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Freeze dried and dehydrated emergency food, 72 Hour emergency survival kits, water storage and filtration and more. Since 1996, Emergency Preparedness Week is an annual event that spans the first full week of May, and focuses on raising awareness around the issue of emergencies and the importance of getting prepared.
With Public Safety Canada coordinating the national event, each year, every province and territory does their part to get engaged. The week is also filled with many events – everything from education for emergency personnel to family fun activities, aimed to help families get prepared. At Total Prepare, we’re continually bringing in new, top-of-the-line specialty products to make your planning efficient and simpler. And because we believe in the importance of everyone having emergency supplies, in celebration of Emergency Preparedness Week, we will be offering a 15% Off* Store-Wide Sale starting Friday May 1. Be sure to stock up on your supplies now, before it gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list once again.

Total Prepare Inc., has exclusive Canadian Distributorships for a variety of product lines. From August 30-September 5, 2006, Disaster Preparedness Week in Japan featured Elmo in firefighter's equipment, the same outfit as in Elmo Visits the Firehouse. This is Emergency Preparedness Week and the City is reminding residents of the importance of being prepared to respond to an emergency. Kingston Fire & Rescue is marking the week by launching its Facebook page and Twitter feed. Here in British Columbia, multi-hazard agency plans are updated routinely to ensure an effective strategy is in place. Maybe you’ll stock up on some emergency products that you’re missing, or maybe you’ll do some reading up on the emergency preparedness infrastructure in your region.
Whether you’re in need of a good solid survival kit, like our 2 Person Deluxe Earthquake Kit or more basic items you’ll find it all here at Total Prepare.

We specialize in providing a complete line of preparedness products with an emphasis on quality, innovation and the best value available for the consumer.
These social media tools will offer regular and seasonal fire prevention and other safety messages. To find out more about the details, please visit the BC government’s Emergency Management page. Emergency Preparedness week is all about taking up an active role in your community, and spreading knowledge about emergency preparedness.

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