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1 NCLEX PREPARATION PROGRAM MODULE 1 Overview, Assessment Testing Preparing to be Successful on the NCLEX-RN. Why its OK to ask your employer for 4-8 hours per week of paid time-off : Your success at becoming a RN is of benefit to your employer! Preparation for classroom lecture discussions A successful participant is a prepared participant. Preparation for classroom lecture discussions When completing your weekly NCLEX-RN computerized testing practice, focus on the same subject matter being covered in class that week.
37 Physiological Needs According to Maslow, physiologic needs are the highest priority and must be met first.
38 Safety and Security Physical and Psychosocial Physical safety includes decreasing what is threatening to the patient. Individual feel that they are victims of incompetence or a vengeful God (they did something wrong so they are being punished), fate (karma), circumstances (wrong place and wrong time). May express anger covertly by neglecting self, not eating, nor going to check ups, committing suicide, drinking alcohol. Maladaptive – persistent guilt or low self esteem, aggression, self destructive ideation or behavior. The person try to inhibit good behavior, make up for perceived wrong doings or other engage in behaviors that would please GOD so he will be given more time-an extension of life or granted recovery.
Adaptive response – bargains for treatment control, express wish to be alive for specific events in the near future. Maladaptive response – bargains for unrealistic activities or events in the distant future. Occurs when the reality of loss or impending loss cannot be ignored anymore and the person grieves for himself and those he will leave behind, for the things that he can no longer accomplish or experience.
Adaptive response – may wish to be alone, limit conversation, complete personal and family business. Allow as much decision making as possible to maintain dignity by giving choices and alternatives. It’s a summery afternoon and Rina decided to enjoy the moment and take a stroll at the park.
The auditory brainstem response (ABR) is a test that gives information about the inner ear or the cochlea and brain pathways for hearing.

In simpler words, ABR test measures the reaction of the parts of a child’s nervous system that affect hearing as it measures the hearing nerve’s response to sounds. This test is often ordered if a newborn fails the hearing screening test given in the hospital shortly after birth, or for older children if there is a suspicion of hearing loss that was not confirmed through more conventional hearing tests.
The test is performed by pasting 3-4 electrodes on the head (just like those electrodes placed around the heart when you do an electrocardiogram) and recording brain wave activity in response to sound. The person being tested rests quietly or sleeps while the test is performed and no response is necessary.
For those babies under 6 months, the mother may show up with a tired, hungry baby since most young babies will sleep through the entire test if they are brought to the appointment ready for a feeding and a nap. For those children older than 6 months but younger than 7 years, they may usually need anesthesia medication in order to sleep throughout the test. For those children older than 7 years, they can be tested while they are awake if they relax and lie still during the test.
Currently an Intensive Care Unit nurse, pursuing a degree in Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Nursing Service Administration. Know your learning style Organize and plan ahead Assume responsibility for your learning Practice first party communication Be empowered Strengthen skills Practice balance Practice stress busters! Mind mapping is a technique for taking notes in such as way that it produces strong visuals How does it work?
Mind maps help organize information using the same structure that our brain uses for making memories By presenting your thoughts and perceptions in a spatial manner and by using color and pictures, a better overview is gained and new connections can be made visible.
Providing support to you during your NCLEX review is a less expensive way for your employer to gain a new RN than recruiting a new RN! Prior to class, brush up on physiology, terminology and the lab values one can expect while caring for patients with the diseases being discussed.
She puts her headphones on and listens to her favorite playlist as she gets a glimpse of a child doing sign language. Also sometimes referred to as auditory evoked potential (AEP), this test can be used with children or others who have a difficult time with conventional behavioral methods of hearing screening. As sounds are made through the earphones, -the electrodes measure how the child’s hearing nerves respond to them. Here, the softest intensity or loudness level at which these markers appear roughly corresponds to the child’s hearing level in that frequency range or pitch.

However, when anesthesia medication is needed, there are important rules for eating and drinking that must be followed in the hours before the test. But if the child is not able to cooperate, the test might need to be rescheduled so it can be done under anesthesia. Has been a contributor of Student Nurses Quarterly, Vox Populi, The Hillside Echo and the Voice of Nightingale publications. Are motivated to learn when others arrange a learning package in such a manner that the attraction to learning overcomes the resistance 9. Knowing your learning style preference allows you to choose learning strategies that are most effective for you. To make a mind map, one starts in the center of the page with the main idea, and works outward in all directions, producing a growing and organized structure composed of key words and key images.
Psychological safety states that the client must have adequate knowledge and an understanding about what to expect from others in his environment. Furthermore, it is also indicated for a person with signs, symptoms, or complaints suggesting a type of hearing loss in the brain or a brain pathway. Also, it can be completed only if the child is sleeping or lying perfectly still, relaxed and with his or her eyes closed. By reading a computer printout of the child’s responses and interpreting these markers, the audiologist can tell if the child has a hearing problem.
When used as a screening test, only one intensity or loudness level is checked, and the baby either passes or fails the screen. Other experience include: Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Obstetric, Emergency and Recovery Room Nursing. Tying together what you observe in action and what you learn in the classroom is a great learning strategy. She contemplates quietly as she decides to research more about it later on when she arrives home.
Refreshments and breaks establish a relaxed atmosphere and convey respect to the learner The Adult Learner is Unique!

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