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360 Serving Package includes 2 - 120 Serving Entrée buckets and 1 - 120 Serving Breakfast bucket.
Emergency PreparednessAre you ready to cope with the after effects of fire, flood or storm? Quickly locate just the product you want from a selection of hundreds of products and dozens of product categories. Blog - The Economical KitchenIdeas for using your Food Storage with reference to recipes and tips dating from the time of the Great Depression. In our quest to find affordable, premium-quality storage techniques we've uncovered a full range of products for a litany of applications. When we think of natural disasters or population wide crises we generally assume that rescuers will be available and the tools necessary to survive will be distributed.
Store-It Foods uses secure servers and the trusted services of PayPal to protect your personal information, including your name, address, and credit card information. Last week for our 5th year Blogging Anniversary we introduced our brand new Emergency Preparedness Plan. There’s still room for you to fill in emergency contact info and other important components of your family plan. We continue to talk about the necessities needed to keep your car stocked and having a game plan for things you would grab in case of an evacuation.
We included tips and facts throughout the whole plan to help you in your planning and purchasing processes.
Instead of giving you just the one menu plan for the food in your 72 hour kits, we included several lists of menus depending on varying diets. After finishing the new plan, we decided to give it a test and printed it out before going through our 72 hour kits that needed rotating. PURCHASING: After you’ve come up with everything you still need to buy for your kit, break it up into a purchasing schedule.
GRAB LIST(S): Instead of having just one grab list (things you would grab if you have to evacuate) have multiple lists- one for each family member. THRIFT STORE CLOTHING: It can be inconvenient and kind of wasteful to store regular usable clothes in your kits that stay stored in a closet while children outgrow them. COLD WEATHER BAG: There are a lot of items you might want in your 72 hour kit if it were cold- but you wouldn’t want if it were warmer weather.
PUT FRESH FOOD ON GRAB LIST: If time, circumstance, and space allow – grab any fresh food you may have and throw it in a cooler on your way out (if you are leaving in a car). IDEAS FOR ROTATION: Depending on how often your kit needs rotating (the foods you chose will dictate this), make it a habit to change them out at the same time each year.

COMMUNICATION: If in case you are evacuating and you expect your house to be in tact when you return, it’s wise to maybe leave a note about your where-abouts on a door. And now, I’ll leave you with a picture of part of my kits sprawled out all over my family room floor. Now a days everyone or every family has to be prepared on everything especially during calamities. Regarding rotation, some LDS (Mormon) families choose to rotate their kits on the same weekends as the Church’s semi-annual General Conference. In a short-term emergency, you are likely to seek services to meet the child’s immediate needs, such as medical, food, shelter, and so the information should be geared to that purpose. In a longer emergency you may be seeking out less basic services for your kids, such as speech therapy, or enrolling them in a new school. We’re Jodi and Julie, two busy moms who like to share what we learn while we build and use our Food Storage. The three-part ebook program teaches you how to build a food storage with checklists, an encyclopedia, and a recipe appendix.
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Now you can purchase these Lindon Farms foods in individual, one pound, resealable mylar pouches. Recent experience in the United States, not to mention the entire world, proves that natural disasters and global crises, by their nature, prevent both efficient rescues and distribution of survival materials like water and food.
You can print it out easily even if you don’t know how to print from excel without all the extra spaces and lines. These tips are things we have learned ourselves as well as reader suggestions that have helped us. The plan flowed very well, and we’re confident it will help you rethink (or start) your plan.
Have food, water, and clothes in each kit so in case of separation everyone will have their own stuff.
Store all the stuff you would need in colder weather in a separate bag or container that you would grab and go in case of emergency during the winter.
Whether it be Halloween (where you use some of the extra candy as comfort food), Spring cleaning week, April Fools Day (we did that last year so we wouldn’t be fools- we know it was corny) or any other time of year, get in the habit of rotating and re-evaluating them. That way when people come looking to see if you are safe – they will know you are elsewhere.
Or you could rotate your kit(s) the weekends of the Daylight Savings time change, which isn’t exactly six months apart, but does coincide with the seasons and would be a good time to change out the seasonal clothing and supplies in your kit.

Many customers have already said they are using these foods on a regular basis as a way to save money on normal food costs. You add water and the food comes back to life retaining all it's texture, nutrients, and flavor. If something did happen and you are unable go to the store for food, these can be a life saver. It has become apparent that the scope of many geological and meteorological events and disasters has increased. If you’re in the habit of doing this all the time it could really save you in a REAL emergency (like those don’t happen daily with babies on the go). We have to do it ourselves so that when emergency comes an earthquake, or a typhoon for example we are already prepared.
Some families who have more extensive food supplies in their kits might even go so far as to actually eat *only* the foods in their kits that weekend. I keep this info on a single sheet of paper for each family member and basically it is the page I grab when heading to the emergency department with one of the kids (which btw forces me to keep it current).
As you likely know, this info is very bulky, and yet every page is essential to meeting each child’s long-term needs. It is wise to prepare as best we can, and some of the gear and equipment sold by Store-It Foods could very well help with those preparations.
As a result it has become imperative that families and individuals take steps necessary to ensure their well being during these times of crisis.
This makes for a very good real-world test to see what is missing and what could be done to make it work better. I think the best way to handle this is to scan the documents in to the computer (be sure to keep them clearly labeled), then transfer them to a CD or flash drive that could be easily stored in the emergency binder.
As a back-up, copies could also be stored on the internet somewhere in an electronic drop-box. Since this info isn’t needed immediately, it can handle a format that will take a little more effort to access.

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