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Teach students about energy drinks and caffeine content with this lesson plan and interactive trivia game. Home Page: This page is used as a running diary of our classroom learning activities and events.
Categories: Here you will find all the links I use while teaching in class or the computer lab. Spelling Word Lists: I have leveled lists in my room and do not want trouble about posting the words on-line from the publisher.
Teacher Resource Page: Having taught in another state for years, I created this page for former teacher friends who wanted to know where I was finding some of the things I use in class. A few of them have been blocked from my school, however the students can use them at home for study.

The pros of using this format is someone else does the up kept so I can focus on posting and creating. Basically, this is just what I enjoy doing…or what I chose to do when I want to avoid what I SHOULD do.
The cons; I can get frustrated when my knowledge of programing runs out and it takes a bit of research to learn how to embed the different features we have used.
He will actually take my phone calls at 10pm over this stuff and for the most part not make fun of my attempts…to much.

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