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Remove carefully from the laminate pouch so that these can be used again to store water or food. When still fresh, they usually taste of fruit or chocolate; or at least, they are supposed to!

I understand that they are manufactured by Compact of Norway (?); specialist manufacturers of survival foodstuffs.
I own several RAF EFR Mark 9s, Submarine Survival Rations, and several NATO emergency rations, as well as several RAF EFR Mark 4 (tins of boiled sweets), and a couple of earlier RAF rations. Years ago (okay about forty years ago) they were sold under the brand name of Turbloken (or something like that). There is a1983 RAF emergency ration identical to this currently on e-bay if anyone is interested.

If I remeber right the whole lot is 560 kals (or there abouts) The tins are great for PSK containers.
When I was with the RAF the army lads were always after the tins to use instead of mess tins.

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