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Hazardous   materials, oil, gasoline, chemicals, paint, mercury, leaking USTs   (underground storage tanks), etc. Any quantity   of any size or shape container of known or unknown materials with no   identified owner and abandoned.
Non-storm   water discharges occurring in curbside catch basins, manholes, or other   waterways. Being really good at emergency response takes practice, and since most of us dona€™t have that experience, preparedness is the next best thing.
When an emergency occurs, the first priority is to save lives; the second is to stabilize the situation. Once you understand what the risks you may be responding to are, ita€™s important to know what assets may be affected during those situations – whata€™s vulnerable. If your company is highly susceptible to a particular unacceptable risk, systematically reduce the likelihood that your company will be vulnerable when exposed to the risk. Join our tradeshow email list for updates on sponsorship opportunities and upcoming exhibitor deadlines. In the Biomedical, Chemical, & Pharmaceutical industries, HI-Q has marketed instrumentation for certain applications for many years. For more information on specific products related to these industries, please feel free to contact us.
HI-Q offers a line of high volume (TSP-Type) air sampling systems for data collection in perimeter monitoring & industrial emissions monitoring applications. Since September 11, 2001, HI-Q continues to have an ongoing relationship with the EPA & DHS by continually working on government-funded projects for the development of airborne biohazard collection systems.
For more information on specific products related to these industries, please feel free to contact us.NuclearView Full Size PictureSince 1973, HI-Q has directly and successfully served the commercial nuclear industry worldwide with reliable, High Quality (HI-Q), continuous duty air sampling equipment, systems and accessories. Emergency Response training and assessment programme is intended to support safer swimming at small, shallow pools such as those typically found at many hotels, leisure clubs, holiday parks, private fitness facilities and other similar establishments. The Emergency Response Certificate (Swimming Pools) is a Certificate of Water Rescue Competence for staff working in a facility where there is a swimming pool but where there is no direct poolside supervision. To include the principles of accident prevention, casualty identification, principles of rescue, spinal cord injury management (SCIM), cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and first aid.
Adult, child and infant basic life support to include the use of a pocket mask as a barrier method of resuscitation.

Choking, bleeding, broken bones, bites, burns, stings, shock, heart attack, epilepsy, asthma and diabetes.
An independent assessor will conduct an assessment through verification of theoretical knowledge and the application of practical skills included within the training programme. Costs are per delegate and include a personal reference manual, assessment & certification fees. View on FacebookFirst Aid Services and Training Glasgow 2 months ago All Our Courses HSE Approved. As you may know, we always honor our Active and retired military with a 10% military discount. Throughout the month of October, we are also giving 10% off of our salon services to employees of Spring Grove emergency response services. We are very excited that so many of you are seeing great results with our new Biolage Sugar Shine System. Over the weekend, A we were privileged to attend this year’s Salon Centric Expo in Hershey. Currently, the map on the website is not updating, please stay tuned to press releases and social media for daily leaf-collection.
The DES interacts with a number of other state, federal and local agencies in carrying out these emergency response activities, assessesing and remediating environmental issues.
We might prefer to think about what wea€™ll do when fortune strikes, but thinking about an emergency response plan before a catastrophe may be the only difference between recovery and losing your business. You need to understand the situations you may be responding to and what will happen if they come to fruition. It may go beyond immediate loss of resources; consider how it could affect the reputation of your business.
With a good emergency response plan in place, you can worry a little less knowing that certain hazards have been avoided and if emergency does strikes, youa€™ve done what you can to prepare.
Topics of expertise range from physical security, IT, risk management, cloud, information security, records management, cyber security and records management. Our ambient, in-door breathing level air samplers, commonly known in the industry as "Goose-Neck" or "Giraffe" air samplers have been instrumental in analyzing workplace exposure. Trainees must be able to swim 25 metres on front and back, be able to submerge to a depth not greater than 1.5 metres from the surface and be able to climb out of the pool unaided and without using steps and ladders.

In addition the qualification will apply where pool operators wish to provide a suitable programme of training and independent assessment for ancillary staff who may act in support of the lifeguard team. All you need to do is come into the salon with your military ID to receive 10% off of your services. If you are a police officer, firefighter, or EMT, simply show your ID or badge, and receive 10% off of your services as well.
This strips away all of the dullness and leaves your hair with a lightweight shiny finish for up to 48 hours. A We have attended this event the past two years, and every time we go we come back with the hottest hot new trends to keep Spring Grove looking great.
Our appointment book is filling up very fast for this special holiday, but we do still have a couple of slots available. Youa€™ll be fortunate you can carry out a well-executed emergency response plan if it comes to using it. These very important actions will be hard to follow through on without a detailed plan in place.
Oil spills result in major environmental losses and loss of revenue for oil companies, but they also mean the entire industrya€™s reputation takes a hit. If lack of a sprinkler system means your building would burn to the ground while waiting for a fire truck, getting a sprinkler system mitigates that risk and gives you some control. The video below will give you more details on the simple 3 step process that will have your hair looking phenomenal. Which risks are most likely to occur; which will have the biggest impact on safety of your employees?
If your swimming pool isna€™t properly grounded, you can remove the risk of electrocution by closing the pool during electrical storms. There may be risks that you can accept and dona€™t require expending resources on trying to avoid or control.

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