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As hurricane season is already underway, it’s past time for me to prepare for emergencies. To get started, find a good emergency planning checklist of the things you need to do, and the items you will need, and the papers you will need to gather in case of emergency. At the beginning of hurricane season, start buying, and collecting around the house, the items you’ll need in an emergency, especially those things we tend to use up during the rest of the year, like batteries, candles, matches, canned goods. At a bare minimum, you should try to maintain an excess supply of certain items in case of any emergency. Store important papers in a waterproof bag or file box you can take with you in the event of evacuation. Keep a small bag or backpack packed and ready for each person with a change of clothes and necessities in the event of evacuation. Have a list of items with your emergency checklists that you would pack last minute to take with you if you have to evacuate (for items such as family photos, the family Bible, jewelry, favorite small items that cannot be replaced).
Know how and where you will go after the storm to cool off if you lose power – the heat and humidity are very hard on the elderly. Review your emergency plan and touch base with family, neighbors, and other contacts regarding your plans. Popular PostsMost Recent5 Step Hygiene Routine for the Elderly (and Easy on the Caregiver) A Memory Book for Mom (with Free Printables) Send a Friend a Card Day - with Elegant Floral Note Cards! Preparing for a house fire may not be at the top of your preparedness priority list, but it should be. The politically correct term is “Tropical cyclone” – hurricanes and typhoons are regional terms.
Filed Under: Make a Plan, Preparedness Tagged With: emergency preparedness, hurricane, tropical cyclones, tropical storm, typhoonBy Shelle Leave a Comment Why Should I Prepare for an Emergency? Being prepared has been a part of my life for over 20 years and I take small steps every day toward my goal of having an area of safety around my family. These scare tactics never worked on me and whenever we had lightning storms my sister would hide inside – while I would try and steal a look out the windows. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there are three main ways lightning enters structures: through a direct strike, through wires or pipes that extend outside the structure, and through the ground. According to protocols for the US  Army, standing outside during a lightning storm puts you at risk for a strike. Taking shelters under trees is dangerous – recent studies of lightning victims showed several highly-vulnerable situations and activities, but the one that stood out was taking shelter under trees. Fact #4 – You should stay in your car during a storm, but not because the rubber tires will save you.
Fact #6 – You should not talk on a hard wired telephone during a thunder and lightning storm. Fact #7 – You should unplug your computer and other electronic devices before a storm arrives. Ask yourself why you should NOT go to shelter immediately. A lightning strike at a very close distance will be accompanied by a sudden clap of thunder, with almost no time lapse, and the smell of ozone. While the human body does not store electricity, it is perfectly safe to touch a lightning victim to give them first aid. According to Lightning Safety for Organized Outdoor Athletic Events you should evacuate to a safe site if at all possible. UNSAFE LIGHTNING SHELTER AREAS include all outdoor metal objects like: flag poles, fences and gates, high mast light poles, metal bleachers, golf cars, machinery, etc. Hopefully you will never need it, but if you know, teach, and apply these 10 lightning safety facts, they will keep you and your family safe during an unexpected storm.
I ran across The Preparedness Planner by Jennifer at Self Reliant School the other day and I think I’ve finally found the perfect way to keep track of my home storage. I started by creating master meal plans, using these forms to create 1 to 3 month storage worksheets. I went for a variety of things, trying to round out my homemade kit, to get as much as I can in each individual package for a buck. Do you know how well it will hold up, or will it most likely come crashing down around your head?
Financial Preparedness is really just a diet only you’re exercising control over your wallet rather than your fridge. Office of Emergency Management (OEM) also recommends keeping emergency supplies for up to seven days at your place of work. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.

