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Emergency Response training and assessment programme is intended to support safer swimming at small, shallow pools such as those typically found at many hotels, leisure clubs, holiday parks, private fitness facilities and other similar establishments. The Emergency Response Certificate (Swimming Pools) is a Certificate of Water Rescue Competence for staff working in a facility where there is a swimming pool but where there is no direct poolside supervision. To include the principles of accident prevention, casualty identification, principles of rescue, spinal cord injury management (SCIM), cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and first aid.
Adult, child and infant basic life support to include the use of a pocket mask as a barrier method of resuscitation. Choking, bleeding, broken bones, bites, burns, stings, shock, heart attack, epilepsy, asthma and diabetes.
An independent assessor will conduct an assessment through verification of theoretical knowledge and the application of practical skills included within the training programme. Costs are per delegate and include a personal reference manual, assessment & certification fees.

View on FacebookFirst Aid Services and Training Glasgow 2 months ago All Our Courses HSE Approved. Various types of uniforms made with TenCate advanced fabrics protect the body or part of it to a certain level.
Contact us if you are looking for information on our reflective solutions and the markets we serve. ORAFOL’s high visibility Reflexite® garment trims for emergency response personnel enables rapid identification of first responders at an emergency management scene.
Canadian prairie-rockers, DESPISTADO are as much a mix of Wire's artful passion as perhaps Modest Mouses' steadfast quirk and with the release of The Emergency Response they make their spastic and raging debut worldwide. Trainees must be able to swim 25 metres on front and back, be able to submerge to a depth not greater than 1.5 metres from the surface and be able to climb out of the pool unaided and without using steps and ladders. In addition the qualification will apply where pool operators wish to provide a suitable programme of training and independent assessment for ancillary staff who may act in support of the lifeguard team.

Instantaneous identification at an emergency scene is valuable to both the public and the first responders’ safety.
Angular, driving, and thoroughly commanding DESPISTADO are just out the gate and already hold court as the band to watch out for.
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