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This package of valves has been created for the cryogenic and LNG markets.The range includes gate and globe emergency shutdown (ESD) valves that are self, pneumatic or electrically actuated for LNG applications worldwide. With closing time of less than three seconds, electrically actuated ESD valves can be used on re-gasification units, plant and ship fueling installations. Ratermann Cryogenics is the exclusive distributor for Herose cryogenic valves in North America. Products awarded with the Approved badge have had their performance proven by Ratermann Cryogenics and meet international standards. The badge reflects the quality we demand of all our products in terms of design and track record in field installations.
The valves we supply have an unrivaled safety record and are the leading valves for LNG in the world.

Designed with environmental preservation in mind, the Argus self-contained hydraulic pump module (HPM) for emergency shutdown systems features zero emissions. Acting as an emergency shutdown device, our ESD packages are unsurpassed in safe and reliable operations.
The Argus ESD package is a dependable, high pressure, zero leakage control apparatus adaptable to either quarter turn or linear actuators. Our in-house engineering continues to produce leading edge design and functionality of our self-contained hydraulic emergency shutdown packages.
These valves are sourced from trusted manufacturers to work in conjunction with the Herose product range.
They are ideal for diverse applications including the storing, storing, processing, distributing and fueling of LNG.

Since no external source of power is required, this HPM is ideal for local or remote locations.
The simplified control circuit is designed for use with the Argus two-line pressure pilot, which incorporates the sensing capsule design of the field-proven Argus pressure switch. With our outstanding customer service and expertise in cryogenics, we have partnered with Herose to supply their world-leading valves. In addition, all functioning components are manifold mounted outside of the reservoir to simplify maintenance and reduce downtime.

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