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Courses are tailored and conducted at your facility in English or Spanish, weekends or weekdays, at a time convenient to your organization.
Emergency Preparedness Consultants is able to plan, customize, coordinate, develop and conduct emergency response drills and multi-casualty response exercises.
The Webb Center partnered with the Wickenburg Police Department, Fire Department, and Wickenburg Unified School District for a mock fire evacuation of all personnel from the facility. The training session was part of the Webb Center’s emergency procedures and protocol as outlined in their newly adapted Emergency Action Plan.
All Webb Center volunteers are required to go through an emergency training session before volunteering at any performances.
Camp Imagination Registration for the fourteen annual Camp Imagination is Saturday, April 23 at 10:00 am! High school performs musicalCome support WHS students as they put on the production of Oliver! Our emergency preparedness courses are available for a variety of knowledge levels, ages and locations. RedHawk Survival Institute products, services and all associated content are copyrighted by RedHawk President and Founder, Cory Burry - all Rights Reserved. START Group instructors are experts in technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation and emergency team response. Many organizations have long recognized the need to protect their business facilities and employees through the creation of employee based emergency response teams. START Group personnel are actual emergency responders for technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, and emergency medical emergencies.
Evaluation of Current Level of Preparedness - Completion of a site review of your Organizationa€™s equipment, response documents, and policies regarding emergency response teams, along with assistance in developing policies and procedures.
With the national events of September 11, 2001 and the increase in international terrorism; the impact and scope of emergency response preparedness has markedly changed. Evaluation of Current Level of Preparedness - Completion of a site review of your Organizationa€™s equipment, response documents, and policies regarding transit safety and security, along with assistance in developing policies and procedures. Operations Level Classroom and Skills Training Session - Completion of a review of the aspects of the Awareness Level training session (typically utilizing the quick reference guides), along with additional Operations Level manipulative skills training. Command Level Classroom and Skills Training Session - Completion of small through large scale Command Level training involving table top and computer generated simulations. Quick Reference Guides- Transit system specific information and emergency response capabilities information quick reference guides are available through MDI and have been authored by the START Group Director, Michael J.

Client list includes Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), Miami-Dade Transit Authority (MDT), and Metro Atlanta Regional Transit Authority (MARTA). Evaluation of Current Level of Preparedness - Completion of a site review of your Organizationa€™s equipment, response documents, and policies regarding NIMS,along with assistance in developing policies and procedures. Awareness Level Classroom Training Session - Completion of a turn-key, classroom training session informing all participants of the critical components of NIMS and specific training objectives established for each of the 100, 200, and 400 levels. This is an excellent method of evaluating and improving your organization's emergency response capabilities. Our staff is comprised of bilingual EMS professionals with hands-on national and international emergency and disaster response experience.Our faculty has over 40 years of practical experience in real life emergency response. Webb Center for the Performing Arts held an emergency preparedness training session for over 50 volunteers on Wednesday, October 16. Volunteers served as both ushers and audience members and were trained in the appropriate primary and secondary exits for all seating areas. In addition, other training situations, including a medical emergency drill and mock power outage, were organized and conducted by the Webb Center’s Safety and Security Manager, Blaise Wingert.
The Plan describes the role of staff and volunteers in a variety of emergency situations to ensure the safety of patrons and students attending a performance. Camp Imagination is a two-week summer arts camp for 1st – 12th graders, produced by the Del E. From early childhood and daycare short courses to extensive leader-focused experiences, our courses prepare you for natural and human-caused disasters of all kinds (earthquakes, storm surges and floods, tsunamis, landslides, avalanches, wild, forest and building fires, chemical spills, terrorist acts, and so on).
These teams may work independently of outside response agencies or may work in a coordinated manner. These sessions train emergency response team members on basic PPE, personal equipment, and response equipment use. These simulations involve organizational-specific and emergency preparedness-specific scenarios that allow for direct documentation and evaluation of emergency response capabilities.
Terrorism acts in Tokyo, London, and Madrid have demonstrated a need for emergency responders to be prepared for both large and small scale incidents involving our transit systems. Each course is tailored to the needs and characteristics of that transit system and specific capabilities of the emergency responders. These simulations involve transit specific and system specific scenarios that allow for direct documentation and evaluation of emergency response capabilities.
Terrorism acts in Tokyo, London, and Madrid have reinforced the need for emergency responders to be capable of communicating and working together in an organized system.

This system has been used by members of the START Group for over 20 years and provides a great foundation for NIMS training programs. All sessions focus on the NIMS basic organization structure and process, along with the interface of NIMS within the parent organization and with additional outside response agencies. The mission of Emergency Preparedness Consultants is to assist business and industry in achieving a competent level of emergency preparedness. Additionally, we have developed hundreds of emergency preparedness programs and trained thousands of workers in CPR, first aid, and disaster response.
To stage an effective evacuation, the fire alarm was pulled so volunteers would be familiar with the experience.
New and returning volunteers should contact the Box Office at 684-6624 for information about priority registration. In addition, the emergency response team expertise may involve a plethora of topics, skills, and mitigation levels. In addition, these sessions involve the use of live scenario skills training (utilizing site specific areas and response objectives). This preparedness must demonstrate a true understanding of each specific transit system, along with the interface of these systems with traditional emergency respondera€™s operational procedures and the transit operational process. Focus of the training session is at the task and tactical levels with a concentration on building a sound foundation of technical transit knowledge. These group problem solving skill sets allow for participation in a real time setting and mirror the emergency response activities during a true emergency. These capabilities were clearly addressed by President Bush through Presidential Orders 5 and 8 (which address the need for a National Incident Management System {NIMS}). This is accomplished by providing planning, assessments, consultations, training, drills and exercises, provision and supplies.
This system provides for continuity of organizational process at all levels (task, tactical, and strategic), for a unified system of command and communication, for continuity of personnel and victim accountability, and for continuity of terminology in the organizational process.

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