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30 March 2016 3:54PM A SECOND provider has stepped in to offer an emergency response service to elderly and vulnerable residents across Carlisle.
Available for use in all 50 states, we are universally recognized as offering the best home medical alert systems with a reliable panic help button for seniors. For older adults and their family members seeking affordable elderly alarm devices including the best home medical alert system for seniors, First Response offers our longstanding and reliable land line unit. With many households increasingly discarding their traditional home phone line, First Response System now offers the best home medical alert systems and panic button bracelets and necklaces for seniors. Unlike the past, these devices no longer need a traditional land line phone connection to seek medical assistance quickly. GPS MobileCare by First Response is our portable solution for allowing independent older adults the ability to travel outside the confines of home virtually anywhere.
As an added feature, our portable “all-in-one-device” comes with a patented fall detection sensor and auto alarm alert that automatically contacts First Response when a sudden fall is detected- all at a moment’s notice. Monitoring Base Station Console that transmits alarm signal from the wireless bracelet or necklace panic button. Monitoring Base Console receives and re-transmits the alarm signal via the home phone line or nearby cellular network directly to the Emergency Monitoring Center. A live First Response operator from the Emergency Monitoring Center responds over the 2-way voice communication Console speaker within 30-seconds. Weekly “silent” testing of elderly alarm devices and corresponding units, including the panic button, to ensure optimal performance.
First Response System is recognized in the health care industry and by valued clients alike, as America’s leading authority in personal emergency alarm systems and devices.
Cell Dialer land line unit for the home and property (no phone or cable modem connection needed).
Let us assist you in selecting the best home medical alert systems for seniors, elderly alarm devices, or a portable GPS personal response unit for you or a loved one. Social landlord Riverside has decided to axe its popular Careline service, prompting an angry response from local people.

This personal response device connects directly to a phone line jack or cable modem box in the home. Designed for independent and active seniors and older adults, our GPS MobileCare help unit is the pinnacle device for those individuals who lead a more mobile lifestyle where device portability to and from any location, far or near, is desired. Active seniors can now go about their daily life with complete confidence and immediate medical protection when needed. Wearing a help button as a necklace allows you to seek help when needed, even when you’re traveling outside the home. First Response is the industry leader in offering the best home emergency medical alert systems for seniors on their necklace and bracelet devices. Recognized in America as offering the best home medical alert systems for seniors, First Response allows seniors and older adults to stay in their homes longer, with dignity, independence and security. Fall injuries and recurring fall accidents are the #1 reason families and their loved ones use a personal medical alarm system or wearable device.
First Response not only specializes in offering the best home emergency medical alarm systems for seniors, but also cellular and GPS elderly alarm devices for modern day independent lifestyles. Our Care Specialists are dedicated to providing the latest generation GPS portable “all-in-one” devices and best home medical alert systems for seniors available in the marketplace today. The News & Star revealed last week that Eden Housing Association had stepped in to launch a replacement service to existing clients.
First Response takes great pride in providing families with the finest selection of emergency medical alert systems, elderly alarm devices and GPS mobile devices for home, property and travel anywhere in the United States. From New York to Florida and Ohio to California, as well as every state in between, a First Response system can be used anywhere in the United States. The Cell Dialer is considered one of the best home emergency medical alert systems for seniors where a traditional land line phone connection is not available. We are proud to offer our new GPS MobileCare device designed to protect our loved ones in and out of the home!
The occurrence of falling increases dramatically in regions of the country where outdoor seasonal weather includes a mixture of frozen rain, sleet and snow. By offering the best home emergency medical alert systems for seniors, family members rely on First Response System and its panic device for security and protection when unexpected emergencies strike day or night.
If you cana€™t find what youa€™re looking for, please visit the DSHS Homepage or use the A to Z Health Topics below to find program contact information.

We employ one of the largest cellular networks in America to provide reliable nationwide signal coverage every time you press the necklace help button.
As such, seniors residing in wintry states such as New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Indiana can be more susceptible to fall accidents.
Artemis Domiciliary Care Ltd, based in Carlislea€™s James Street, already offers a similar service to the people it cares for.
As a bonus, the Cell Dialer in addition to all of our elderly alarm help devices are totally maintenance free for older adult users.
Now it is widening that out to people across the city, with its control centre due to be upgraded next week. The Queen revealed - by the Clerk of the Closet Help us recognise Cumbria's flood heroes Doris Hetherington with grandchildren, Emma Hetherington, left, Alice Hetherington I think of the Queen as a very brave person Should second-home buying be banned in the Lake District?
After Careline announced its closure, there were fears vulnerable and elderly residents would be left without a lifeline.
Louise Kelton, manager at Artemis, said: a€?Wea€™ve been doing this for a while now but just on a small scale.
And because we are registered with the Care Quality Commission we can also offer personal care,a€? she said.
Eden Housing Association has since confirmed it will extend its existing emergency response service across north Cumbria, taking on around 4,000 Careline clients a€“ most of them elderly.
The new service a€“ provided by the Associationa€™s Eden Independent Living (EIL) team a€“ will be available to all Careline clients.

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