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ABOUT PREPARE NORCALThe San Francisco Bay Area is a region that is highly vulnerable to natural hazards like earthquakes, wildfires, and severe weather. Until now, I’ve never written an article for Small Business Trends while sitting in my basement. All kidding aside, today I want to take a serious look at a cultural phenomenon — and the franchise opportunities around it.
If you’re not a regular viewer on the Reality Television circuit, you may not know about the television show that’s on the National Geographic Channel called Doomsday Preppers.
There are literally hundreds if not thousands of websites, blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels on the topic of prepping and survival.
Let’s look at franchise opportunities that may take advantage of the prepping trend, yet also have crossover appeal to a mainstream market. I emphasize the crossover appeal when it comes to a prepper franchise, because the potential market will be larger. Also, unless you are living the prepper lifestyle yourself, you may find it hard to break into a niche market like preppers.
The Anderson shelter was a popular mini-bomb shelter that was distributed to citizens in the UK during WW2. Those wanting to reinforce a basement or building with galvanized corrugated steel panels might turn to a place like the local Metal Supermarkets franchise that makes it easy to buy reinforcing materials. In the event of a natural disaster or something more, it’s a safe bet that electricity will be disrupted, too. Mike Burzminski, the local franchise owner of Batteries Plus, stocks all sorts of batteries.
Battery stores specialize in unusual batteries (beyond the AA battery in your favorite gadget) and chargers, and emphasize staff who are knowledgeable. Just search Google and you will find many articles and YouTube videos on the topic of prepping at a dollar store, such as this one at Apartment Prepper. Once you’re done learning how to grow your own food in an organic garden, you can go to the Gro-O website and purchase a few GroEasy Redwood Planters. That’s why I paid a visit to The Beef Jerky Outlet, a young franchisor that specializes in tasty, high-quality beef jerky.
These are a handful of the more mainstream franchises available that have overlap with the prepper market.
In my research I came across a number of direct selling and multi-level marketing arrangements.
Some products popular with preppers, such as Berkey water filtering systems, are sold through distributor arrangements.
Affiliate programs are low reward, unless you also have a website with considerable traffic, or a large survival group willing to buy through your portal. I’m not saying that a non-franchise opportunity is either right or wrong, better or worse. With the beef jerky, you can even find beef jerky make from grass-fed beef if you’d like a little more beefy flavor to your jerky. I am also preparing for the financial crisis, by writing about sound money on my blog, Objective Argentum (silver in Latin).
But the easiest way (and it tastes to me the same as the completely from scratch way) is to use the following recipe. I like to thicken the juice into gravy, so I get a half cup of flour and another cup of water, put it in a container with airtight lid, and shake it until it makes a slurry. Right before serving, I use a few drops of browning agent such as Kitchen Bouquet to turn it a darker brown color. While all this is happening, except for the short times I am adding something to the pot, I am able to work on my computer on my business. I’ve been involved with the prepper lifestyle since 1999 and have hosted my PoorManSurvival newsletter and website for five years. Based on how unprepared many seem to be on nightly newscasts after a natural disaster, I think its an idea our ancestors would have applauded.
I totally support the idea of being prepared — whether in your personal life or in your business.
Hello Dear sirs, I would like to inquire as the possibilities of you possibly mailing me ANY and ALL FREE info. These supplies should include a first aid kit, survival kits for the home, automobile, and workplace, and emergency water and food.
I have to tell you, hanging around in my somewhat musty basement for a few hours is as far as I’m willing to go. As prepping has drifted more into the public’s eye, there are more products marketed to preppers. In its third season, Doomsday Preppers is a television show about preppers and survivalists. Some Americans simply want to be prepared for the aftermath of a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina. Most are likely kept within close circles of family and friends, but some meetings are public.
It’s a well-known fact that The Anderson shelters performed well under blast and ground shock. I purchased toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, candles, lighters, flashlights, and hand-warmers. It’s really about volume when one is focused on preparing for a time when stores may no longer be stocked.
Did you know that there’s a franchise that specializes in designing and setting up organic fruit and vegetable raised planter gardens?

You can attend a garden party at one of their locations where you learn how to set up your organic garden.
And it is a food of choice for many preppers and survivalists, as well as campers, hikers and others who spend time outdoors. Whether your local area could sustain a retail outlet specializing mainly in one niche product like beef jerky (and related items) is something to investigate. As a distributor, you have whatever rights you get under the distribution agreement you sign.
