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This week, on 17 December, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) will mark its 10 year anniversary.
Over the past 10 years, CERF has disbursed more than US$4.1 billion to support hundreds of millions of people affected by natural disasters, conflicts and complex emergencies across 94 countries and territories, ranging from Africa and Asia to Latin America and the Middle East. CERF also supports response in crises that could not leverage sufficient attention or support from donors. Because of CERF, 20 million people receive life-saving health treatments each year, 10 million people receive nourishing food, 8 million people can now access clean water and sanitation, and 1 million people who have been displaced have shelter. This is made possible only by the 125 Member States and observers, regional and local governments, private donors and individuals that have come together to demonstrate their solidarity to people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. To address these issues, the UN Secretary-General has convened a High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing and called for the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016 to look at the systemic constraints and challenges of the current humanitarian response and funding model.
Amid these important discussions, it is clear that CERF has a proven track record and will continue to play a critical role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian response. The other day I was reading a rather heartfelt story of how a dog jumped into the water and saved a small boy!
ARMY FACT: The Department of Defence employs about 1.8 million people on active duty and is the single largest employer in the United States, with more employees than Ford, General Motors, and GE combined! CDC FACT: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the national public health institute of the United States and its main goal is to protect public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability. CAVE RESCUE FACT: Cave rescues are slow, deliberate operations that require both a high level of organized teamwork and good communications.
NAVY FACT: The navy traces its origins to the Continental Navy, which was established during the American Revolutionary War and was essentially disbanded as a separate entity shortly thereafter. COASTGUARD FACT: Jeff Bridges enlisted in the Coast Guard Reserves at the age of 18 and served for eight years! FIRE BRIGADE FACT: The fire services have undergone significant changes since the beginning of the 21st century, a process that has been propelled by a devolution of central government powers, new legislation and a change to operational procedures in the light of terrorism attacks and threats. What are your memories regarding Arlington’s Fire Department or large fires in your neighborhood? While there are some people who would argue a graphic novel isn’t literature those people are wrong. Bonus points if you get someone to go as Nabakov – not Humbert Humbert, Nabakov himself. One of the greatest histronic female  characters of literature (and thanks to the patriarchy there are many to choose from) Scarlett O’Hara means you get to wear a full debutante gown and talk like Foghorn Leghorn all night. It also means that every time you go to get something from the snack table you get to declare that you’ll never go hungry again. If you’re into group costumes, both literally and internet literally, then get some friends together and go as the greatest white whale in literature. Not only is it a true challenge for anyone proficient in make up (how does one apply all the sins of the world in MAC Colourfast?) but you also get to wear a gold frame all night which will in no way get annoying after five minutes. So this spring, inspired by Emergency Response by Nicki Edwards, I’m going into Outback Australia to find true love. The other question, now we’ve sorted out how outback I should go, is what profession should I fall in love with. If your spirit has a little more of an avant-guard taste I would recommend a haunting spot with just a touch more pizzazz. A haunted hospital on a cliff face is just the most if you’re looking to remain undisturbed until the mid-20th century. If you get bored of all the space might I suggest a mirror or even the hairbrush on the dresser? No matter what or where you choose to haunt I hope that the above suggestions help to clarify in your mind that now you are dead, the world is your oyster. As everyone knows Earth is the only planet we can survive on – looking at you Titan, get your shit together – and while we enjoy the lovely beaches or the unsurpassed beauty of the wild tundra sometimes, the earth likes to indulge in a little Tarantino style revenge by just opening up underneath you and devouring your car, house or even small dog.
The following are some fun facts about sinkholes that should in no way reassure you regarding the dangers of sinkholes. While sinkholes have recently been given a positive spin, The Simpsons Movie has a sinkhole as the hero of the piece, they are still the quiet horrors that fear is made of.
Also in 2013, a Missouri hunter went into the woods near his house to retrieve a deer he had killed earlier during the day. In fact, it’s often a combination of drought followed by heavy rain that will encourage the crust to just give way beneath you.
As a species we have achieved the seemingly impossible, we landed on the moon and drink kale like its delicious, but despite all of our Great Walls of China and Poptarts, we are still powerless to stop the inevitable hell that are sinkholes. Now, before you break your arm patting yourself on the back – look out the window and check to see where you are.
Look at it this way – The rate of decomposition of a human body used to be measured using Casper’s Law or Ratio (it is now unknown if that refers to The Friendly Ghost). Basically, the body will decompose faster the more oxygen it receives post-mortem, allowing for temperature variations. So…if you’re still following and haven’t been eaten because you were reading when you should have been paying attention, here are some examples of climates and whether they are ‘good’ for zombies.
The tropics are a terrible place to be a zombie, which obviously means it’s a good place to be alive. There is a reason training videos in the Pre-Times were all set in woods or forests, this is the perfect place for zombies to…Survive? The training videos from the Romero School, up to and including Season 17 of The Walking Dead, all featured wooded areas. This may seem like a pretty big judgement call to start with but it’s probably the first thing you’ll notice from far away. If your dragon looks like it would make a pleasant bouncy-castle for children in a classical English summer, congratulations – it’s probably friendly! Does the colouring remind you of waking up from a nightmare in an unfamiliar room, that moment you start to trip down the stairs or the whispers of the Old One’s madness being unleashed on an unsuspecting world?

