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Dave Ryan is the Director of Flight Operations for MedImpact Healthcare Systems in San Diego. Dan Cerkan is Vice President of BOLO3 Safety and Survival Consulting, headquartered in Escondido, California. Before becoming a corporate pilot, Ken was a full time free lance flight instructor at Montgomery Field. Sharp’s aviation experience represents a wide variety of flying and administrative accomplishments.
During his tenure there, he managed the daily operations of the Learjet Flight Demonstration Team.

With ratings in both fixed wing and rotory wing, his over 30 years of commitment and dedication to aviation bring a unique perspective to the Safety Committee. In addition, Ryan has served on the Bombardier Learjet Advisory Committee, Bombardier Challenger Advisory Committee, Center for Aerospace Safety Education Industry Committee (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University), General Aviation Air Safety Investigators Committee, SCAA Safety Committee (previous Chairman), and the NBAA Safety Committee. Ryan was also responsible for department Safety programs and served on the design, development, and flight test team for the Challenger 300 Certification Program. His resume encompasses a wide variety of corporate and utility helicopter flight and management responsibilities as well as corporate and 135 fixed wing flight roles, including international operations and flight department management positions. He currently works as a dual rated corporate pilot (Global Express and EC 145) in San Diego where he also serves as the flight department’s Safety Officer.

Jason brings this experience, in addition to his passion and enthusiasm for aviation safety, to serve as a member on the SCAA Safety Committee.

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