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If your life or more importantly your children’s lives depended on you implementing an Emergency Preparedness Plan by simply reading, understanding and applying fundamentals, would you actually get it done? What if it were possible to actually know ahead of time, that you and your family would have to face an unforeseen catastrophic and life threatening set of circumstances which were survivable? Why do most people ignore bad indicators in life, even when they are all around in clear sight for them to see? Unfortunately, this knowledge that prepared individuals have acquired is not readily available through our main stream media sources.
I sincerely believe that I have never posed a more important series of questions than those you have just read.
Worldwide social issues and events have increased ominously over the past 10 to 20 years, resulting in a significantly elevated probability for a natural or man-made disaster occurring and impacting you, as well as your community.
At this moment in time there is overwhelming and undeniable evidence supporting the critical need for regionally specific emergency preparedness planning. If you have not thought about this and put together an emergency preparedness plan to easily deal with these issues and many more, before it happens, your life and the lives of the ones you love could very well be in imminent danger.
As part of the Town of Kindersley's commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents, the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) Emergency Response Plan was created to assess the potential hazards that are most likely to impact the community or region at large. The chemical spill or dangerous goods accident involving an evacuation of all or a portion of the Town was deemed to have the greatest overall impact on the community and surrounding area.
The Emergency Response Plan involves consultation between the Town of Kindersley, RM of Kindersley, emergency response agencies (i.e.
The Town of Kindersley's EMO Coordinator facilitates the plan and act as liaison between all the partners and agencies involved.
Use our natural disaster preparedness materials to educate your community on the basic steps they can take to stay safe -- from preparing an emergency supply kit to creating a family emergency plan -- which can save lives in the event of a natural disaster. Give people the information they need to improve their chances of staying healthy in the event of a flu pandemic.
Being prepared for all types of emergencies can make a critical difference should disaster strike.
No part of this site may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher.
Since scouting is a big part of a boy's participation at church, you will notice several MB (merit badge) suggestions throughout this year's book list. Every youth may not want or need to use all the recommended resources, which is perfectly acceptable.
In the past, we outlined and encouraged a bachelora€™s degree through Excelsior College and college level testing: ECE, CLEP, and DANTES. From ages 12-18, he took BYU online classes and matched them with with classic books from our lists. Since we begin high school in Year 7, youngsters use Years 11 and 12 to finish these courses and pursue personal interest studies. A certain group of youth who worked with me for several years, could not grasp compound vs run-on sentences or punctuation. If remedial penmanship practice is needed, here are some free resources: Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. For some youngsters who read at a slower pace, selections may need to be enjoyed as audio books.
Keep a Nature Notebook: If you are a little bored of your nature notebook, look at The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. Apologia Exploring Creation With Biology by WileA any edition.A Don't forget to buy the test and solutions booklet, too. Life Science-Based Writing Lessons-1 lesson per week-Print out your completed and proof-read assignments each week and add to your notebook. You will need this knowledge along with some chemistry and physics for your Natural Sciences test next year.
Vocabulary-Write down the new vocabulary and definitions listed in the book in bold as you find them in your readings throughout each week. Study Guide-This is sort of an open book pretest right before the test to help you prepare for the real thing. Life of Fred Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry (At this stage, some will move ahead quickly, while others will take a slower pace.
Transcribe (translate and write) favorite passages into English and narrate them in Spanish. Find times for your youth to perform, such as church, rest homes, FHE, recitals, and at your homeschool presentation evening.
Memorize 1 hymn vocally and instrumentally per month, and write a paragraph on its story and message. Both young men and young women should learn how to do organize a home and keep the home for at least one month, care for family laundry for one week, and plan menus, shop, and cook all meals for one week within family budget and health considerations. Optional Adventurous Projects: Although my wish for all young adults is to complete all the books and projects and merit badges assigned every year, schedules and aptitudes differ. Another purpose is to help youngsters that dona€™t have the desire or aptitude for the college path.
Adventurous Project 2: Spanish Club-The best way to learn something solidly is to teach it. Sewing is a dying art, because ita€™s much cheaper to buy outsourced, poorly made garments from developing nations. Information contained in this series should be used as a guide only and should not be relied upon as the sole source of information relating to its content. You are encouraged to do your own research and obtain your information from as many sources as possible. On August 29, 2015 HERO will be hosting a variety of workshops and community classes designed to prepare and empower individuals, families and communities to survive emergency situations. There is going to be food, games and classes for the children and a wealth resources for the adults!
State Senator Bert Johnson will be in attendance to share information about State resources and legislative remedies to various community issues. Domestic Violence Advocate Glenda Cook will be presenting about escaping various Domestic Violence situations.

