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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. After witnessing the deadly tornadoes that devastated Oklahoma recently, we are once again reminded how destructive natural disasters can be. Following a natural disaster or major emergency, services that we typically take for granted, including running water, electricity, and telephone communication services, may be knocked out. Obviously every family's emergency kit will vary depending on the needs of family members and pets. Every family will need food and water as basic requirements – you will need to store enough food and water for each member of the family (including pets) to last for three days (minimum). It is safe to store municipal tap water in food-grade plastic containers, without any further treatment or additives. When storing commercial bottled water, ensure that the water is stored in its original sealed container, in a cool, dark area. Filter the water with a home drinking water filter, or pour the water through a home-made filter constructed from layers of clean cloth or paper towels to remove any sediment or dirt particles that may be suspended in the water. Boiling: If you do not have a top end home water filter that removes bacteria and other pathogens to high degrees during the filtration process, you will need to purify the water after you have filtered it. Swimming pool and spa water should not be used for drinking using the treatment process outlined above, but if required, it can be filtered with a top quality drinking water filter, such as a Berkey Filter, to remove chlorine to render it fit for drinking.
To ensure the safety of your family when disaster strikes, heed the boy scouts motto: “Be Prepared”. To get started preparing an emergency plan or kit that meets the needs of your family visit 72hours.org or Ready to prepare, plan and stay informed. This entry was posted in emergency preparedness and tagged emergency preparedness berkey, preparing natural disaster on May 28, 2013 by Dan DeBaun. The Mountain Communities Emergency Preparedness Open House, at Lake Arrowhead Village, begins at 10 a.m . Lake Arrowhead, CA – An Emergency Preparedness Open House, on Saturday, August 17, at Lake Arrowhead Village, will provide vital information to the public about being ready for wildfires, earthquakes, floods or even personal emergencies. First responders, and other organizations that promote a better quality of life for the mountain communities, will be staffing booths or displays. The idea behind the event is to encourage local residents and visitors to be ready for an emergency by planning, preparing and protecting homes and businesses. Los desastres de origen natural  son eventos que el ser humano no puede cambiar, lo unico que podria hacer es prevenir los riesgos que se pueden presentar por este tipo de fenomenos. Los desastres naturales se presentan en muchas formas y con diferentes grados de severidad, por lo que se debe tomar las medidas preventivas necesarias para que los efectos que producen tengan el menor impacto posible. Enterese de los planes de preparacion para desastres en su lugar de trabajo, estudio,  centro de recreacion y en especial en el hogar.

Recuerde que usted y su familia pasan bastante tiempo en su hogar,  por lo que hay probabilidad de que un desastre natural ocurra mientras  se encuentran en el,  ya sea todos o parte de la familia. Recuerde que durante un desastre natural,  la atencion de emergencias medicas puede verse afectado,  por lo que es muy importante que este preparado para brindar Primeros Auxilios. Las comunicaciones son fundamentales para coordinar la atencion durante un desastre natural y en especial de personas afectadas,  no utilice las lineas telefonicas salvo casos de urgencia,  a fin de que esten disponibles para quien realmente las necesita. Recuerde que la calma y seguir las medidas de los expertos son la forma idonea para protegerse a usted y a su familia ante estas situaciones.
Share this:Here in California, one thing usually taken too lightly is the threat of earthquakes.
Aside from first-aid supplies, blankets, flashlights, and radios, the most important item we’ll need to pick up is some survival food to last us a few days and some kind of durable food storage. My daughter just turned in today a sample box of what our family needs in case of an earthquake. Peanut butter, sardines, dry oats, and many canned goods can help you weather an emergency. Extra blankets are a necessity because the heat in your house could go off for an extended period of time. Flashlights, solar charged lights, and lights that run off batteries should be part of your survival kit.
Access to medicine and other supplies during an emergency or disaster could be severely limited. As we are coming into tornado and hurricane season, individuals are cautioned to plan and prepare in advance for severe weather or any other emergency situation they may find themselves in. It is therefore wise to plan for these inevitabilities by preparing an emergency kit that will allow you and your family to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours after disaster strikes.
To help you plan for a disaster and prepare an emergency kit that meets your specific requirements, 72hours.org offers an excellent interactive online resource that caters for various family situations and disaster scenarios to assist with your planning. Your water supply may become contaminated, or may even be cut off, following a disaster, and it is essential that you have access to safe drinking water during this time.
Keep an eye on the expiration date, and if this is not indicated on the bottle, make sure that you mark the date of purchase on the bottle and replace annually. If you have power or some other method of cooking at hand, this can be achieved by boiling the water. Using an eyedropper add 16 drops (? teaspoon) of bleach per gallon of water if the water is cloudy, or 8 drops of bleach per gallon of water if the water is clear.
If a home water filter is not available swimming pool water can be used for non-drinking purposes only. La Comision Nacional de Emergencias y la Cruz Roja tienen informacion sobre los riesgos que puede enfrentar su comunidad y  como prepararse para enfrentarlos.

Prepare un plan familiar para desastres que les ayude a actuar con seguridad durante y despues de un desastre natural. Mantenga la calma y recuerde que su seguridad y la de su familia son mas importantes que su propiedad y sus bienes personales.
Also, one commercially sold kit I saw included some coloring books and activities for children.
It looks like she might be a great helper as you put together the real one for your family!
An emergency survival kit and some training can help you be prepared if a disaster strikes in your community. From slicing slivers of wood for starting a fire to cutting fishing line and scaling fish, a knife has numerous uses. You'll want one equipped with bandages, alcohol, and other fundamental safety requirements.
Make sure your family knows what to do and they have a basic understanding of tasks like building an emergency shelter, opening a can without an opener, and learning where your shut-offs are throughout your house. This emergency kit should be stored in a large, watertight container, and stowed somewhere accessible so that it can easily be moved in a hurry should the need arise. Water should not be stored longer than six months – replace with fresh water once six months has passed. You will need to bring the water to a rolling boil and keep the water on the boil for between 3-5 minutes. In fact, my husband and I were just talking about putting together a supply kit just in case. She's been married to her best friend for 15 years, homeschools her 14-year-old daughter, and has an accident-prone lab mix dog. If hunger is really setting in, dried dog food has all the vitamins a person needs, except for Vitamin C. It may taste bad but it's relatively inexpensive and can be stored for a long period of time. This can be achieved by agitating the water by pouring it between two clean water containers.

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