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Please note that any purchases for such items from countries other than these will be cancelled. An efficiency of around 85 % and a power output of more than 200 watts is what you will get from the present design of a power inverter (home built). You might have come across many articles regarding power inverters, however you might be still confused about making a power inverter?
If you are planning to make your own low cost and simple home built power inverter then probably you won’t find a better circuit than the present one. Transistor T1 and T2 along with C1 and C2 and the other associated parts forms the required astable multivibrator and heart of the circuit.
The relatively weak square wave signals generated at the collector of T1 and T2 is applied to the base of the driver transistors T2 and T3 respectively. On receiving the signal from T2 and T3, all parallel output transistors saturate well enough according to the varying signal and create a huge push pull effect in the secondary windings on the power transformer. The resistors placed at the emitter of the 2N3055 transistors are all 1 Ohm, 5 Watts and has been introduced to avoid thermal runaway situations with any of the transistors. WARNING: The present circuit involves dangerous Alternating Currents, extreme Caution is advised. The only part of the circuit which is probably difficult to procure is the transformer, because a 10 Amp rated transformer is not easily available in the market.
Do not connect their primary in parallel; rather divide them as two separate outputs (See Image and Click to Enlarge).
Select the suitable ones; make sure that the holes are appropriately drilled for the TO-3 package as shown in the figure. Constructing the PCB is just a matter of putting all the components in place and interconnecting their leads as per the given circuit schematic. Now we can connect the relevant points from the assembled board to the power transistors fitted over the heat sinks.

Once all the wires are connected appropriately to the required points, lift the whole assembly gently and place it on the base of a strong and sturdy metallic box.
It goes without saying that the outputs and the inputs of circuit should be terminated into proper socket type of outlets, to make the external connections easy.
If everything is connected as per the given schematic, the inverter should instantly start functioning illuminating the bulb very brightly. Similarly, you may find the output consumed power through the above procedure (DMM set in the AC range). By dividing output power by the input power and multiplying the result by 100, will immediately give you the efficiency of the inverter. If you have any questions regarding how to build your own power inverter, feel free to comment (comments need moderation, may take time to appear). Due to package variations from suppliers, the product packaging customers receive may be different from the images displayed.
This heavy duty, easy to build design includes very few numbers of components which can be found readily available in any electronic retailer shop. The signal is suitably amplified by two current amplifier medium power Darlington transistors. These are specified as Darlington pairs and thus very effectively amplify the signals to suitable levels so that they may be fed to the high power output transistor configuration. This alternate switching of the entire battery voltage through the windings induce massive step up power into the primary windings of the transformer producing the desired AC output. In that case you can get two 5 Amp rated transformers (easily available) and connect their secondary taps in parallel. I won’t recommend you to fabricate them by yourself as the task can be quite a tedious one and time consuming too. TO-3 is the code to recognize typically the dimensions of power transistors which are categorized in the type used in the present circuit i.e.

You may use two separate heat sinks for the two sets of transistors or one single large heat sink. Take care of its base, emitter and the collector, a wrong connection would mean an instant damage of the particular device.
When you use bulk rates, a flat $1.70 registered air mail fee will automatically be added to your cart to ensure delivery of package. This amplified square wave signal is further fed to the output stage comprising of parallel connected high power transistors. Do not forget to isolate the transistors from the heat sink with the help of mica isolation kit.
While BulkRate's intention is to offer cheaper prices when you buy in bulk, because it is priced separately it on occassions show a higher than retail price. But these drawbacks won’t matter much as long as sophisticated electronic equipment are not operated with it and the output is not over loaded. These transistors convert this signal into high current alternating pulses which is dumped into the secondary windings of the power transformer. The big benefit of the present design is its simplicity, very low cost, high power output, 12 volt operation and low maintenance. The induced voltage from the secondary to the primary winding, results a massive 230 or 120 volts conversion, as per transformer specifications. If at all any problem is encountered, troubleshooting won’t be a headache and may be traced within minutes. The efficiency of the system is also pretty high, in the vicinity of around 85% and the output power is above 200 watts.

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