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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The ACR C-Strobe Life Jacket Emergency Signal Light gives those trying to find you a light on the water. When you're out on the water past sunset, turn on the ACR C-Strobe Life Jacket Emergency Signal Light and avoid larger kayak-crushing vessels in the bay. I often dive in cold dark waters Once or twice.After reading a few reports of survival at sea, I tried a few strobes and settled on the ACR Electronics Firefly Plus. This waterproof and corrosion-resistant strobe light makes others aware of your position on the water, and it also comes in handy for signaling when you find yourself stranded.

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While not a dive specific strobe, people seem to agree that this is one of the top choices for diving.At $36 or so, it costs less than half of the alternatives and holds up well against the competition.
Attach the C-Strobe Signal Light to your PFD with the included hook and loop closure strap and avoid the sound of motors. I always have one on me whether it is to mark the upline or as a safety should I get lost at sea. Operates up to 40 hours on one D cell alkaline battery (not included).Emergency strobe lights are excellent for attracting the attention of emergency responders in a survival situation.

This multi-purpose device that can also be used as an accident warning light, hazard caution, oversized load marker, or personal safety tool.Emergency strobe lights should be a part of your car emergency kit in case of a roadside emergency. Strobe lights are standard issue for pilots and wilderness enthusiasts in case they are stranded, lost, or in of need rescue attention.

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