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The Allstate Foundation and Points of Light to Hold Disaster Preparedness Event in Light of 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and recent local storms on Long Island. Research shows 85 percent of Americans are unprepared for disaster and nearly half lack emergency supplies for use in the event of a disaster. Residents of the town of Babylon and their families will work side-by-side with The Allstate Foundation, local Allstate agency owners, and other crisis management organizations to build free disaster kits they can use to keep safe in the event of a disaster or unforeseen emergency. This event will also help educate Town of Babylon residents on the importance of preparedness in light of the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and recent local storms here on Long Island. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. We're generating custom event recommendations for you based on Disaster Preparedness Event right now! Citizens, local governments and the federal government alike were not prepared for the devastation because they used history as a template for future events. The mantra leading up to a natural disaster, from local authorities and even from many experts is to stock up on candles, food, water and batteries and have enough for at least three days. The manual has not been updated to account for an antiquated infrastructure and power grids and it does not consider the financial conditions of cities and the country as a whole. Emergency shelters are not stocked with food, water or other essentials while large generators sit idle due to maintenance problems. There is currently a debate in Washington DC as to whether or not to allocate funds for the cities and citizens affected by super storm sandy, this is months after the storm.
The following is a list of recommended supplies, tools and materials and it is not a comprehensive list. Store and operate your generator where it is protected from rising waters, rain, snow and other damaging conditions. Never operate a generator in an enclosed area to include crawlspaces, garages, and carports or near any openings into the home.
It is recommended you have a generator capable of handling up to 7,000 watts of surge to ensure you can operate a refrigerator, heater or water pump at the same time. Review: Ruger Mini 14 Traveling Tip for BOBa€™s and Backpacks Hick’s Law Dandelion Jelly Sale! The DowntownDC Business Improvement District will be hosting an Emergency Preparedness Seminar focused on Disaster Loss Mitigation for Commercial Properties.The keynote speaker for this event is Debra Ballen, General Counsel and Senior Vice President of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS). Skill Procedures involve: severe bleeding and shock, choking, compound fracture and splinting, severe burns, heat-related emergency.
READY2REACT attendees also got the chance to climb on board City, State, and Federal Emergency Response Vehicles that were on display in the Toys R Us parking lot at Pearlridge Center. The free kits will include items proven to keep people safe and prepared, such as a whistle, trash bag, dust mask, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, water bottle, rain poncho and hand-crank flashlight. The most recent super storm that ripped along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States left death and destruction in its wake. Therefore, the a€?once in a lifetime occurrencea€? can happen again because you cannot use history as an indication of future events.

Many cities and communities are struggling financially and this plays a role in recovery efforts.
The ad hoc repairs always seem to be just enough to get a city or community to the next disaster. The number of items you might possibly need would fill several garages so you have to prioritize and realize that if you currently live in an apartment or house you will already have many of the essentials needed. Obviously if your area is susceptible to a storm surge or heavy flooding it is assumed you will evacuate but otherwise rivers and streams may cause a few inches or feet of water to be present and equipment must be above the floodwaters.
Use the proper gauge extension cords and if you have a standby automatic generator make sure, the local power company is aware you have one.
The Alberta flooding events of last June were Canada’s most costly natural disaster, and made us all aware that we need to be prepared in case of emergency.
The conference is free to attend and includes 4 presenters as well as 50 additional exhibitors.
The storm has also shown that politics and bureaucracy played a role in the reaction time and recovery efforts of the government. In other words, the government assumes they will have boots on the ground within three days of a disaster.
The super storm was not categorized as a hurricane because it was not considered hurricane strength. HOSA students are also engaged by being educated on what to do in an emergency whether it be tornado, fire, flood, etc.
The take away from all this is that you as a citizen may very well be on your own for days, weeks or even longer in the event of a natural disaster.
This of course is no longer true and has been proven such from recent and not so recent events. The items are not disaster specific because you will need most of the supplies, tools and materials during any crisis. Career awareness in public health and epidemiology are also important facets of this category.
The groups will see every presentation as well as spend a considerable amount of time in the exhibitor area.
On average every 45 minutes 50 or more conference attendees will proceed to either a presentation or to the exhibitor area. Lunch will be a two hour event encompassing all attendees, presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors. Conference Objectives The objectives of the Disaster Preparedness Conference are as follows: Prepare area professionals to properly … Attend to the needs of individuals in the event of a disaster occurring. Educate on the area of technology to better prepare today’s technology driven environments. Target Audience The ideal target audience for this conference are members of the community that work with the general public, maintain several properties, colleges & universities, nonprofit groups, housing & real estate groups, small to medium sizes business, corporations, community leaders, human resource personal, safety officers, childcare professionals, as well as any other member of the community wishing to better prepare for a possible occurrence. MAIN PRESENTATIONS Emergency READY Profile Presented by: SERVPRO Learn more about this free program, gathering all necessary contact information relevant to your property for an emergency.

Ready Rating members have access to tools, resources, and information for improving disaster preparedness. Site Security Awareness Presented by: Scranton Police Department Listen to building assessments, including emergency exits what to do in case of an active shooter or natural disaster, and more! Learn hot to create and implement a plan that keeps your business running during a disaster. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE The Disaster Preparedness Conference employs a small group and breakout session approach to learning. Small 50 participant groups allow attendees to have a closer interaction with the presenter. The group will move throughout the conference together attending every presentation as well as being provided opportunities to participate in the exhibitor areas.
Conference materials will be made available following the event for all participants as well as anyone who wishes to view them.
There will be no cost and those materials will be available on the Luzerne County Chamber, Inc. If you need help getting your items to the conference floor volunteers will be available as well as an elevator.
Please follow all notifications and laws concerning loading and unloading as well as parking. Breakout sessions have been arranged in small group format to allow for maximum participation and provide a higher level of conference experience. Every attendee will be provided an opportunity to hear all for presenters as well as see every exhibit in the exhibit area. Take this opportunity to get to know everyone in attendance, ask follow up questions, and even take a tour of the host facility. EXHIBITORS Over 50+ exhibitors will be present to provide additional information and resources to all conference attendees. Each exhibit has been sponsored and provided as a resource for the every attendee at no cost. If you are a company or organization that can add value to this free educational conference please contact the Luzerne County Chamber, inc.or the Lackawanna County Chamber, Inc. This is a great opportunity to help your community and prepare yourself and others in the event of a disaster. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Exhibitor Level Sponsorship Packages: Exhibitors are an amazing addition to any conference opportunity by providing educational and informational demonstrations of topic related materials to conference attendees. Exhbitors will be located in the main conference area as well as throughout the conference space.
These areas are where all conference attendees will congregate before and after each session as well as during breaks, mixers, and meals throughout the conference schedule.

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