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All safety managers know that the safest sites are those where the workforce is educated about health and safety risks. In an exclusive interview with INDUSTRY MRO, Steve McLeod said the company prides itself on its passion for improving safety and emergency response within Australia. Fire and Safety Australia supplies Emergency Services Officers (ESO’s) to various mines and high risk sites throughout Australia.
INDUSTRY MRO reviewed some of the client testimonials that support the reputation of Fire and Safety Australia in its delivery of nationally recognized training. We want to ensure that wives don’t lose husbands, children don’t lose parents and parents don’t lose sons or daughters whilst at work”, said Steve McLeod (CEO, Fire and Safety Australia) as he echoes the company’s modus operandi. It’s about the well-being of employees, which far outweighs the high costs of failure for employers which range from loss time injury to prosecution from breach of OH&S legislation.

Fire and Safety Australia has ISO9001-2008 Quality Accreditation for the supply and management of Emergency Services Officers. For instance, the ESO business has been operating for the past 5 years with clients that include Middlemount Coal, BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Shell Australia and Tru Energy. For instance, the company currently acts as an outsourced Fire Safety Advisor for many buildings in Queensland to ensure compliance with the QLD Fire Regulations and AS3745-2010. Our clients especially value us for onsite services for safety and emergency response training because we have the expertise to tailor the programs to the site’s requirements across major industry sectors,” he noted.
The company has over 42 full-time employees across Australia employed in this role or capable of performing these roles. The ESO offering achieves collaboration with the client which results in long term customer satisfaction because emergency response management skills are openly shared.

The outsourcing services offered by the company enables its clients to focus on business priorities. Fire and Safety Australia works with individual mine sites and clients to conduct an emergency services site analysis to determine the personnel, equipment and capability required for each site.

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