Why is it that only a few people can see what most cannot?  The answer is quite obvious for those who can see it, but are easily disregarded by those who cannot.
This primary factor separates those who are prepared, as opposed to those who view life as stable with no outside threats. Have you considered what would happen in a matter of hours if our worldwide financial system collapsed or the power grid failed – or worse?
Based on my education in this arena, personal experience, plus extensive current worldwide ongoing event knowledge, it is no longer a matter of if something could happen, but a matter of when a disaster could affect you and everyone else.
My book accomplishes this very goal, giving you the knowledge, information, resources, tools and support.
Edwin has been featured in Entrepreneur, Social Media Today and other national media outlets.
This plan is modified on an ongoing basis to ensure the most up to date resources and agencies are actively involved in the implementation of the plan should an emergency arise.
RCMP, EMS, Kindersley Fire and Rescue Brigade), Heartland Health Region, crisis and emergency support agencies, and several other important partners. Using fun activities to explain practical information, parents can teach their children important safety lessons that will help keep them safe from all kinds of hazards both at home and outside in the community. We provide materials that spotlight emergency preparedness essentials, such as creating an emergency supply kit and establishing a family emergency plan.
With the help of our engaging and fun resources -- including titles that cover calling 911 for kids, and emergency preparedness for kids -- they will! Our straight-talking publications explain how to prevent terrorism and how to respond if an attack occurs.
As we've seen in the aftermath of recent disasters, preparedness is even more crucial for people with disabilities and other unique needs. Many of our booklets, self-care handbooks, workbooks, brochures, pamphlets, group presentation packages, and other publications have trademarked names. Because he is the youngest and had little contact with other youth, he invited other home schoolers on his at home college journey. Then at 18 the youngster can attend any college for the 'experience' at the senior level bypassing most of the liberal agenda of the entry level subjects.
In addition to regular weekly narrations, each literature selection should be explored with one of the following essay types: expository, persuasive, informal, research, literary, expository, argumentative. When the youngster has beautiful handwriting and excellent spelling, they are ready to stop but not before.
Bauer Because some youth dona€™t like Bauera€™s books, another more text-booky approach is Spielvogela€™s Western Civilization Volume 1 with Study Guide. Print out the year's schedule divided by days found at Donna Young's website and attach to the front and back covers of your. She should check to make sure you are keeping up, being neat, correcting your answers, etc. Ia€™ve worked with a large number of 12-13 year old boys (and some girls) that have convinced themselves that they arena€™t college material.
Grow compact varieties of cherry tomatoes, miniature bell and hot peppers, bush beans, snap or snow peas, bok choi, lacinato kale, spinach, purple cabbage, napa cabbage, or other vegetables to enhance your familya€™s diet. Next to the subject, write the name or abbreviation of the book and the number of pages you have scheduled for that day. If the book is scheduled to be read over 12 weeks, divide the number of pages in the book by 12.
Lacking your own emergency preparedness plan derives from a lack of knowledge of world events and how to survive them. Following is a very short but very important briefing on why I feel possessing an emergency preparedness plan is vital for you and your family at this time. Edwin was formally educated in marketing and public relations in Hollywood, CA in the early 1990?s. Surrounding communities committed to providing mutual aid in the case of a major incident or emergency are also consulted on an ongoing basis as the plan is updated and modified.
We also offer comprehensive emergency preparedness guides designed to engage and motivate readers. Put our emergency preparedness guides and other effective resources to work in your community.
We continue to have read aloud literature this year (The Harvester.) First, it is important to hear the language of real literature, which will provide consistently accurate and complicated aural language patterns and build vocabulary.
Working diligently, a youngster can usually accomplish all of the following in about 20 hours per week.
BYU online allows anyone to work through classes toward 75% of a degree completely from home.
He started out with an upper level English course using Lord of the Rings as its core along with BYU core classes. Because beautiful penmanship is a necessary and useful skill, it is almost criminal neglect this portion of our childa€™s education. Ita€™s not as good a book, but the world view is acceptable and the approach isna€™t bad at all. It is possible to learn the material without the experiments if you are pressed for time (Plus, you won't have to shell out big bucks for a microscope.) Classic in this sense refers to a living book that speaks to the soul instead of a book that has endured the test of time. Divide pages in half vertically for this as in the On Your Own section, writing corrections on the right side of the page in red.
Step up your organization skills in the area of science and learn to follow instructions precisely. Now that you are a youth, you should plan for your future which may include the need to care for your own budget, home, clothing, and cooking. This system is designed to teach self-reliance and sustainable agriculture on a small scale. During year seven, make one or two items of clothing for yourself or a family member with thine own hands. While the building of character, training of logical thought processes, and developing a lifelong hunger for learning are the priority goals of education, we must be realistic in the fact that our young men and some young women will need to support themselves and a family at some point. The presence of a link or recommendation should not be construed as an endorsement by any publisher or organization of the contents of this web site.