Food Insurance is one of many companies marketing to the prepper world that offers an affiliate program. Joel, The Franchise King®, equips today’s prospective franchise owners with time-tested, proven techniques designed to increase odds of success. I am used to Italian cured meats like prosciutto, sopressata and salami (my family actually made our own when I was growing up), so I might just have to try jerky sometime. We know that there are all kinds of mlm companes out there that focus on the preppers how about a single mlm company that brings in all of the best parts of prepping and survival and camping (since they kinda go hand in hand) and being able to have have it as a succesful company. At the end, if it’s too thick add some more water, bit by bit, until you get the consistency you want. Individual freedom & sovereignty have been suppressed by a purposely dumbed down society, corporate interests, organized religion, and of course ever-expanding government. This article was helpful because it tells you what franchise opportunities are popular right now. Store enough supplies to last at least 3 days.First Aid KitStore your first aid supplies in a tool box or fishing tackle box so they will be easy to carry and protected from water.
It’s only been 15 minutes, and I’m already thinking of scampering upstairs to finish this article.
That’s because they were made with curved and straight galvanized corrugated steel panels – 14 of them actually. I also bought dozens of non-perishable food items like crackers, soup, nuts and candy bars, to name just a few.
This company sells kits for consultants to hold home parties for stocking up on food and supplies.
To take advantage of an affiliate program, a website puts up affiliate ads and earns a commission from every sale made via the ad. He does this through one-on-one coaching, and gobs of useful content that can be found on places like Small Business Trends, SBA.Gov, and his award-winning franchise blog, The Franchise King Blog . I find that the consistency of gravy is a matter of taste — some people like it really thick, some like it thinner.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will work tirelessly to ensure our products and services meet your expectations. He’s been featured in Entrepreneur® magazine, and is frequently called upon by national media outlets and publications for his no-spin insights into the world of franchising. While there are fewer rules and a lower up-front cost to participate in a business opportunity, you also get less support and training than with a franchise. Additionally, about 90 percent of all presidentially-declared disasters are weather-related. When a flash flood warning is issued or if you think it has already started, evacuate immediately. 3-1-1Severe storms can cause landslides, flooding, uprooted trees, and downed utility lines. If your home does not have air conditioning, go to the shopping mall or public library - even a few hours spent in air conditioning can help your body stay cooler when you go back into the heat.
If you are on the beach or other low-lying area close to the ocean or bay, immediately evacuate by walking to higher ground.
If officials issue a tsunami warning and order evacuations, you hear the Outdoor Warning System, the earth shakes so much that you can't stand, shaking lasts longer than 20 seconds, or you notice water receding from the shoreline, walk to higher ground immediately. SAFE WATER SOURCES IN THE HOMEIf you do not have enough water stored, there are sources in your home that may provide safe, clean water for drinking purposes: the water drained from the water heater faucet (if the water heater has not been damaged), water dipped from the tank of the toilet (not the bowl - the water in the bowl can be used for pets) or melted ice cubes. If you have to walk through water, use a stick to check the firmness of the ground ahead of you.
If your car stalls in rapidly rising waters, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground.
DAMAGING HAIL, THUNDERSTORMS AND LIGHTNINGIf you are indoors when a storm with large hailstones strikes, stay there.
Because large pieces of hail can shatter windows, close your drapes, blinds or window shades to prevent the wind from blowing broken glass inside.
The overall probability of a magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquake striking the Greater Bay Area in the next 30 years is 63 percent. Unfortunately, most residents are not prepared to protect their families, homes and finances. Preparing now will help you survive and recover and get back to normal after the next damaging earthquake.CEA's new alliance with the American Red Cross can help you take simple steps to be ready when the time comes-- We're in this together, Northern California, so get prepared! Start building your kit with this detailed list of supplies and make sure you have the Red Cross Earthquake Safety Checklist.MAKE A PLANIdentify out-of-area emergency contacts.
Write your plan on an emergency contact card and store in your phone along with important numbers for emergency resources in your area. Use the tips in this guide to start making your plan!BE INFORMEDDiscuss how to prepare and safely respond to the emergencies most likely to happen where you live, work and play.
Make sure know how the notification systems in your area work.EARTHQUAKE INSURANCEMost residential insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage - a separate earthquake policy is required. Without earthquake insurance to help cover the costs of repairs and other expenses that come with catastrophic damage, you will pay out-of-pocket to fix your home, to replace your personal property, and to live and eat elsewhere.

