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A winter storm can isolate you in your home for several days, especially if you are in a rural or country setting. Be prepared to be without conventional forms of heating and cooking for at least a one week period, preferably be prepared for one month without these luxuries. Keep a battery powered radio and flashlights in working order, and maintain a sock of extra batteries.
Maintain a supply of food that can be prepared without heating such as canned food, cheese, meats, etc. Have available some type of emergency heating source and a sufficient supply of fuel so you can keep at least one room in your house warm enough to be livable. Prevent fire hazards due to overheating with coal, oil or wood burning stoves, fireplaces and furnaces. If heavy snow accumulates on your roof, you must keep your heating vent systems clear to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
With advance notification of a storm, make sure your prescription medication supplies are filled prior to any upcoming winter storms. With advance notification, mothers, make sure you stock up on diapers, formula and wet wipes.
Howdy, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam remarks? In this scenario your car is a shelter, utilize it to protect yourself from the cold elements. Wool or Fleece Blankets – Both wool and fleece continue to insulate even when they are wet.
Down Clothing or Bags – Goose down and other similar materials do not insulate when wet, but there is not much better on the market to help maintain warmth.
Candles – If you have never tried burning a candle in a small area, you should try it.
Hand and Other Body Warmers – These are simple, inexpensive and when needed, are very handy. Flashlights – Although a flashlight will not provide heat, it will provide light, and with light comes the heightened ability to make heat. Beyond these basics to help you stay warm, there can also be a few small auto repair items that will help you to make quick fixes to your car. Other practical considerations: Before taking a long trip especially in the winter, tell others your planned route, and estimated time of arrival. The APN Guest Author account is the profile used for posting contributed articles by authors who write for the APN less than a few times per year.
Texas is known for a lot of things – delicious BBQ, horse-back riding, but one of the most unfortunate things the Lone Star State is also known for is flash floods.

After entering in your email, you’ll become a free member of the APN community and will receive ebooks, event listings and webinars in our weekly newsletter. This video is part of a series from UC Television that will help you learn what to do so you can be prepared.
Winter storms are still going strong, and we are again reminded how important it is to keep basic supplies on hand.
Check the batteries in all of your flashlights to be sure they will work when you need them.
You probably have a disaster plan for your home and family, but have you thought about workplace safety? Tornadoes may not really be more frequent, but our ability to monitor them has improved, so we hear about them more than ever. In order to be an official tornado, the funnel must be in contact with the ground as well as the cloud base.
It used to be assumed that tornado season was from March through May, but tornadoes can really occur at any time, as we have seen this winter. The range of a tornado can be from 100 yards to a mile wide and typically last 10 to 15 minutes, though it isn’t unheard of for a tornado to last for an hour or more. Scientists are still trying to nail down all the detail of what a tornado really is, but they have gotten pretty good at letting us know in advance if one is expected. Keep an emergency kit in your safe room that includes a helmet, gloves, extra shoes, a weather radio and a flashlight with extra batteries. Scientists think we will start seeing more blizzards, but less overall snowfall, in coming years based on their theories on global warming. Sudden blizzards can not only make it impossible to drive, but they can also knock out power for days, weeks, or even longer.
With an app called mPing, you can collect all kinds of weather-related data and send it to The National Severe Storms Laboratory. Data is needed from all over the US, so download the app for the Ping Project and help out the NSSL scientists, no matter what type of weather you are experiencing. We recommend using Sanyo Eneloop which are one of the best rechargeable batteries on the market. It is extremely hard work for anyone in less-than-excellent physical condition and can bring on a heart attack, which is a major cause of death during and after a storm.
Flash floods are rising waters that occur during heavy rainfall and can happen at any moment. If you are snowed in or stores are shut down because of the weather, you’ll be glad you have a back up. According to Ready.gov, up to 40% of businesses that are affected by a natural disaster never reopen.

It seems that they have become more and more common, not being limited to what is considered “tornado season”. They are formed when moist, warm air with strong south winds mixes with cool, dry air with strong west or southwest winds, causing instability in the atmosphere.
Tornadoes occur most often between 3 and 9 pm, but can actually occur at any time of the day or night.
When a tornado warning is issued for your location, you should go to a predetermined safe place. If you live in a mobile home, make sure you have found out in advance where the closest storm shelter is located so you can get there fast. The supplies in our Hurricane Kit and 1 Person Survival Kit will cover most of your needs during a tornado.
This could mean more hazardous conditions for drivers as well as those with the wisdom to stay home in bad weather. If you must go out in hazardous weather, make sure you have what you need to stay safe if there is an emergency. Well if you still have power, or at least a working cell phone, you can assist with some weather research.
This data will help them develop algorithms that aid in detecting and reporting various types of precipitation. Think about the plans you have for home – earthquake safety, fire safety, tornado safety… you should have the same kinds of plans for your workplace. Keep an emergency kit for your pets as well, including a pet carrier and extra leash to keep them controlled and safe in the event of an emergency.
You should also pack an emergency kit for your pets who rely on you to take care of them in an emergency. According to an article from The Atlantic Wire, you can help researches gather snowstorm data. If this is the case with your company, make it a goal to learn those plans so you are ready. Consider storing water for emergency use if pipes freeze and you can’t get water to your home.
There are tools available to help you and your company be better prepared for disasters and other emergencies.

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