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Our Vancouver Island staff recently participated in the Seventh Annual Regional Emergency Preparedness Fair in Colwood. The fair is designed to raise awareness about the potential emergency risks in the region and the importance of being prepared with an emergency kit and an emergency plan. The Victoria area has a one in three probability of a damaging earthquake in the next 50 years. Helen Henderson has done a good article exploring new airline security practices from the perspective of a traveler with a disability. Long before the sunscreen and the mouthwash and the duty free were banned from the cabin, air travellers who use electric wheelchairs knew only too well what it's like to be buried in pre-flight restrictions.
Wheelchairs as air cargo have always meant a maze of red tape a€” the planning, the booking, the checking, the re-checking, the worry that no matter how careful everyone tries to be, one of your most precious possessions may come to grief at the hands of strangers in the belly of a jumbo jet. You may need Google and a Portuguese dictionary to catch the finer points but the overall story is that Robson Careca, after paralysis from an automobile accident in 1998, has launched a disabled surfers association in Brazil.
Online you can find a link to the Seville for Everyone Guide titled "(Guide to Accessible Tourism in the City of Seville" ("GuA­a de Turismo Accesible de la Ciudad de Sevilla").
Here's the catch, remember how we emphasized that a simple change to the template used to manufacture the post-Katrina modular homes purchased by FEMA would have potentially made 100% of them Visitable? Nerja is on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain about 55 km (about 35 miles) from Malaga, in the direction of Motril and Almeria. I promise, if you build it according to Australian Accessibility Standards (and a pinch of style) I will personally submit it to the Loo of the Year Awards.
In several places where I have traveled I have heard a saying something like, "If you don't like the weather right now just stick around. Trying to keep a list of links on Inclusive Travel updated is also an experience of constant change.
But, with profits to be made by those in the Medical Travel niche, a new constituency will align itself as allies of Universal Design in the travel & hospitality industry (Inclusive Travel). More travel agencies are jumping on the medical tourism trend as about half a million Americans will go abroad for medical treatment this year alone. A strong voice for the social & policy impact of Universal Design has been "reassigned." Lex Frieden will not be reappointed to lead the National Council on Disability. Frieden said he is proud of the work NCD has done promoting the concept of livable communities.
Tom Chun, "International Man of Leisure," has just sent in his final round-the-world-tour report. Hers is the first application that I am aware of binging Universal Design for Learning to an Inclusive Travel project in an audio format.
The New Standard has published a good overview of what we all watched happen in realtime after Katrina -- but the major news sources systematically overlooked. Katja Stokely has compiled some useful resources on accessible travel to Germany at her site, Broken Clay Journal. Notice that she has also been translating Chistiane Link's Behindertenparkplatz travelogue to India. About four years ago, I stayed a couple of nights in a Best Western in Agate Beach, Oregon.
The first moblog expose on violators of reserved parking for people with disabilities was Gimp Eye for the Clueless Guy. Continue reading Caughtya.org -- Because "I'll Just be Here a Minute" is 60 Seconds Too Long!. The visual orienation of his posts -- large graphics that clearly illustrate wheelchair accessibility features -- is an innovation in tourism-for-all blogs and worth imitation by others growing the disabled travel niche.
The article combines a checklist of design features, an overview of niche traveler needs & preferences, and an argument that makes business sense. Interior design for senior citizens must take into account the elements of hearing loss, diminished vision, lessened color perception, poorer short-term memory and weakened upper body strength. As editor I will be the first to admit that the Rolling Rains Report can improve as a resource for the deaf community.

