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Lacrosse MagazineLacrosse Magazine, owned and published by US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, is circulated to more than 430,000 members of the organization as one of the benefits of membership.
A safe and positive playing experience starts by knowing the rules and how to appropriately and effectively coach, officiate and play the game. Properly fitted and standard-meeting gear for men's and women's lacrosse are essential to player safety. Having emergency plans in place and following basic risk management protocol provides a safe playing environment for players. Stay informed on how to handle a concussion with important information regarding signs and symptoms and treatment. Preparation using proper training techniques and adherence to the rules of the game are essential to improving performance and preventing injury. A healthy diet and good eating habits are essential for a young athlete's development and performance.
Using age-appropriate methods and understanding the developmental differences in youth of various ages and gender prevents injury and promotes positive cognitive and motor development. As the sport's national governing body, US Lacrosse seeks to lead the effort in injury research and education, while also setting national safety guidelines and standards for the sport. Bark River Knife and Tool Company did not supply the knife used in this review, and I was not paid to write it. By definition, these knives typically have a three-to-four-inch rigid blade, a generous handle with no guard and a Scandinavian-style grind.
I started looking for a safer, rigid-blade knife for the scouts to use, and hit upon a Mora brand Scandi.
Based on that experience, I ordered, and eagerly anticipated, the arrival of Bark River’s new Scandi knife. The Aurora was first used in the kitchen, then was batonned through firewood, using a rock for a hammer. A Scandi style knife is my go-to blade for cleaning small game, gutting fish, whittling and general camp chores. Steel: CPM3V is one of my favorite knife steels, because of its edge-holding ability and ease of resharpening.
Before I discovered CPM3V, I used a variety of  hunting and bushcraft knives with different steels.
The Micarta handle on my Kalahari Hunter never got slippery, even during a messy field dressing task. Point: The Scandi has a sharp, upswept point that is a good, overall choice for a knife that will end up doing everything. Unconditional guarantee: If your BR knife or sheath ever breaks or is damaged or whatever, Bark River will fix or replace it. But since I had already checked out the company, the blade steel, knife design, handle and customer service, I didn’t hesitate to order a Scandi with exactly what I wanted.
Leon Pantenburg is a wilderness enthusiast, and doesn't claim to be a survival expert or expertise as a survivalist. As a newspaperman and journalist for three decades, covering search and rescue, sheriff's departments, floods, forest fires and other natural disasters and outdoor emergencies, Leon learned many people died unnecessarily or escaped miraculously from outdoor emergency situations when simple, common sense might have changed the outcome.
Leon now teaches common sense techniques to the average person in order to avert potential disasters.
After graduating from Iowa State University, Leon completed a six-month, 2,552-mile solo Mississippi River canoe trip from the headwaters at Lake Itasca, Minn., to the Gulf of Mexico.

