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This compact survival kit contains all the basic survival supplies to get you through those first 72 hours. This heavy-duty container can be used in place of port-a-potties in any of our kits at no additional cost. The Entire Kit is Packaged in a rugged nylon carry case on wheels and has a carrying strap and external pockets for your medical supplies. Natural disasters, fires, floods and extreme weather can disrupt basic services for days or weeks. From survival kits and rescue tools to first aid kits and fire extinguishers, we offer affordable emergency supplies to keep you prepared for emergencies, large and small. Flood, fire, national disaster or the loss of power from high winds, snow or ice could jeopardize the safety of your food.
Power outages can occur at any time of the year and it may take from a few hours to several days for electricity to be restored to residential areas.
Keep your hands clean by washing them frequently with soap and water that has been boiled or disinfected. Eat foods from cans that are swollen, dented or corroded, even though the product may look safe to eat. Alternative cooking sources in times of emergency including candle warmers, chafing dishes, fondue pots or a fireplace. Emergency supplies should be prepared before hand and be easily accessible in case of emergency or disaster. First-Aid supplies should be a good part of your emergency kit, easily accessibly and mobile to bring with you in case you must move to another location. Having a hot meal and able to boil drinking water is good for moral when in a stressed situation. As we already know, the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car will come on the market (at least in Japan) with an optional power take off (PTO) device that enables it to serve as a mobile generator in case of emergency.

The PTO will be connected to the CHAdeMO inlet in the trunk and will turn the DC current to alternating current, edible by other appliances.
You would need an auto-transfer switch at your circuit breaker box, and an inverter that we are developing for 2016. Like Brian suggested above, I’m a bigger fan of a larger option if the automakers would produce it. Idiots would probably forget to turn off their main switch and thus electrify the grid that repairmen are trying to work on.
All I am saying is that I would like to see a way to use one’s car instead of a generator.
Today, you can do some forms of that inefficiently by turning on the Volt and leave it in standby and then tap power of the 12V through an inverter.
I trust those rural people who have dealt with this type thing much more than the typical American suburban dweller.
And my point is that one could simply hire an electrician who is competent enough to do it correctly. How would this differ from the average idiot American using a gas powered generator to the same thing? But if we have something that plugs into the house, it had better be build to be idiot proof because people will do stupid things. Anyway, the good thing is that if mass produced, this appliance could be used by anything that has a CHADEMO and that any Nissan EV product that you choose to take this feature and it’s a lot more than Mirai will ever be. For the price of the Mirai, you could install quite a few home generators and still buy a plug-in car.
It would be much more interesting if it could run on the domestic natural gas supply, maybe plugging into the BBQ outlet using a hose. With proper planning, you can provide your family or business with the means to survive comfortably until things get back to normal.

Knowing what to do before and after an emergency can help you reduce your risk of illness and minimize the amount of food that may be lost due to spoilage. Without electricity or a cold source, food stored in refrigerators and freezers can become unsafe. If using ready-to-feed formula is not possible, it is best to use bottled water to prepare powdered or concentrated formula.
Grab and go emergency bags, 72 hour emergency kits, vehicle emergency kits, home emergency kits, school emergency kits and even pet emergency kits are necessary to keep you and your immediate family members safe during an emergency.
You can purchase prepackaged freeze dried foods from renound companies such as Mountain House or you can stock up a 3 month rotating pantry.
So after using all the fuel to power the house, the car will have to be towed to the nearest hydrogen station (which is likely to be far away). Bacteria in food grow rapidly at temperatures between 40 and 140 °F, and if these foods are consumed, people can become very sick. You can purchase ready built storage cabinets for your food storage or you can build something yourself. Best practice is to include 2 different methods of water filtration in your kit just in case. More advanced communication equipement such as amateur radios and repeaters would also be a great investment in time and money.

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