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The Emergency Roll-Away for Two (ER2) is an all-in-one mobile emergency preparation system. Having the entirety of the system housed in an easy to move rolling casing allows you to be able to easily locate and roll your entire system out should you need to evacuate on short notice. You can take delivery of your system and immediately store it in its final storage location with confidence. 1 Rolling Loadout Bag XL by Sandpiper of California;Featuring a cavernous main compartment and three additional external pouches, the Loadout XL really does the trick. Each Echo-Sigma 3-10 Day Provision Pack is designed to feed one adult 2400 calories per day for three to ten days (depending on activity level).
We use both AquaBlox and Mainstay brand drinking water products depending upon availability. 1 Echo-Sigma Hygiene Kit; We fully stock your toiletry bag with the same premium items that you would probably find in your own bathroom. The Suise Sport McKinley sleeping bag is a synthetic filled mummy bag rated for comfort down to 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit.
1 SOG S44 Power Pliers Multi-Tool with Pliers, Knife, Screwdrivers and more; Lighter and more compact than its big brother, the PowerPlier, the Pocket PowerPlier is super easy to carry and use. Exclusive interlocking gears are the driving force behind SOG’s renowned PowerPlier Series. 1 Fenix LD25 Handheld LED Flashlight (180 Lumen) ;Brightness, durability, duration and flexibility are the hallmarks of quality lighting systems and Fenix lights hit all of the right marks on all counts. This is the kit that you know you need but haven’t had the time to put together yourself. Durable, Light Weight & Practical That Literally Fits Even In The Glove Compartment Of Your Car. Emergencies are unpredictable, and the only thing left to do is to prepare ourselves in case they show up.

In the unlikely event you do not like this First-Aid kit, simply contact At all times Prepared for a 100% refund, no questions asked.
As great reviews keep coming in on these kits, the kits are selling out fast and we’re going to soon have to raise the price or run out of stock! This Is Your Best Choice For Road Trips, Go back and forth, Adventure, Workplace, School And Home. START A FIRE – This wristband has eleven different survival essentials inside including a scraper, flint rod and tinder.
First-Aid supplies should be a good part of your emergency kit, easily accessibly and mobile to bring with you in case you must move to another location.
Natural disasters, fires, floods and extreme weather can disrupt basic services for days or weeks.
From survival kits and rescue tools to first aid kits and fire extinguishers, we offer affordable emergency supplies to keep you prepared for emergencies, large and small. Vital for evacuation or shelter-in-place scenarios, the Emergency System provides food, water, shelter, communications and first aid for two adults for an absolute minimum of three days (much longer with rationing).
Once you’re clear of danger or need to continue on foot, the supplied backpacks and hydration systems allow you to stay moving on foot as needed.
Also included is 5 year storage emergency water packaged in durable cartons that pack tightly and efficiently for no wasted space. Your typical backpack emergency kits might include a mylar emergency blanket which may be adequate for preventing shock in an injured party, but it’s no replacement for the real warmth and security provided by real sleeping bag. They allow these amazing multi-tools to be opened with a one-handed flip of the wrist and also generates Compound Leverage. Staying safe and productive during nighttime hours is essential, these are the tools you’ll need.
When you receive your Echo-Sigma Emergency Roll-Away system, your GXT1000 radios will be pre-configured and tuned to their optimal LEGAL1 settings for discrete communications2.

However, there are no scrambling abilities and your communications could still be intercepted by a determined third party. That makes this one small bracelet potentially all you need to maintain a food source in an emergency. With proper planning, you can provide your family or business with the means to survive comfortably until things get back to normal.
One MOLLE grid panel is unused on the opposite side of the bag for your use in case you have your own MOLLE compatible containers. Sandpiper of California’s 3 Day Pass Packs are an ideal combination of size, features and ergonomics for this purpose. The efficient Mummy form factor reduces weight and bulk, allowing you to pack more food, water and gear. Radios come pre-configured in full legal compliance when purchased with an Echo-Sigma Emergency Roll-Away System.
Having a strong cordage like this is a necessity for building a lean-to or similar shelter.
A two piece compression sack is included for easy management and stowage on your packs when it’s time to roll out.
These gears also allow the pliers to be easily flipped open with one hand so your tool is ready to act quickly. Made high quality cotton for maximum absorption and stability, H&H priMed Gauze is vacuum packed small for easy storage yet expands to cover large wound areas. It is the perfect companion to our compression bandages to stop severe blood loss and save lives.

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