The California Earthquake Authority is a publicly managed, privately funded organization that provides catastrophe residential earthquake insurance and encourages Californians to reduce their risk of earthquake loss.Why CEA? Five reasons to buy:If your home suffers catastrophic earthquake damage, the CEA can provide you with the strength to rebuild. With nearly $10 billion in claim-paying power, supported by the service expertise of its participating insurance companies, the CEA could cover all of its claims if the 1906 San Francisco, 1989 Loma Prieta, or 1994 Northridge earthquake reoccurred today.Excellent financial ratings. CEA policies are available exclusively through CEA's participating insurance companies, which handle CEA-policy applications, renewals, billing, and claims.Rates based on science, not profit.
By law, CEA rates must allow it to remain financially sound and to pay all its covered claims.
CEA rates are based on the best available science for assessing earthquake risk and do not include any amount for profit.Not tied to government budgets. California's budget issues have no impact on the CEA's ability to pay its claims, because the CEA is a privately financed entity and receives no money through the state budget.Without earthquake insurance, the cost of any damage is your cost. If your CEA policy claim exceeds your deductible, you don't actually have to pay the deductible before claim-payment eligibility is triggered.Read more about CEA earthquake insurance policies and premiums and to see a list of insurance companies that sell CEA earthquake insurance. PRACTICE HOW TO DROP, COVER AND HOLD ON During an earthquake, know how to drop to the ground, take cover under sturdy furniture, and hold on to that furniture until after the shaking stops. Learn about Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, annual opportunities to practice what to do during an earthquake.SECURE YOUR HOME'S STRUCTURE AND CONTENTSMake sure your home is securely anchored to its foundation.
Bolt and brace water heaters, gas appliances, bookcases, china cabinets and other tall furniture to wall studs.
Hang heavy items such as pictures and mirrors, away from beds, couches, and anywhere people sleep or sit.
Find out about the threats and hazards in your area.California Earthquake AuthorityGet peace of mind.
Make sure you know what shelter-in-place means!The most effective way to protect yourself and your home from fire is to identify and remove fire hazards. During a home fire, working smoke alarms and a fire escape plan that has been practiced regularly can save lives.Wildfires often begin unnoticed. DETERMINE ESCAPE ROUTESFind two ways out of each room in your home and know your neighborhood evacuation routes.
REMOVE FIRE HAZARDS AND INSTALL SMOKE ALARMSKeep items that catch on fire at least three feet away from anything that gets hot and stay in the kitchen while you are frying, grilling or broiling food. Create Defensible Space: Defensible Space is the buffer you create by removing dead plants, grass and weeds. STOP, DROP AND ROLLIf your clothes catch on fire, STOP where you are, DROP to the ground and ROLL over and over to smother the flames. Call the fire department from a neighbor's house or a cell phone once you're safely outside. DECIDING TO STAY OR GO: WHEN TO EVACUATELeave as soon as evacuation is recommended by fire officials to avoid being caught in fire, smoke or road congestion. Evacuating early also helps firefighters keep roads clear of congestion, and lets them move more freely to do their job. TRAVEL ROUTESPlan several travel route options in case one route is blocked by the fire or by emergency vehicles and equipment. For more information on preparing your family, pets and property for wildfire, see the Ready for Wildfire "Are You Set?" brochure. GAS EXPLOSIONSNatural gas leaks can cause an explosive and flammable atmosphere inside a building. If you smell gas, hear gas escaping, see a broken gas line, or if you suspect a leak, shut off the main valve and open all windows and doors. Through a series of fire and carbon monoxide safety messages, Kidde and ABC7 work to increase public awareness about fire and carbon monoxide safety. It is unlikely that emergency response services will be able to immediately respond to everyone's needs after a major disaster, so it is important to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family.
For chemical spills, airborne illnesses or biological hazards, be prepared to Shelter-in-Place if needed.
Have a flashlight, battery-powered radio, extra batteries, and a well-stocked first aid kit.
Alternatively, the American Red Cross and other companies sell pre-made supply kits of various sizes to make preparedness simple. First check yourself for injuries then assist others based on your level of first aid training. Do not use a gas stove for heating or operate generators indoors (including the garage.) Both could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
Prepare a list of family members, friends, boarding facilities, veterinarians and pet-friendly hotels to shelter your pets in an emergency. 211 is an easy to remember, toll-free phone number that connect callers with local community services, such as food, shelter, counseling, employment assistance, quality child care and more. You can also learn what to do in response to a specific disaster.AlertSFAlertSF is a text-based notification system for San Francisco's residents and visitors.
Earn points and gain Super Power Badges as you successfully complete tasks in the real world.

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