You approach the sky-blue dragon with lavender spots cautiously – it’s still a wild animal you fool – When it speaks to you! Or, as you’re fleeing the coming Death, does your dragon howl and scream as though to stop your heart and warn the peoples of the earth that what they thought to be myth is not only real, but angry that while it slept the Plague that is Man spread to all corners of the globe it once controlled – and will again?
Does your dragon smell of Europe in the 16th Century, when the Four Horsemen rode out of the heavens and across the land, bring only sadness and lonely death?
Or for a short, too short, time with its claws clutched around your now dying body and with a last glimpse you see your little sister’s doll wedged between its knife-like teeth knowing that everyone you know and love are either dead, or will be joining you in the afterlife so very, very soon? Jokes, was NOT grown in lab in space (because I’m a human) BUT I do love me some space opera.
Ok, I may be flinging the metaphorical bone a little high here but it’s not an entirely stupid point.
Modern space opera continues the tradition but instead of magic bringing them down here, we’ve got the technology to take us to them. Them in this case is stars and planets – not Gods.
But free from the Earth the romance and drama of human existence can expand to fill the cosmos itself!
That’s right, space operas are often so good because they are a gritty reboot of earth operas!
Now, you put them on a spaceship headed to a new colony, or they’re testing a new dimension-jump-warp-accelerator and suddenly BAAM! In the first instance the worst thing that happens is drowning, maybe some light radiation poisoning followed by drowning.
Fun question, if thriller novels contained superheroes, which superhero would play which character? With his drinking, womanising and preference for gambling over, for example, shooting the bad guy across the poker table, James Bond is the debonair creation of Ian Fleming – who was himself a master spy with Christopher Lee in WWII. Dirk Pitt is the invention of Clive Cussler, and he is kind of like a James Bond who is obsessed with things under the water. Tony Stark has a huge drinking problem in the comics, Tony Stark has a huge superiority complex and finally, who else could be Sherlock Holmes?
Our Emergency Response division at Kary Environmental Services, has been providing service with highly experienced and trained personnel for your needs for over thirty years.One call to our emergency response phone number 480-945-0009 immediately puts you in touch with a live KES Manager to  dispatch a highly trained response team, which is capable of responding 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR to any situation in Arizona and the Phoenix metropolitan areas.
There are a few points about this career-change resume for Amy (not her real name) that I'd like to point out. Amy's resume and many of the other resume examples on this site were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume builder.
After Amy wrote her resume, she sent it to a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team for a critique. Filed under Healthcare Resume Samples, Resume Examples, Social Services Resume Samples and tagged Career Change, Chronological Resume Samples, Concurrent Jobs. 24 Hours day or night when an incident happens, Northern A-1 responds quickly and efficiently with the correct equipment and manpower to handle fires, spills and emergencies on land or water. It is fast: funds were disbursed within 10 hours of the Haiti earthquake and within 48 hours of the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and of the Nepal earthquake. In 2015, it disbursed $76 million for the protracted conflict in Syria and $70 million to support people in Bangladesh, Darfur, the Horn of Africa and Myanmar.
The CERF High-Level Conference is an opportunity for Member States and other stakeholders to review the success of the past and also identify strategic directions on CERF for the future. It wasn’t the little boys dog the dog for whatever reason actually saved his life despite not knowing him!
This must be followed by four years of medical school and then three to eight years of internship and residency depending on speciality.
This famous nymphette is the best reason to dig out your old school uniform and buy a lollipop. Make sure you check out our SPOOKY SPECIALS and get some horror and paranormal ebooks for prices that will make you scream (with delight). I want to go where the trees are bleached white by the sun, where horses roam free and beautiful and the wild pigs get drunk and fight cows.
The Gothic Castle is the place to haunt – secret passageways and lots of candles to extinguish at the perfect time. You can watch for the classic signs of sinkholism- cracks appearing in a circular pattern or doors and windows not closing properly! Luckily NASA is working on ways to detect sinkholes using technology and science and stuff accept they keep using words like probably and possible so I wouldn’t hold your breath for a ‘sinkhole cure’ just yet. Sinkholes cost Florida, the USA’s sinkhole capital, up to $400 Million in 2010 and it’s only expected to get worse as Louisiana slides off America’s lap like a sleepy dog. You have not died in the first stages of the zombie apocalypse and are ready to begin creating a new world out of the ashes of the old.
I know that the headlong fleeing from a former civilisation can leave you disorientated so take your time. So in a warm, wet climate a body will decompose faster than in a cool dry climate even if both bodies are completely exposed to these elements. Not only will the warm climate and consistent rainfall rot a dead body faster, the biosphere is filled with all sorts of insects that just love a corpse.
