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Whether it's this past week's earthquake scare or last winter's infamously slow blizzard response, New York is starting to make a name for itself as one of the least-equipped places on earth to deal with, well, earth.
Sign up for The Airdrop, our weekly newsletter full of book giveaways, interesting article round-ups and fun event notices! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The XNO First Responder Go-Bag has everything emergency personnel need to uickly respond to a variety of emergency response situations and easily attaches to belt or pack. A Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), sometimes known as a Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT), or Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET), is a group of volunteer emergency workers who have received basic training in disaster preparedness, disaster fire suppression, basic disaster medical operations, light search and rescue and team operations.

Your Internet Explorer is out-of-date and will display some web-pages incorrectly, click here to upgrade. They are designed to act as an auxiliary to existing emergency responders in the event of a major disaster. But if this turns out to be the bag I'm rolling into a watery hereafter, couldn't we have thought of a better name for it?First of all, it sounds a lot like "ho bag." Imagine being flooded in your studio walk-up with no supplies, thinking you were done for, but then a rescue helicopter zooms up, and some nice National Guard lady hollers, Are you all right?, and you yell back through your broken window, Toss me a go bag, just toss me a go bag! You may not be at home when an emergency strikes so keep some additional supplies in your car and at work, considering what you would need for your immediate safety. The bag is BLACKHAWK!’s largest load out bag offered with an overall dimension of 35 inches by 21.5 inches by 17 inches.

Foam padding throughout protects gear and multiple compression straps keep the load stable and secure.

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