His wilderness backpacking experience includes extended solos through Yellowstone’s backcountry; hiking the John Muir Trail in California, and numerous shorter trips along the Pacific Crest Trail.
Some of Leon's canoe trips include sojourns through the Okefenokee Swamp and National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia, the Big Black River swamp in Mississippi and the Boundary Waters canoe area in northern Minnesota and numerous small river trips in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Since 1991, Leon has been an assistant scoutmaster with Boy Scout Troop 18 in Bend, and is a scoutmaster wilderness skills trainer for the Boy Scouts’ Fremont District.
Leon earned a second degree black belt in Taekwondo, and competed in his last tournament (sparring and form) at age 49. The last time we saw Fremont's Aaron Van Woerkom in a varsity sporting event, he was being clobbered by a pair of Bingham linemen in the 5A football state championship game. PLAIN CITY — The last time we saw Fremont's Aaron Van Woerkom in a varsity sporting event, he was being clobbered by a pair of Bingham linemen in the 5A football state championship game.
He doesn't remember the bus ride to the game, marching onto the Rice-Eccles Stadium turf or even riding in the ambulance to the hospital. Fremont's football team didn't just lose its quarterback that day, the basketball team lost its defensive stopper as well. Van Woerkom was a projected starter for the basketball team, but coach Corey Melaney knew immediately those plans would need to be scrapped after seeing the hit. Van Woerkom will wear a mouthpiece while in the game, and admits he might be a bit gun-shy, but getting back on the court in any capacity will feel great.
The Silver Wolves were a 5A semifinalist in basketball last year, and with several pieces returning many believed they were capable of a similar run. Van Woerkon said he's about 85 percent to 90 percent healed heading into tonight's game, and will be crossing his fingers when he steps on the court.
In watching the first eight games of the season from the sideline, Van Woerkom believes he can make a difference. Devin Smith also pitched six and a third innings while allowing just three hits in what was a much-needed win. There have been 26 players with Utah ties selected in the first round of the NFL Draft since it began in 1936. James Edward is a sports writer at the Deseret News, serving as the prep editor and Real Salt Lake beat writer. US Lacrosse is proud to offer educational resources and grants to help lacrosse programs purchase this equipment.
The raiders all carried some sort of weapon, which traditionally included a big sword, axe, mace or something sharp and pointy designed to cause great bodily injury.
This was the do-all tool, used for everything from butchering livestock and wild game to serving as an eating utensil. In fact, one of our parent volunteers has used his Mora on two deer, several elk and a moose. I bought my first BR Fox River, traded it back to the company for an Aurora, then proceeded to beat the crap out of it. I cleaned fish, whittled out a firebow friction firestarting setup, and in general, used and abused the knife much harder that the average person would.
It works well for skinning big game in areas around the front shoulders, neck ears and eyes.
My BR Sportsman has become my most-used kitchen knife, mainly because it holds an edge so well.
After all, isn’t it possible for your hand to slide down  the handle and onto the blade?

If I were using a Scandi for fighting (Perish the thought!) I’d want some sort of hilt.
My experience is that the BR micarta and wood handles tend to get almost tacky when they get wet. I anticipate this knife will perform at least as well as other Scandinavian knives I have used. He is an enthusiastic Bluegrass mandolin picker and fiddler and two-time finalist in the International Dutch Oven Society’s World Championships.
Van Woerkom suffered a broken jaw and a concussion and was forced to leave the biggest game of his life on a stretcher in the second quarter.
If it weren't for the three plates and 14 screws in his mouth that helped wire his jaw shut, he probably wouldn't believe he actually played in the game. He's been cleared to play by doctors, and Melaney said he plans on playing him sparingly in tonight's Region 1 game against visiting Northridge.
When big man Tate Lewis returns in a few weeks after missing the first two months of the season because a football injury of his own, Fremont might actually start to fulfill its lofty expectations. Here are just four reasons this generation will have a harder time in retirement than their parents. A graduate of the University of Utah in 1998, he has been a full-time sports writer of the Deseret News since more .. Because we got a really nice discount (Thank you Ragweed Forge!!!) the knives went for $8 each. I have several inexpensive Scandis that get  loaned out to scouts doing wood carving tasks. For the final torture test, I loaned it to a group of scouts who were learning survival firemaking skills. Likewise, if I was fighting bears, dueling on sandbars or hunting hogs with a knife, I’d want some sort of  guard to keep my hand from sliding down the handle onto the blade.
In one instance, I had to dip my hand and the BR Kalahari into the chest cavity of a downed deer. The Scandi has this edge and it is useful for scraping bark off tree limbs, shredding tinder and shaving pitchwood off a block. A Scandi will cost about $250 for the most inexpensive models, and the really exotic handle materials can be more spendy.
Every technique, piece of equipment or skill recommended on this website has been thoroughly tested and researched. Even with factoring in inexperience and poor knife handling skills, that folder proved to be dangerous. In a pinch, you can use the Scandi’s spine to scrape a ferrocerium rod to make sparks for firemaking.
This negates the handle design that is supposed to protect my hand from sliding up on the blade.

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