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To support our commitment to disaster preparedness, York College Department of Public Safety has recently joined the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Partners in Preparedness (PIP) Program, which helps organizations prepare their employees, services, and facilities for disasters. York College Community:New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Partners in Preparedness (PIP) ProgramWhether or not we want to admit it, our great city is vulnerable to all types of disasters a€” natural and man-made. The Office of Institutional Research & Assessment is conducting the PUBLIC SAFETY CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY. But the issue of not including persons with obesity and those with mental and intellectual disabilities is a challenging one. Disasters impact the New York City business community in profound ways, including revenue loss, layoffs, and even bankruptcy. The article describes a program of data-mining of Medicare records for use in emergencies, such as hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy.

Under the program, vulnerable people are identified who may need help in evacuations or need to help to get to shelters. Obviously, not every person with obesity would need this level of attention but those with morbid obesity, in wheelchairs, on insulin surely would.
However, the data are also used to identify those who take frequent ambulance trips or alert primary care physicians when their patients are admitted to hospitals. Ask the obesity specialists at Pennington about trying to get insulin to patients after Hurricane Katrina if you want a picture of what a natural disaster can mean.
In emergencies, ‘authorized individuals’ are allowed to access medical records even though they have not been given permission. So, is this protection of privacy or leaving the most vulnerable to fare for themselves while others are saved?

In an effort to protect privacy, federal officials have decided not to identify “stigmatized groups” including those with mental illnesses, intellectual disabilities and those with obesity. The system is being tested by looking at those on ventilators or using other medical devices who may lose power and have batteries run out of power.

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