With a temperate to cool climate and not as many flesh devouring insects as the Tropics a healthy zombie can continue to be for many years. You want to deal with Ice Zombies, the by all means surround yourself with snow and subzero temperatures and all that malarkey. It’s a dry heat, with no real insect life, which will allow your zombie neighbours to hang around for millennia. You are reading the only definitive guide to telling good dragons from bad, at least within the tight moral guidelines we as a species has established to keep humanity’s baser instincts in check.
As every person who’s met a dragon knows, the further you can distinguish between the Murder Beasts from the Wish Granters the better off you, and your rustic village, will be. Do they seem to be able to frolic through the clouds or are they lithe and streamlined, like an arrow or missile?

You’ve identified what will make you a corpse from far enough away you can start to regret you never said “I love you” to that person you love.
Perhaps it smells like the lair of a predator, as if a shark and a bear had a child which knows only pain?
I have ever since I was grown from a crystal in the orbital laboratory of Dr Klien Purnicious. Let me inform you, dear reader, of why space opera should be in your eyeballs more than it already is. It’s an exciting idea that’s been explored in space opera ever since a person looked to the stars and said “Let’s put people in that”.
Try the bestselling Aurora series by Amanda Bridgeman! Aurora: Darwin is 99c for a limited time only! We’re starting with the greatest secret agent in the known, unknown and theoretically impossible Universes. He drives antique cars, shoots guns, dates sexy ladies, has smouldering green eyes, and works for NUMA, the National Underwater and Marine Agency. Yes, he has a few bad habits, the morphine addiction and superiority complex to name a few, but what kind of sleuth would he be if he didn’t have a  few distinguishing traits. Our personnel routinely respond to a wide variety of hazardous and non hazardous material incidents.
Although this job seeker has been in the workforce only four years, she has written a resume that's strong and highlights the skills her prospective employer is looking for. Amy's college degree and certifications are highly relevant to her career change, so she placed her Education section high on her resume. Under each job title, Amy put her bullet point statements in the order that best supported her new career rather than how they describe her old job.
Notice how Amy created her Community Service section to look just like her History section. Northern A-1 prides itself on the ability to handle virtually any material without the need for subcontracting.
It raises and pools funds before the need arises, and provides fast, predictable funding to partners on the frontlines at the onset of a crisis, as well as financing critically underfunded emergencies. The new norm is protracted crises with regional implications, high levels of displacement but few political solutions in sight. This year we are calling for $450 million from Member States and other donors to help us meet the needs of the most vulnerable in crises.
All of the people in a Gothic Castle have secrets too – from the servants all the way up to the new Baron, your cousin who inherited both the title and lands when you fell down the grand staircase onto that knife during that lunar eclipse. While the room you died in is always the first choice, try the parlour or even the basement or attic – always good for a curtain twitching moment. Or is the fiendishly made cabinet, full of bird skulls and dribbley waxy candles your go to?
Recently, Florida man Jeff Bush died in an urban sinkhole: Jeff Bush was asleep in his bedroom when a large sinkhole opened up directly under the house, swallowing him and his entire bedroom. It can easily be corroded away something as simple as H2O, what science would call water, and time. When the water table lowers, during drought or if your showers are taking waay too long, this makes the earth above the water table – particularly if it’s our pushover geo-friend limestone– weaker. The following is why the weather is so important and try not to interrupt me again, or you will die. Does the colouring remind you of hugs, freshly baked bread or wriggling puppies all in a pile of freshly mown grass?
Either through evolution of similar vocal cords so as to be able to help human children achieve their dreams or telepathy, your dragon is probably a new best friend and will be able to help with your maths homework, herd sheep or destroy the rule of the evil Count that killed your family and left you an orphan.
Or a thousand, billion snakes all tied together and thrown at your back, their hissing breath on your neck confirming that there is no God? Sure maybe you don’t appreciate The Bold and The Beautiful but you like characters and plot points and twists and…like…Story 101. You can break the speed of light, go through a black hole where you and the crew a spegettified and then come out the other side as a mix of everyone that was on board. Notice the certification that says, "to be taken October 26, 2013." By adding that little phrase, Amy was able to get "credit" for the class, even though she hadn't yet taken it at the time she wrote her resume. For example, under Kid Love, the third and fourth bullet points consumed most of Amy's time on the job. Our diverse fleet and extensive training and safety resources add tremendous value to our clients.
Many of you have guessed by now that I’m neither science nor a penguin so it was a bust. His brother heard him but was unable to see him or reach him. Authorities were forced to abandon the search for Bush several days later. Our highly trained team works safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively to return our client’s operations back to normal. Being Caturday it is time to take a look at some of the Worlds bravest cats that risk life and limb to keep us all safe.
That’s where Gods descended from, that’s where they returned and that, my friends, is space opera.
After defeating the…being…you turn the ship around but don’t have enough plasma-cooling-dilithumm-crystals to go back through the black hole and when you investigate the nearest source it turns out to be an exact duplicate of YOUR ship!
Exploration of the human condition, our place in the universe, our fears, monsters and daemons AND drowning!

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