No warranty, either express or implied, is made with respect to the information contained herein. This system is designed to teach self-reliance and sustainable agriculture on a small scale.A  Micro greens, sprouts, baby greens, teen greens, and other organic vegetables can be grown to sell to restaurants, health food stores, and other specialty stores.
I firmly believe if you had access to the correct information and knew what I know, you would already be prepared for any emergency, natural or otherwise.
This workbook virtually takes you by the hand and walks you through the process, and at the right gradient for you. Equally as important is for Mother to spend some enjoyable one on one time with each of her children.
Although some youngsters do not plan to go on to college, those that do may wish to consider working with North Atlantic Regional High School for an accredited diploma.
Later he branched out into English, Foreign Language, Logic, Government, Math, Science, Religion, and History courses that met the requirements of his desired degree, which he found on BYUa€™s website for his degree. Depending on ability and attitude this can be accomplished during &ear 7 or drawn out until the end of Year 10.
If you follow these instructions, you will learn a lot more about biology and be proud of your work. Practicing in this manner assures that you will be healthy and hygienic not broke, hungry, dirty, smelly, and sick.
Adventurous projects like the off-grid cottage in Year 8, can help these youngsters discover their intelligence. You might further divide the number of pages per week by the amount of days you plan to read that week. The author is not responsible for any loss, inconvenience, damage (whether special or consequential) or claims arising out of the use of the information contained in this series. By having access to truthful informations, they can increase their awareness and thus understand why having an emergency preparedness plan is so important to have in place.
There is no better way than for Mother to read aloud to each one privately, possibly at bedtime.
Another option is BYUI, which for some students is a better choice and some just a bit too quickly paced.
Use selections from Prose and Poetry for Appreciation by Elizabeth Ansorge for copywork, dictation, and poetry memorization.
Your challenge is to keep a journal you would be proud to pass on someday and learn the art of watercolor.
Print out your completed and proof-read writing assignments each week and staple into your notebook. The set-up of this notebook is not my idea, but comes from an internet blog from years ago. Not only did this prevent the usual teen apathy, indolence, boredom, rebellion, and mischief in their family, the earnings paid for college and missions for all of them. Not only will you solidify your Spanish, you will have a chance to learn to teach children. Instead of checking off each box as you finish, write the number of minutes that you spent reading or doing that task. For instance, if you have 60 pages of something to read in one week and don't desire to read 60 pages in succession, you could divide it by 3 or 4.
Would you be able to get out of harm’s way if there was no electricity to pump gas into your vehicle’s tank. We worked 4 days per week from 8-3 and rarely did anything except reading aloud, cooking, and adventurous projects outside these hours plus Wild Day once per week. Use the questions following the booka€™s selections as narration prompts and learn the definitions and spellings of any listed vocabulary. Of course you can just begin, but the DVD, Beginning Watercolor Journaling will inspire you and get you going before you can blink. Finally, not all college educated adults want to enter the rat race or walk a conveyor belt; these projects can help entrepreneurial minded people explore some interesting possibilities.
Young men and young women alike must learn to interact and teach children with patience, gentleness, humor, and charity.
Milestones Academy offers tools to prepare for a career without college such as Universal Accounting, Master Herbalist Certification, NAMC Preschool Teacher Certification, or Nand2Tetris as well as a complete college preparatory course with accelerated entry.
Additionally,The Complete Watercolorista€™s Essential Notebook by Gordon MacKenzie will give you some additional instruction in watercolor.
Doing so during these beginning young adult years, you increase your ability to be a good parent in the future. After completing Year 10, which is the last year of high school for Milestones Students, youngsters begin a course in great books, finish up college testing, and possibly begin the following careers.
Using the planner below (compliments of Higher Up and Further In), the student can easily plan subjects and track time spent. If your homeschool is anything like ours, every waking moment can be counted in some way as school for these records. Because youth should learn how to schedule their time and activities at this age, we do not offer schedules at this point. All Bible-believing peoples share the same moral views even if from slightly different angles.
However, the church manual, Teaching No Greater Call and web resources for teaching children have many ideas for teaching as the Savior taught with charity, patience, gentleness, and humor. The seventh day, rinse in colander over a bowl of running water to remove excess seed coats.
This book, the others in the series, and English Literature for Boys and Girls will set the stage for a wonderful journey through literature. Keep a record including pictures, veggie production records, entrepreneurial activities, and a time log of this project either in a notebook or on a blog.

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