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Soldiers assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 60th Troop Command, pack a tent used during a Joint Task Force Tarheel training exercise at the North Carolina National Guard's Training Center on Kure Beach, North Carolina, Aug.
This is the first of many training exercises planned for the JTF during the end of fiscal year 2015 and throughout 2016. During a domestic operations mission sometimes a structure isn't available for the JTF to conduct operations.
A regional emergency response network (RERN) trailer is deployed alongside the operations center to establish a communication system with soldiers on the ground and local emergency management.

The 60th Troop Command is comprised of an assortment of units, all with distinct missions and purposes making it the most diverse brigade in the North Carolina National Guard. Life Design Craft has several handy preparedness printables, including a 72 hour kit list, a 2 week supply meal list, and a 2 week emergency essentials list. Grubbs, III, took time during the training exercise to example how essential the TOC and each Soldier's role is during a domestic operations. The 60th TC is the North Carolina Guard's brigade headquarters for supporting domestic operations.

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