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Texas is known for a lot of things – delicious BBQ, horse-back riding, but one of the most unfortunate things the Lone Star State is also known for is flash floods.
After entering in your email, you’ll become a free member of the APN community and will receive ebooks, event listings and webinars in our weekly newsletter. It is recommended that you put together your own first aid kit rather than buying one pre-made.
Flash floods are rising waters that occur during heavy rainfall and can happen at any moment. Just as with first aid kits, create food storage areas in different locations like your car, home, and office. Keep a list of phone numbers and other pertinent contact information for family members, doctors, local emergency services, and your regional poison control center. It is also recommended that you have several first aid kits in different locations, for example, your car, the kitchen, the boat, etc.

The food in your home should be well stocked and include enough food for your family to eat for at least one month. A comprehensive first aid kit should include supplies and medications for cuts, burns, insect bites and stings, nausea, fever, and rash.
This helps medical professionals take care of you faster and more efficiently in emergencies.
Remember to plan for different scenarios, like a fire in the kitchen, a fire outside, or a fire at night while everyone is in bed.
Again, the more you can safely store, the better off you will be if you need to use it in an emergency. Go over your plans and practice drills annually to make sure that everyone and everything is prepared.
Stock your food supply with non-perishables and other foods that have long expiration dates.

Keep fire extinguishers in several areas, particularly any areas that are prone to catch fire such as the kitchen, bathroom, attic, and garage. It can happen very quickly and be extremely dangerous, as we saw with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. After you have stored your food, remember to check it every 6 months for expiration dates and use and replace anything that will expire.
It can not only provide warmth, but can also be used in a wide variety of ways in an emergency survival situation.

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