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Part of the equipment consigned to a lifeboat includes a box of survival biscuits and other concentrated food, 1942 photo. Starting in 1942 "Bailout Rations" were provided for air crews to be used in case the plane had to be ditched and the crew would be on its own for a time. In the final procurement in 1943, the ration included a combination of D Ration bars, fruit bars, hard candy, lemon-juice powder, and K Ration biscuits. It is also documented that the 5-in-1 or 10-in-1 group rations were placed aboard aircraft to be used to sustain the crew if the plane had to land in an unexpected location.
A ration pack for lifeboats was required by Merchant Marine and Coast Guard regulations during WW II. All items were required to be in waterproof packages or containers, and further packaged into hermetically sealed containers, stowed in provision lockers on the lifeboats.
For military use the Quartermaster Corps developed the "Ration, Lifeboat", basically a candy package for bare survival. In 1944, another ration was developed to be included with a lifeboat dropped into the water for the crew of a downed aircraft or parachutists lost at sea.

Great Circle's emergency food rations provide emergency supplies of concentrated food packs to aid survival. Great Circle Emergency Food rations are produced under ISO 9001-2000 manufacture and quality control directives and manufactured in strict accordance with SOLAS, IMO and MSC regulations. ReviewIt's a good idea to have an emergency food supply in one's bug out bag, but it needs to be something that doesn't decay, leak or spoil, and has a good shelf life in possibly extreme conditions.
A dozen of the water packets and one of the large food bar packs will give you a couple of days without worrying about energy levels or dehydration, assuming a temperate climate and proper clothing. When disaster strikes, it is only a matter of time before your every day supplies run out, including life-sustaining water. After 1943, the bailout was abandoned in favor of the "ration, parachute, emergency," a pack designed to fit the pocket of the Air Force emergency vest.
Each Datrex emergency water sachet supplies your person with approximately 4.23 ounces of purified drinking water to keep you hydrated in a crisis. The components for the new parachute pack included sweet chocolate, hard candy, dehydrated cheese and crackers, bouillon cubes, sugar, cigarettes, water-purification tablets, soluble coffee, chewing gum, and a small cellophane bag to contain the uneaten food after the can had been opened. Each pack contains eight food portions for accurate rationing and provides a food value to a minimum of 10,000kj per each 500 gram pack.

The water survival rations are 64 to a case, and are extremely lightweight and comfortable to carry with you wherever you travel. Unaffected by heat, cold or shock they are individually marked with the month and year of manufacture and have a shelf life of three years.
The packaging is made extra-strong and durable to keep your water protected and sealed until you are ready to consume it.
The breakfast menu included a B unit from the C ration, a canned meat-food combination (four types were specified), condensed soup, matches, and toilet paper. Each menu was packaged in a fiberboard container and stowed in the lifeboat at the boat manufacturer's plant.

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