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This course was developed to meet the OSHA, FEMA, and American Red Cross guidelines and standards related to Emergency Preparedness, at work and home, and covers types of emergencies, how to act in an emergency, accessing information, assembling emergency kits, establishing communications, planning, and evacuation.
From its beginning, the Scouting movement has taught young people to do their best, to do their duty to God and country, to help others, and to prepare themselves physically, mentally, and morally to meet these goals.
The Emergency Preparedness BSA Award, first introduced in 2003 and updated in 2014, was designed with the aims mentioned above in mind. When an emergency does occur, it can affect every BSA youth and adult member in the immediate area.
Individual or bronze, silver, or gold awards are available at Scout shops once requirements for the award have been met.

It’s your primary source for how to be informed, make a plan, build a kit, and get involved.
This site is your primary source to plan, prepare, and mitigate before, during, or after an emergency. The basic aims of Scouting include teaching young people to take care of themselves, to be helpful to others, and to develop courage, self-reliance, and the ability to be ready to serve in an emergency. The award has been earned by tens of thousands of Scouts and Scouters individually, with their unit, or at a large event such as a jamboree. Meanwhile, units, districts, and councils can work toward earning the bronze, silver, or gold achievement level.

The pin may be worn on civilian clothing or on the uniform, centered on the left pocket flap. This award will allow all Scouts and Scouters to become informed, be prepared, and act promptly and appropriately in the event of emergencies, whether they are natural or man-made.
The awards are available at local Scout shops once specific requirements for each rank or achievement level have been met.

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