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Before you can get on the air you have to become licensed and know the rules to operate legally.
What sort of communication set up do you have?   Do you have your Ham Radio License?    If so, leave your call sign in the comments below! About ParkerMamaTammy is a mom to 6 wonderful kids, including Parker, who came with an extra chromosome! Most of my ham gear is packed in storage at the moment, we were about to retire when my wife was diagnosed with cancer.
Top 10 Oils For PreppingIf you don't yet have a stash (or a hoard) of essential oils, now is the time to start stocking up. I find that I worry less about the big "what if's" out there the more emergency planning my family does to deal with the unexpected. When you are wanting to learn how to survive in the wild, there are some television shows that can help to teach you various survival techniques. On a few of these shows there are disclaimers informing the viewers of the fact that some situations are set up by the producers to the hosts to further inform the viewer of a handy survival tactic. If you are going to be stuck in your car for 12 or more hours, there is one thing for which you will be grateful above all else: food. While they are meant to be worn down, some of us motorists aren’t exactly doing it the right way.
This is probably one of the most frequent causes of tires having uneven tire wear and inevitably, damage that can seriously affect the performance and integrity of the tire. For our safety, edification, and survival we need to know what is happening and what to do about it.
Fulfilling our basic needs of warmth, protection and food in an apocalyptic situation or after natural disaster can be challenge, but it doesn’t have to be if you prepare properly ahead of time. Thermal under armor, ski glasses, waterproof boots, waterproof gloves, lined coats and hats should also be in your kit for each person to keep everyone dry and warm. Flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and earthquakes can strike at any time and often with little warning. The time to prepare for a disaster is not before or just after it hits – the best time to prepare is now. Food: For an emergency survival kit, you should have at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food items for each member of your household, including pets.
Hurricanes and typhoons are very powerful storm systems that pack powerful winds and rain that have the capability of causing massive destruction to property and loss of life.

Whichever side of the fence you are on about global warming, it is an undeniable fact that the more erratic and forceful weather patterns are connected to this phenomenon.
If anything, physical evacuation from the affected area is probably the safest thing you can do, provided you have both the luxury of time ahead of the actual event, the proper logistics, and a place to stay away from the potential calamity. She is passionate about special needs advocacy, living within her means, and preparing for an uncertain future.
With recent and predicted events like Hurricane Sandy, The Colorado Wildfires, Fiscal Cliffs, and rising food and gas costs just in 2012 there is no denying that things are changing in our world. I will share the survival tips and tricks I have learned while on this preparedness journey and hope that you join in with lots of comments.
By watching these types of shows you can gain a general understanding of what it could take mentally and physically should you find yourself in a survival-type situation.
But while we are exclaiming about the ridiculously low temperatures and naming things “polar vortex,” there are plenty of people who are right in the thick of some of the most extreme weather the world has seen in decades. And even if it is not winter, storing emergency food should be a top priority for any car owner. They are (ideally) the only part of your vehicle that is supposed to be making contact with the road, making sure that control over the multi-horsepower machine is maintained as it travels over the road at speeds unattainable by mere land-dwelling animals. As the plethora of prepper blogs and forums reveal, preppers have a lot to say—much of it informative, enlightening, and insightful and some of it disinformation, illogical, unmitigated drivel, and even evil.
Spending some time and money investing in quality food and supplies will take you a long way in desperate times. Investing in a subzero proof sleeping bag for each person in your family will ensure warmth no matter how cold it gets; and protect them from frostbite and hypothermia. Thin gloves and beanies allow water to seep in and chill the body down leading to hypothermia. In 2012, nearly 125 million people worldwide were victims of natural disasters, and in the United States, weather-related disasters caused about $157 million in damages. Making your own emergency survival kit and having a plan in place could save your life when disaster strikes. Canned foods, pre-packaged and dry foods like rice and beans are the easiest to store and pack. The ferocity and frequency of these destructive events are increasing, and thus, more people are affected, their property and lives at the mercy of nature’s wrath.
Whether or not you believe "The End of the World As We Know It" is near there are plenty of everyday things to worry about: loss of a job, health emergency, local weather events to name a few.

At the end of every post the blog randomly selects three more survival posts for you to check out.
They teach you all sorts of skills, from fire-building to which is best to use, 9mm ammo or buck shot. And though there have been some fatalities as a result of the cold weather, there is a far more common occurrence of people being stranded in their vehicles for days at a time. What mass media provides is not news or information, but diversions, disinformation, outright lies, smut, and hasbara. The last thing you want to do is be stuck without the basic necessities in a bad situation. Fleece blankets for during the day time are also good to keep in your kit, since shelters aren’t always the warmest. You can easily store dry rice and beans in mason jars, empty milk jugs and empty 2-liter soda bottles.
In these sorts of situations it is difficult to survive, but if you are properly prepared, it can be done. Worse, they could give out on you while you’re on the road, sometimes in the most catastrophic of ways. Thinking people have come to depend upon the “alternative media” of the internet, but, when times get worse, the internet “kill switch” will deprive us of that source. The television shows feature rugged hosts including Bear Grylls, Cody Lundin, and Joseph Teti.
Here are some of the most important things for you to keep in your car in case of emergencies this winter. Peanut butter, nuts, tuna, soup, crackers, protein bars and trail mix are easy to pack and offer important nutrients.
The skills you learn are basic skills for surviving and different scenarios are played out for you to observe throughout the shows.

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