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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit is full of serious roadside emergency essentials, and the fun stuff is in there too. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about exclusive offers and new products!
Everybody wants to see the pyramids at Giza, but with the hefty cost of airfares (and political changes in Egypt), you might want to consider a swap for the equally inspiring Mayan pyramids, suggests Kelly Regan of Frommer's Travel Guides, particularly those on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. In the event that you need emergency care, carry an index card with your name, address, emergency contact, and medical information like allergies, blood type, blood pressure, and resting heart rate. For instant shelter in a rainstorm, cut a hole in the front of the bag near the bottom seam.
Allergies can appear suddenly in adulthood, which means you might not be allergic to ragweed right now, but you could be tomorrow.
Easy to open and close with one hand, it can be used in myriad ways—even to cut away your clothes from injuries and swelling. Waterproof, super-lightweight, and more reliable than a lighter, it can produce sparks in pouring rain. The body can survive three weeks without food, but if you're too hungry to think straight, you're more likely to panic in a stressful situation. From a high ridge or over open water, the whistle's 122-decibel shriek can be heard for miles. If you need to fill your drinking bottle from natural sources, drop in one tablet per liter to purify the water. Then venture west to the famed El Castillo of Chichen Itza or south to lesser-known Coba, which Regan says is hidden within "a seemingly impenetrable jungle. Flip the bottle upside down and unscrew the cap just enough to soak the rim, letting the chlorine dioxide kill germs where you put your lips. And in case of arm injury, wrap it around a cut to stop the bleeding, or create a makeshift sling by folding along the diagonal, placing your elbow in the seam, and pinning the corners to your shirt.
When you venture into the great outdoors, do you have what you'd need should disaster strike?

These lightweight powders can be used to create a light subtle tone, or can be intensified with layering.
Dina Bennett, an instructor at the Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Catawba, Virginia, says preparedness is the key to enjoying all kinds of outings, from three-day expeditions to three-hour hikes.
Add a little water for an even more bold look, or to use as an eye liner, and done be scared to blend different pigments together! Not only will our powders give your skin a healthy glow, but they will give your mind & body the peace they deserve. After all, they are free of all synthetic fragrances, colorants & additives, so treat your skin with the love and tenderness it deserves. All of our cosmetics are made in small batches and carefully packaged with love and intention. How to use: simply dip brush (very lightly) into powder, tap off excess & swirl around in the lid of the jar to create an even distribution on the brush. No toxins no synthetics no parabens no bismuth no micronized or nano minerals no dyes vegan not for use on lips moonrise creek earth mineral eyeshadow comes in a 10 gram sifter jar, with rotating lock top, and 1 gram of product inside. The texture blends seamlessly and can be used with Pure Powder Glow to add more vibrancy to the skin. This medium buildable foundation offers versatile coverage and shine control – apply with a dry sponge for a natural luminous finish or a dampened sponge for a higher coverage, polished finish.  Nars provides a dual sided applicator to compliment dual finish powder.
With 4 different colors to choose from i got you covered on what you need covered ) this listing is for 1 concealer pot in mint chip. My concealers don't have all the filler stuff in the 'big name' products that cause acne, clogged pores, etc. It simply counteracts the purple or blue veins and dark circles, (use lemon meringue) or redness, (use mint chip) in your skin.
Since they are opposite in color on the color wheel it balances out the difference in color on your skin so when you apply your powder over your face it will create an even color all over.
Lemon meringue (yellow concealer) a yellow based concealer reduces redness, dark circles, blue veins and puffiness around the eyes to achieve a more rested look.
Secret weapon (a neutral toned concealer) great for covering imperfections and so much more!

Use as a concealer, eyeshadow primer, lip primer, brow and face highlighter and facial contour pencil. Botox (a slight pink based concealer, eye brightener and brow highlighter) no needles needed here! Botox can be used under eyes before foundation is applied to help alleviate tired eyes and brighten them up. It can also be used to finish off your eye look by applying to the brow bone to achieve a lifted eye look! I like to put it on my inner corners of the eyes and on the lid as a primer for eyeshadow or on the lid if not planning on wearing a shadow for the day.
Ladies, if you have a medium to dark olive complexion then the mint chip concealer is for you. Use with addictivecosmetics mineral foundation powder and your skin tone will look even and fabulous. I don't have to try any more products because i have found the makeup that meets all my needs. I had completely given up on trying to wear any concealer because i could never find one that didn't feel like it was caked on my face.
Thank you so much!!!!' megan 'love her stuff, it lasts forever, just looks even better at the end of the day! I love it!' sara in san diego, ca 'wonderful thank you!' christine in parker, co 'i can't believe how well it covers! Haven't even needed a touch up.' jennifer in tucson, az my all natural products are handmade by me ) no harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, parabens, talc or fillers added. Liquid Foundation by Maybelline New York boasts a gel-liquid formula that's super blendable.

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