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As part of our emergency preparedness preparations (and because my husband was a Boy Scout), we’ve been slowly beefing up our stash of emergency medical supplies.
Prescription medications you take every day such as insulin, heart medicine and asthma inhalers. Prescribed medical supplies such as glucose and blood pressure monitoring equipment and supplies.
Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission to support the site at no extra cost to you. My other problem is that I use a lot of things like my herbal remedies on a somewhat regular basis. We have both types of soap stashed, although just a regular bad of hotel soap is shown in the photo. Karen – I agree that some of his recommendations are over the top for the average person. I linked my similar blog post here but just wanted you to know I loved your post so much I had to go back and edit one of my own posts (in my URL link) to include a link to yours, this is awesome and a great job.

2400 Calorie ER™ EMERGENCY READY Food Ration Bars are US Coast Guard Approved to provide survival victims with a 72-hour food supply and guaranteed to store safely for 5-years even in extreme conditions.
Food rations formulated specifically for survival victims for all emergencies and locations. Introducing the most revolutionary survival food bar available, the ER™ Bar is made with the purest of ingredients and manufactured under the strictest of conditions.
It is imperative to keep survival food in an accessible location outside your home and office in case of structural damage following a disaster; and in your vehicle in case you are away from home during a disaster. In the past two years, I've constructed four different first aid kits and abandoned them all in frustration! I hear you about the international shipping, not only is it expensive but some things are not allowed to be shipped anymore.. I’m a mother of three and I believe you should always always be prepared for anything!
Scientifically engineered to provide the optimal balance of nutrients and calories for survival victims.

The average person at home is not going to be performing surgery, nor will they have the skills necessary to suture wounds. So, don't waste your money storing and replacing potentially dangerous food in your survival kit. I am going to give the author of said book the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is a catastrophist who believes the end of civilisation is coming. Instead, buy a survival food bar that has been designed, tested, and guaranteed by survival experts and the US Coast Guard to be ready when you need it most.

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