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Over the past week, I have felt impressed several times to prepare my family for emergencies and financial struggles. The hardest part about emergency kits for me is finding the money to spend on all that should go in them.
I created budget cards that show a picture of what we're paying for, it's label, and then a space to write in how much it costs. It was too difficult to capture a picture of all of the cards in the activity, however I've shown a picture of my favorite themed cards below.
The last two pages or of printable role and responsibility cards are those we are counseled to do by our religious leaders as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Beside the activities on the shelves, the kiddos have been working hard helping me put their emergency kits together. We can't go without studying the life cycle of a pumpkin, especially after doing so with an apple last week.
We have also made some monster creations this week using play dough and other objects available. The kiddos continue to practice the piano and participate in a singing class at church each week. Most Lake Tahoe residents know to prepare their home for a potential earthquake, but do you have your office prepared as well?

Fasten heavy items such as pictures and mirrors securely away from office desks or lobby chairs. Repair defective electrical wiring and leaky gas connections as these are potential fire risks. Secure any break-room appliances or store appliances by strapping them to the wall studs and bolting to the floor. Hold earthquake drills with your staff, and make sure they know how to locate safe spots to drop under in case an earthquake hits. Some additional tips are to store emergency food and water in your earthquake kit, typically a 3-day supply, and invest in emergency lights, radios, and first aid kits. Often referred to as a Difference In Conditions (DIC) policy, Lake Tahoe commercial earthquake insurance can be a business saver after a trembler strikes. This entry was posted in Blog, Business Insurance, California and tagged California Business Insurance, California Earthquake insurance, commercial earthquake insurance, commercial earthquake preparedness, earthquake insurance, earthquake preparedness, Nevada Business Insurance, Nevada earthquake insurance, office earthquake drill, Office earthquake kit, office earthquake preparedness, Office earthquake safety, Office emergency kit. Our company has a unique relationship with Terry Jarcik and the Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency. It's funny, Bulldozer really struggles with addition, but for some reason when we use dice he doesn't think twice about it and does an amazing job.
For their own work, they only have to count out money for as many cards, as they are in years old, to practice the money addition concept.

We will then go on a nature walk to see if they can find and identify multiple types of leaves in our area. While the right type of business insurance coverage will protect you against financial loss due to a natural disaster, it is very important that you and your employees are kept as safe as possible in addition.
Earthquakes have the potential to knock out power and cause injuries, no matter how careful individuals are. Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency offers Lake Tahoe business earthquake insurance for tenants and commercial property owners that covers building structures, business personal property, business income loss, damage from sprinkler leakage due to the quake, improvements upon rebuilding so your property meets ordinance and law requirements, and possibly other needs. I couldn't resist keeping it on the shelves this week, but using numbers instead, now that we've learned how to write them all. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has provided an extensive list of steps you can take to protect yourself, your staff, and your property in the event of an earthquake.
Having more supplies than you may need is better than not having a plan in place for your staff. The emergency kit I had put together proved to be everything we didn't need, and nothing we actually needed.

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