Listen to comedian Spike Breakwell take you across the entire continent of Australia -- maybe! So it was a particular honor to have Bill be the first to introduce himself in the Discussion section at the Flckr group Rolling Rains - Travel with a Disability.
In the first study to explore how consumers attempt to gain revenge against corporations that have wronged them, researchers from Arizona State University find strong parallels between consumer complaint Web sites and other civic protest movements. The mission of Decthird is to allow all people, regardless of their physical condition, to have access without any barriers to tourist attractions throughout the country. National Public Radio airs an interview with Jared Sandberg on the long term consequences of differing vacation styles.
Norman Montifar is a professional photograper from the Philipines residing in New York City.
You can also see some of it at Rolling Rains - Travel with a Disability the new Flickr group on travel & disability. Well, you know that you have arrived when somebody else beats you to getting your own publicity out the door! You know Flickr - the site that combines free photo galleries with social networking like group photo albums, mutual commentary on photos and straight bulletin board posts by topic. For those who read Czech (Sorry, my people come from across the river in God's country -- Slovakia -- and they only taught me words unfit to print!) here is the site for the Czech Paraplegics Association. Tom Chun, self-proclaimed "International Man of Leisure" sends another report from the field. Today the Federation of American Scientists launched ReallyReady.org, a comprehensive emergency preparedness website developed in nine weeks by FAS intern Emily Hesaltine. The first thing you may notice is that one of the three top level sections at ReallyReady.org deals with disability -- Really Ready Disability. It seems that one of the hidden heroes behind this site is Hilary Styron Director of the National Organization on Disabilitya€™s Emergency Preparedness Initiative.
Edward Steinfeld and Gary Scott Danford completed a paper for the Living in our Environment a€“ The Promise of the International Classification of Function (ICF) conference in Vancouver, June 5-7.
Help people and pets who evacuated their homes during emergencies or disasters like fires, floods, or earthquakes. Emergency Social Services (ESS) volunteers assist at disaster sites and provide essential basic needs for evacuees at reception centres (evacuation shelters). Join the Vancouver Volunteer Corps (VVC) and complete VVC Orientation and Level 100 Training. Apply your experience and interests to one of the specialized ESS teams below. To join a committee, contact the Emergency Social Services Director (contact on this page).
Not only is Northwest Health and Safety a leading provider of CPR and First Aid training programs, but we are also a leading first aid supplies distributor serving the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas. This time it will be for a more leisurely tour than my short stint as Visiting Journalist sponsored by Tourism Tasmania.
Fortunately the changes seem to be a steady flow of new sites supported by ever higher levels of government and industry with ever greater evidence of truly understanding the needs and economic potential of this travel niche.
The downside to monitor will be the reassertion of handicapping attitudes, policies, and procedures under the rubric of the medical model.
Give this project broad coverage as an example of the multiple audiences served by Universal Design applied to tourism. Here are three but head over to the Flickr shoto-sharing group Travel with a Disability for his own choices. 16 (HealthDay News) -- Even a little extra income can make a big difference in helping middle-class people ward off disability, a new study finds.
If basic accommodation of people with disabilities are so poor when the entire government of the United States turns its attention to a problem can there be any doubt that accessible tourism has a bit of improving to do?
15 a€“ During Hurricane Katrina, Benilda Caixeta, a New Orleans resident with quadriplegia, tried for two days to seek refuge at the Superdome.

It is one of the best pieces I have seen in a long time weaving crip consciousness, social analysis, and good storytelling.
Their in-hotel sundries store, which contained an espresso counter, was run by a man in a wheelchair.
Comedian Josh Blue tweaks that truth to get a laugh -- and maybe tells a truer story than most.
We look forward to have such an experienced voice in the global network on accessible travel reporting in English from Barcelona, Spain!
In that spirit I would like to announce Deaf Cruise 2007 and invite emails on other items of note. This week I want to profile just a few of the more than 35 people who joined in the first three days. For sheer visual impact - whether or not you plan a trip to the country - BrazilMax is well worth the visit. Consumer Web sites use rhetorical tactics to address injustice, identity, and agency a€“ turning personal betrayal into a "cause" worthy of public attention and support.
Perhaps it comes from from living in a country with everything from the wide green pampas to the endless blue Atlantic to the white walls of mist at Iguazu Falls and the mountain heights of Bariloche and beyond.
For those who read - and particularly those who would like to contribute - in Spanish I call your attention to the post on a travel podcast network Cominidad de Pocast de Viajes. Northwest Health and Safety features a retail store in Vancouver, Washington where customers can shop for first aid kits and first aid supplies. Emergency services and organizations from around the region attended and showcased their emergency vehicles and equipment.
Perhaps a public health approach to that pernicious, and highly contagious model may be the best strategy. The site covers the disability scene in the country with contributions on travel and leisure.
He had arranged everything in sort of a U shape around him so that everything was the perfect height and well within reach. She is fascinated by different cultures and languages and has much to tell about her sojourns including how different people respond to her disability in different locales. Like many Rolling Rains readers Bill is also generous with his impressive specialized knowledge. Or maybe it's a quality of heart independent of place and reflective of character and one man's spirit of service. We offer first aid kits in all sizes from small home first aid kits to large industrial first aid stations and professional first responder kits, we have what your looking for at low prices.
He is truly the "Go to Guy" for reliable information on all aspects of Brazil if you are an English speaker.
Let us show you how you can maintain your own first aid kit by purchasing refill first aid supplies.
Our experienced training team can provide CPR and First Aid training classes that will exceed your expectations at an affordable price. Megan enjoyed her travel so much that she plans to establish a career that will keep her road always open to the wider world.
We have been providing quality CPR and First Aid training classes to the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas for over 13 years.
To find out more about our training classes contact us or visit our training calendar for upcoming CPR and First Aid classes.

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