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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Plan familiarization is a pre-requisite for those that need to take the Managing Emergency Operations Course. Managing Emergency Operations is required for membership on the EOC and should be taken as a refresher course every 3 - 4 years for existing EOC members.
Kuwait, December 06 (QNA) - The 5th practical training on the GCC "Regional Radiological and Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response (RRNEPR) Plan" kicked off in Kuwait Sunday in presence of more than 60 participants from all member states.

The three-day training is organized by the GCC Emergency Management Center on a regular basis in order to maintain the readiness of the GCC countries in this area.
This year, the exercise will focus on how to deal with other disasters such as earthquakes and floods, in addition to nuclear disasters, Al Tamimi explained. The GCC ministerial council adopted the GCC emergency plan in 2014, and referred it to the GCC Emergency Management Center for implementation. The GCC Emergency Management Center was officially founded in Kuwait in December 2013 aiming at enhancing and coordinating the GCC countries efforts and capacities in the field of emergency management.

Adnan Al Tamimi said that there are several various aspects for the implementation of radiological and nuclear emergency plan.
Each year, the center identifies particular targets for each exercise based on a realistic scenario of an accident covers one of the important aspects in the plan in order to maintain readiness of the GCC countries to deal with nuclear accidents should they occur.

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