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In the previous articles in this series, we discussed risk assessment, the importance of establishing what risks and threats your business faces, how some of them can be prevented or avoided and how you should formulate and use an emergency plan. Surviving an emergency is only the first stage though, if your business is to continue in the long-term, you need to ensure that disaster recovery and business continuity are a high priority, from the moment that you become aware of a disaster, whether imminent or already taking place. Post-incident disaster recovery is an essential element in mitigating the effects of specific incidents, ensuring that operations are resumed as quickly as possible and before any secondary damage (to client lists or reputation) is incurred. Again, this should be an ongoing procedure, detailed in your emergency plan and with post-test and post-incident reviews feeding into improving the plan. How do you maintain production or service provision if your main business location is out of action? The emergency plan should make clear what sort of down-time is acceptable before temporary measures are introduced, and how these are escalated. Particularly if there is going to be any lengthy disruption to your business, ensure that you keep your customers, suppliers, staff and contractors informed. To read the first article in this series, go to Emergency Preparedness Planning: Identifying the Key Stages of your Disaster Recovery Plan.
For building staff to clearly understand the proper actions in an emergency the Emergency Response Guide is invaluable.
Emergency Preparedness Brochures and Booklets can be distributed electronically to all tenants and employees. The materials provide an efficient, cost-effective means of reinforcing life safety training.

Our standard booklet divides procedures into a Your Role (tenant)-Our Role (building staff) format. A separate guide can be adapted to the training needs of building staff and also to Warden Teams. The most common is for building management to make content available on a Website and to send tenants a link.
Management sends reminders electronically on a regular basis of the importance of reviewing the emergency procedures. For over 20 years, Ken Samuelsen has produced key floor plans and riser diagrams for clearly delineating building systems, exit routes, and other pertinent building information.
Safety Planning Group is knowledgable of all the pertinent fire safety code in New York City to ensure fast approval by the FDNY.
Filmed on-site, the video can be used for fire drills, preparedness training for building staff, floor wardens, and all tenants. Can you arrange alternative supplies or production facilities, or can key activities be conducted by staff working from home? For example, disruption of manufacturing, lectures or the sales team of up to 24 hours may be acceptable, but for any longer, you will need to consider relocating the activity. In an emergency, people will pull together, and a customer who understands the nature of the disaster that you suffered and is being kept informed on the supply situation is more likely to remain a customer than one who has no idea what is happening or when supply might resume. You not only have to marshal your staff and other resources, but you need to keep everyone informed if you are to retain their trust and business.

To read the 2nd article in this series, go to Emergency Preparedness Planning 2: Risk Assessment.
Staff can access the information online and we can also print on the Guide on durable card stock, set in a spiral-bound flip book. How long will particular locations be out of action, what can be salvaged and relocated to a temporary work site etc.?
To read the 3rd article in this series, go to Emergency Preparedness Planning 3: Continuity Planning.
All these need to be considered and you need to think about emergencies not only affecting you directly, but also your suppliers, shippers or customers.
To read the 4th article, go to Emergency Preparedness Planning 4: Disaster prevention and avoidance.
You may be well protected against a blizzard, but will your students still be able to get through, can you still get your products out, or if you are in the power industry, can you cope with the increased demand for heating etc.?

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