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Over 20 people attended an ACI sponsored workshop on emergency preparedness for people with disabilities on Tuesday, August 13th. Public Health Services, in partnership with the community, promotes a healthy future for San Joaquin County that includes vital emergency preparedness planning with you, your family and the whole community. Drought - Get current drought information for San Joaquin County and find other resources that will assist you throughout this emergency situation, including water conservation tips.

Additional Resources For a list of other community, state, and federal resources, click here. This event was one of a series of emergency preparedness workshops that ACI has been conducting throughout the Summer under a grant from AmeriCares Hurricane Sandy Relief Program.Thank you to presenter Millie Gonzales, ACI Board of Trustee members, who shared her experiences of being displaced by the storm and tips on preparing for the next disaster. Personal preparedness includes being ready for emergencies at home, in your car, or anywhere else you may spend time.

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