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True North stands apart from other wilderness medicine schools because our Wilderness EMT Bridge course helps you to bridge your front-country medical training with wilderness survival training so that you are equipped with the skills, gear, and knowledge to better meet the demands and realities of treating patients in remote and austere environments. After all, in a wilderness emergency you likely won’t have access to all that fancy equipment in your Emergency Department or on your ambulance. This course is approved by the WMS for credits in its Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) program for EMT, Paramedic, RN, PHRN, DO, PA and MD.
During our WEMT Bridge course, you will learn the dynamics of providing medical care within a wilderness context. Just as importantly, though, you will learn the same approach to wilderness survival that is taught in the U.S.
So how does our WEMT training different from your medical training?  In some ways, you will find the training and issues very similar, but in most other ways you will find it vastly different. Through reciprocity agreements between the various states, your state Department of Health may also accept these credits towards your certification credit requirements. What is the timeframe of this course?  In an effort to accommodate the busy work schedules and limited vacation times of our clients, True North runs this course in two main formats: either as a Monday through Friday program, or over three successive weekends.

The exact timeframe (whether 1-week or successive weekends) is listed next to the course announcement on our Schedule. Where is this course located?  We try to hold our courses in locations that are not only convenient for you, but offer you a proper setting for learning. What kind of gear do I need to bring?  True North will provide all of the needed training supplies. However, since one of our course goals is to teach you about various gear, plus offer you a chance to “test drive” it before you buy it, if you don’t have an item, don’t necessarily feel compelled to buy it right away … especially if it’s expensive. If you missed one of the meetings, the class notes for completing the merit badge worksheet are available.
For the outdoor (fun) part of the merit badge, we are meeting out where Tuskegee Drive turns into a gravel road (just past the disk golf course) at noon on Saturday, April 26th. This exercise simulated getting lost in the woods so scouts showed up dressed and packed for a day hike.
On the way up the side of the ridge, we stopped let each scout practice signaling with a mirror.

Once we reached the top the scouts built their emergency shelters for the night and then worked on starting fires using three different methods other than matches or a lighter. Flint and steel, magnesium strikers, steel wool and a battery, Fresnel lenses, and a parabolic mirror were all used successfully. Even though we brought an extra gallon of water, we were running low by late afternoon, so a group of scouts took the water filter and found a small creek to filter water. On Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast, tore down the shelters and hiked back down to the road.
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