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Real-Time Solutions for Industrial OperationsIndustrial chemicals can leak, spill or be mishandled.
Our remote wireless data network technology makes it possible to monitor potential leaks and man-down situations remotely, in multiple locations, and across large industrial plants to facilitate fast, effective response. Exposure to poisonous gases and man-down incidents are real risks during confined space entry. Continuous area monitoring for airborne toxic or noxious gases and radiation can protect people and property inside a perimeter, as well as minimize risk and annoyance to the surrounding communities.
Highground reclaims sites and installs systems that keep soil, groundwater, and air free of dangerous pollutants. We provide efficient and cost-effective, value-engineered solutions for both public-sector and private clients. Our fully certified professional team is also trained in the most advanced abatement technologies to manage and remove asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs, and infectious agents from structures of all types including schools, hotels, hospitals, and industrial buildings. Highground is chosen by clients because we specialize in making these high-liability structures safe again. Our confined space entry and high angle emergency personnel have experience in developing the Emergency Response Plan and carrying out rescues in a wide range of vessels and industrial facilities. Request a smaple of our Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to see how we can help you prepare for your onsite emergencies.

This threatens employees, your manufacturing facilities, production schedules, and the public. The ProRAE Guardian wireless monitoring system can be integrated to provide real-time instrument readings including alarm conditions in XML format to your SCADA-based process systems for real-time adjustments if an incident occurs. Portable RAE Systems solutions provide a reliable, highly responsive way to assess and monitor oxygen levels, flammability, and toxicity in these operations. In the event of an emergency, your response teams need information about the location and extent of threats so that they can take the appropriate action and use the right equipment. RAE Systems wireless area monitors are an ideal solution for fence line monitoring because they are cost effective to deploy, do not require wiring, have reduced upkeep, and provide around-the-clock protection. A We collaborate with architects, consultants, engineers, and owners to design and implement a remedial action plan for each situation. United Safety engages this position to also perform site management of personnel and equipment, making them a much higher utilized resource. RAE Systems real-time wireless gas detection monitors with man-down alarms and GPS signals alert you the moment an incident happens so you can respond and evacuate workers in the area. This information can also be used in predictive analytics and other big data systems to help you better assess and mitigate risk. RAE Systems units detect likely poisonous gases, and use PID sensors to signal the presence of other VOCs to keep workers safe during entry.

RAE Systems wireless gas monitors and detection systems give you the information, source tracking capabilities, and team communications you need for increased safety. Wireless gas detectors provide remote, real-time monitoring and data collection, aggregation and data-logging for a permanent, time- and location-stamped, verifiable record. As the only company that designs and manufactures its own sensors, you benefit from outstanding precision and expanded sensor options. With RAE Systems real-time, wireless gas detection systems in place, you have the right tools to protect your human and physical assets, keep production levels high, and reduce downtime. This information can also help them choose the right equipment, including skin coverage and full SCBA gear, to do their job safely.
This insight can help ensure workers are quickly alerted, you mobilize the right teams and equipment to the right place, and that you optimize oversight and management. With a range of monitors and accessories to choose from, you can implement a solution to match your plant’s unique needs.
Area detectors also work on the wireless infrastructure, enabling teams to create an effective perimeter around threats, so you can minimize risk and get back to production as quickly as possible.

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