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This isn’t a detailed post, but should provide you with the information and knowledge that you need to start developing your own ideas, as well as a survival situation plan of action. Sure, I have faith in God for His provision and protection, but He also gave me common sense and the tools I need to turn my faith into works (James 2:20). At the end of the day, a knowledgeable person can easily survive in the wilderness with these items alone. One of its insufficiencies is that it has a short blade, which makes it more difficult to baton wood.
Now, if you have access to Meals Ready To Eat, it can never hurt to have a few on stand-by. If you are a responsible, law-abiding citizen who has taken the time to learn the safety and proper uses of a firearm, then you have the responsibility to own one. The downside to carrying a firearms is that the weight of the gun and ammo is not ideal to have to tote around during a survival situation.
I’ll go deeper into this in a separate blog, but there are a few things that need to be done ASAP when in an emergency situation. All of this equipment in the world won’t do you a bit of good if you have no idea how to do it.
Unfortunately, the original Marine Corps Ka-Bar knife is not as well made as you would think.
I am passionate about life and the idea of the American dream – that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator. I am a United States Marine, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and most importantly, a God-fearing Christian. I love basketball, camping, fitness, family, working in the community, and I confess to being a responsible Bible-toting, gun-clinging American patriot. Short of military training, there are a TON of shooting schools out there (and even a few gun fighting schools) that will get weapons handling skills up to par, and the Red Cross offers decent first aid classes. A word of caution to those just starting to develop their preparedness mindset: beware of the doom and gloom mongers! I just hate reading about the misguided souls who will drop $5k on ammo but balk at dropping $500 on a weekend training course. Learn the Difference Between Organic, Heirloom, and Hybrid SeedsHow to make Butter in a Jar! These sleeping bags protect an individual much more than the basic outdated space blankets.
This entry was posted in folding and tagged camping, emergency, folding, outdoor, shelter, survival, tentblanketsleeping. When it comes to selecting a bag for an emergency kit, many of us veer in the direction of tactical looking backpacks, or any type of backpack at all. Here are a few non-traditional containers for your bug out bag or emergency kit that maybe you haven’t considered. Mine fits perfectly in the back of my Tahoe and the transparent plastic lets me see the contents.
Soft-sided means you’ll be able to shove this bag behind and between things, and they come in several sizes. Anything with a shoulder strap will leave both hands free and might be easier to carry than a backpack for someone with back problems. Obviously this won’t carry as much as these other containers, but with all the multiple pockets, you could keep the most essential items close at hand. When planning for an emergency evacuation, I recommend dividing the contents of your emergency kit into 2 or more different types of containers. When choosing your containers, keep in mind that they might be in for a pretty rugged future.

There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 5 years. The action packers are also waterproof , most of the other so called containers are not waterproof, will easily split, and if you leave them out in the sun will become brittle. I plan to bug in, if at all possible, the only thing that would make me run is a flood or fire. I love the old fashioned kind of picnic cooler, made of metal, lined with styrofoam, with a locking lid.
The best thing to remember is that ANY preps are better than none, and it’s easiest to start with what you have on hand.
The last item on the list, a Photo Vest… well, let’s see here, what can we do with that? To trust in God for something that you aren’t willing to put effort towards is useless. My hopes are that they will never need to be used, but I believe that preparation and knowledge are essential in these times, especially when there is a family to protect. Full-tang means that the blade and handle are a solid one-piece of steel, from the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle.
There is complete separation between the tang and butt cap, so the knife absorbs the shocks from hammering and prevents the shocks of electricity. Batoning wood is the process of splitting wood by hamming the blade into a log using another log as the hammer. They not only offer a full 2,000 calorie meal in every package, but they also provide matches, cleaning towel, utensils, and more. Depending on the scenario, It might get left at home, or the minimum, short-term package would be brought. The uses of cord are boundless, and can assist in the building of a shelter, fixing equipment, tracing trails, setting traps and making clothing.
The order of the steps, and specific details will vary based on if you are being pursed, or just lost in the wilderness, temperature, weather conditions, and equipment. I could probably survive better with a pocket knife than most people could with 3 duffle bags of equipment.
It should have terrain details, local wildlife and plant life details, basic food collection, signal instructions and how to make fire. Ka-Bars look nice and have a good reputation, but tests have shown them to be a weaker competitor to a lot of other cheaper knives.
The opening of the video explains some of the thinking that goes into the item selection, and the end of the video explains the other items I have in my car for giving away and for specifically car repair. You will need to pay a small shipping charge of $6.95, but other than that, the Flashlight is completely free. These are a good choice because the bin itself can be used to hold water, kindling, and a lot more. A product like the Bucket Backpack would provide an alternative way to carry the bucket longer distances. These are amazingly resilient, stretch a bit as you stuff more into them, and are very cheap.
For example, a 5-gallon bucket can hold food and cooking supplies and will provide an emergency toilet, a large water container, and a handy tote for firewood. Come join me on my journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios.
The Container Store has some clear ones with a lid that doesn’t come off, just hinges together.

