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An earthquake and tsunami, followed by a nuclear power plant disaster is a very extreme series of events. Salem Nuclear Power Plant as viewed from Augustine Beach, Delaware, is only a few miles from downtown Wilmington.
The Salem Nuclear Power Plant is a two unit pressurized water reactor nuclear power station owned by PSEG Nuclear a division of Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG). Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station is located along with Salem Generating Station on the same 740 acre site in Salem County, New Jersey.
Together, the plants comprise the second largest nuclear generating facility in the United States.
I went to the Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) website on Emergency Preparedness , and all it has is a link to the federal site U.S. With the recent catastrophe in Japan, Emergency Preparedness is high on the list of residents and governments across the land, especially if they reside near nuclear power plants.

With borders along the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay the threat from coastal storms is always present in our area. Our intent is not to cause sleepless nights, but to enlighten, and get folks to realize the potential risks and give some thought to preparing for emergencies in their homes and businesses.
Thomas PeracchioWilmington Prepper ExaminerDisaster preparedness has been a part of Tom Peracchio's professional life for over 30 years. Feng Shui expert, Laura Carillo, on peace in designThe essence of the house can be manipulated with color, furnishings, texture and lighting.
Check out three fruity cocktails to get you in the mood for springIt's finally springtime, and the cold winter months are a thing of the past. Sometimes it takes these kind of events to get folks to start thinking about things a little closer to home. PSEG Nuclear also is part owner of Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in nearby York County, Pennsylvania.

As a member of the Army National Guard, Tom was a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Specialist.
But there is another dimension of organization that you may not have great knowledge about: Feng Shui.
As nuclear fears deepen in Japan, Delawareans only need to look to the photo attached to this article to remind themselves how close to home the next big disaster could be. He studied, and taught, first aide and survival after a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack.

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