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Includes a Survival Guide, a concise booklet containing many helpful suggestions for surviving in the wilderness. Additional information about our products, including instructions, helpful tips, and warranty information.
Coghlan's has a wonderful variety of products for learning about insects, orienteering or simply flying a kite. There are essentially two extremes of  wilderness cooking. My  hard-core foodie friends in the Central Oregon Dutch Oven Society take their Dutch oven related gear, find a beautiful spot outdoors and cook gourmet meals. When it comes to backpacking or survival food, most of us want to be somewhere in the middle.
Wrap the bars individually and make extras for tucking into school backpacks, survival kits and daypacks.

Transfer to the pan and distribute evenly over the bottom, pressing firmly with your hands.
Survival food requirements are ease of making and cooking, simple ingredients and good taste! Invest in your future by purchasing a deluxe car emergency kit and storing it in your vehicle so that it is ready for you to use in any disaster or emergency situation you may find yourself in during your travels in your car. Earthquake survival kits can be a life saver when it comes to disaster and emergency preparedness, giving you quintessential supplies.
I have discovered through extensive search, that there are several different types of earthquake survival kits available on the market, for sale.  I have found a wide variety of web sites that sell emergency survival kits, for the “after-effects” of the for various prices from anywhere around $40 to $200, this wide price range, of course, varies based on the amount of and types of items in the kit. It is always good to be prepared, in the event of an earthquake, if you live in a region that is prone to this type of natural disaster, by purchasing earthquake survival kits in “bulk”.  If someone in your area is in need, you would be able to help them, with having an extra kit to offer, or at least you would have a spare or two for yourself, if it’s needed in the future.

Food, like your survival knife,  is one of the  Ten Essentials, and should be included, in some form, in your survival kit. A few of the tools include a multi-function shovel, battery jumper cables, tire puncture seal and a reflective vest. Then add additional water 1 tablespoon at a time, just until mixture can be formed into two bars. An added benefit is that the recipes can be tweaked to your tastes, and there are no mystery ingredients.

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