Since I wasnt using my suitcase on wheels I had an epiphany…and it has those swivel wheels making it extra easy to roll. It also welds a wide range of uses, and has been tested by several private industries to determine its value.
One of the key essentials in the new MRE, especially in cold weather, is the chemical heater. Though this is not recommended, if it becomes necessary, you will have a source of communication. Training includes knowing the region your in, what plants are poisonous, what plants are nutritious, how to catch game, prep and cook game, stay on course with or without a compass, how to make fire and shelter, how to cover tracks, evade an enemy, protect yourself from large prey, stay hydrated, and how to follow the terrain towards civilization… just to name a few things. However, the new Ontario OKC3S USMC knife has taken the Ka-Bar designed and turned it into a worthy adversary. I have a passion for presenting conservative analysis and exposing any agenda that threatens the Constitutional ideology of the United States of America (sarcasm sometimes included). We have been playing with these great little flashlights in our office for the past week and can vouch for their quality.
These things usually sell for around $20, and are way more powerful than anything you will find at home depot. It doesn’t have the openings on the bottom which is where most of the heat is lost in the emergency blankets.
A good backpack will have multiple pockets and pouches to help organize your gear and supplies, they can be carried on your back, leaving hands free, but they aren’t always the right solution for every scenario. Then use a Space Bag to hold sleeping bags and cold weather clothing and finally a large backpack for everything else. I also have a couple of small waist pack type purses and each pocket is filled to the fullest as well as a back pack full of more stuff.
The big ones all have an assortment of supplies inside in case we can only grab one on our way out the door. We all remember his green-handled, razor sharp knife that toted around a full tool box in the handle that included a compass and hammer butt screw on cap. This type of design provides more strength, allows for prying and hammering, and generally can be used with less caution. The low-profile sheath facilitates movement, limits noise, works for parachuting, and attaches to a belt or Molle vest. The binoculars may only be handy in certain geographical locations, but may be used to spot boats, other people, wildlife, smoke, danger, food, etc. Include a box of heavy-duty black trash bags to keep the interior of the trash can clean if you ever have to use it for actual trash! You’ll have 2 multi-purpose containers and a backpack large enough to hold all the essentials in case you have no choice but to continue your evacuation on foot and have to leave the bucket and Space Bag behind.
Made from 3-mil polyethylene.Size: 84 Have something you want to know about the Emergency Survival Bag? Former military man, Jeff Freeman led the charge to engineer this fearless 10″ survival knife. A knife has multiple uses with only the need for it to be sharpened on a stone once it becomes dull.
Since we’ve never been able to cram our tent back into the bag it came with, I found a rolling duffel at Goodwill that has space left over even after the tent, tarp, and all the accessories are packed inside.
Due to our vast inventory and the variation in sizes, this has been a definite challenge for us.

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