This way if the house becomes unstable and can’t be used I can still access my supplies, and if necessary use the lawn building as part of a shelter. For your emergency supply needs, visit Major Survival and mention 'COPE' for a 10% discount. Main ContentIn the past, the HCO EOP was commonly (and inaccurately) referred to as the disaster plan. The management structure and methodology that will be used in an emergency, including the organization and operation of the internal HCO Incident Command Post (ICP). Methods for adequately processing and disseminating information during an emergency, including names and contact information for external liaisons and contacts at other HCOs and the jurisdictional level (Tier 3). Guidance on how to develop and release public messages during emergencies, including coordination with the jurisdiction (Tier 3) public information function. The structure of the EOP in emergency management is becoming more standardized, and HCOs should consider conforming to this structured approach. The material developed for the EOP should be formatted for ease of use during response and recovery yet must remain comprehensive.
EOP Base Plan - Provides an understanding of how the organization responds and how it interfaces with the outside environment during response. Certain events, such as a biological agent release, may be prolonged in duration and generate patients that can be safely evaluated in these settings, thus relieving some of the burden on larger HCOs. The approach to emergency preparedness and response for these Tier 1 assets can be relatively simple.
Where to obtain information on personal protection and other incident-specific safety measures for practitioners, their staff, and patients. Where to obtain reliable incident information that allows anticipation of medical needs, such as unusual patient treatment requirements. Where to obtain guidance on the specific medical evaluation of incident cases, such as the availability of confirmatory lab tests and the test limitations.
Where to obtain information on whether public health emergency powers have been invoked, allowing release of private patient information, and other deviations from standard medical practice. When I was an administrator, I had to research and prepare an emergency plan for the school for which I was responsible. Using the lists I’ve included here for you, or your own, make a list of everything you are low on or out of and stock up on those items first.
Keep bottled water tied up in bags in case of leaks and check on these regularly throughout the summer for any possible cracking or leaks.
I think it will be good to keep a copy of these checklists in our home management file or notebook, ready to review each spring and put that on my annual checklist of things to do. Bathroom Safety Solutions for Seniors and Caregivers Toddler Skirt and Capris from a T-Shirt Caregiver's Checklists for Outings and Doctor Visits A House Blessing Walker Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers Photo Magnets 3 Easy Ways Send a Friend a Card Day - with Elegant Floral Note Cards! I have fond memories of watching the nightly news with my dad and tracking the path of the hurricanes that entered the Gulf of Mexico.
This is a big Area of Safety for me; to know that no matter what may happen to us financially, I can feed my family. Florida leads the list, with double the casualties as the others: Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado and Texas. Holle, a weather consultant and former meteorologist with the National Severe Storms Laboratory, “Corded phones are extremely dangerous during a storm. I think I’ve inventoried it at least 15 times over the years and so far no system seems to really keep track of all the various items I consider storage.
I wanted to replace a Mini First Aid Kit with 12 Pieces that I currently have in my car with something more. In our yearly celebration of the earthquake drill, we would like to point out the very thing above your head… YOUR HOME! There are so many things that you can do to mitigate the costs and damages to one of your most basic needs, shelter. We are warned that a similar upheaval may sometime reach our shores and are urged to prepare ourselves to meet new military and civic dangers.
We all love them, we all want them, and we tend to eat them all up far too quickly, just like its financial counter part, MONEY.
Fortunately, this has begun to change as the EOP evolves into a guide to address less overwhelming emergencies and hazard threats. These activities should be coordinated with other HCOs (through Tier 2) and with jurisdictional incident management (Tier 3) to maximize MSCC across the system. Figure 2-1 provides a synopsis of the EOP structure demonstrated in the National Response Plan (NRP)[8] and the example below provides an EOP structure and format specifically for HCOs.

However, these entities may find themselves, during a major incident, compelled to participate in the community response beyond simply referring patients to a hospital or closing down their clinical operations. The organizing body must have the ability to manage ongoing EMP activities and, during response, to perform incident management processes, such as incident action planning and disseminating information to its participants.
For this to occur, the smaller Tier 1 asset must know where to obtain authoritative information and where to report information. This helps jurisdictional authorities (Tier 3) determine the size and scope of the event and monitor incident parameters. I tried to leave a few blanks for you to add things I’ve forgotten or that are important to you.
We had a giant fold out map that some mysterious organization would pass out at the doors of the local grocery stores. I have been thinking about the confidence and security that being prepared gives me and why I should prepare for an emergency. We have a well stocked pantry, a 3 month supply of food so I can basically make any kind of meal without having to go to the grocery store. Each year, almost 24,000 people are killed by lightning strikes around the world and it is the fourth weather killer here at home. Between 1942 and 1977, Sullivan was hit by lightning on seven different occasions during his 35 year career and survived all of them, although he lost the nail on one of his big toes, and suffered multiple injuries to the rest of his body. When the strike occurs, the bolt will usually follow the shortest, most conductible path to the earth’s surface.
The metal in the car will shield you from any external electric fields and prevent the lightning from traveling inside it. Home phone lines are protected with surge devices, but these defenses can be overwhelmed should lightning hit a nearby power pole.
Contact your local American Red Cross chapter for information on CPR and first aid classes. Cupcakes and money both require self control and awareness in order to keep them from running our lives whether through weight gain or debt gain.  If you are like millions of other Americans than you’re feeling the financial pinch and worrying about how it will affect your future and your family. Storing them in a garage might be a good idea because many garages are built on concrete floors and therefore will be more stable during a big quake. For early response activities, the EOP uses operational checklists (or job action sheets) for designated functions. I’ve lived in Florida most of my life, and have been through a few hurricanes, thankfully none utterly destructive to our home or lives. In this post, we’ll look at preparations for hurricane season, which lends itself to other types of emergency planning, such as tornadoes, floods, fire, evacuation.
But especially buy a good supply of drinking water to store for the summer months if you live in hurricane territory.
Know where the box or bag is to pack them in, label it, and know who is responsible for gathering these items. Of course my mother would put a stop to that, IMMEDIATELY, telling me to come inside stating a bunch of “lightning facts” guaranteed to scare any kid into submission. I believe that nothing of value is ever accomplished without careful planning and execution.
You are also very aware how financial preparedness could have changed or will change your life. Later stages of response, and initial stages of recovery, should be addressed by a proactive management method that emphasizes documentation of response objectives, strategies, and specific tactics.
As most Floridians, we take hurricane season in stride, prepared with the necessities, and prepared to hunker down and ride out the storm, rather than evacuate.
This will reduce your sense of panic and anxiety if you have these checklists ahead of time. The most important thing is to store your supplies in such a way that they won’t fall. Always keep some supplies under your bed including a flashlight, hardhat, gloves, sturdy shoes, whistle, crowbar and extra glasses. Keep supplies wherever you can find space, and  the most important thing is to be actively thinking about and doing what you can to prepare for a disaster.

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