fort Smith Regional Airport, heading to Branson, Mo.
The large makeup-type kit was full of fake wounds, cuts, scabs and other miscellaneous items complete with fake blood designed to gush and flow as if from a real injury.

Specifically, the Medical Reserve Corps personnel at the drill hadn’t before responded to a mass-casualty incident, Hoover said.
The scenario for this drill had the fire department responding to an explosion in a chemistry lab at a local high school. However, through emergency crisis drills such as the one Saturday, they will gain the knowledge and experience they need in case of any circumstance. As you can see from the pictures below Torrance CERT members were very convincing as the victims.
Since that time, agencies from coast-to-coast practice emergency drills so they’re prepared to help residents should something of the sort occur again, he said.

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