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Cruisers - emergency vehicle equipment and installations, Cruisers is a michigan based manufacturer and installer of police and other emergency vehicle equipment. Emergency vehicle lighting - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Emergency vehicle lighting, such as that seen on this ambulance, helps to announce the vehicle's presence to other road users.. Police car - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A police car (also called a police cruiser, squad car, radio car or radio mobile patrol (rmp)) is a ground vehicle used by police for transportation during patrols. You may remember Ratchet – the HUMMER H2 turned movie prop from Transformers named Ratchet. These shots were taken at the China International Exhibition on Police Equipment, where several HUMMER H3s and H2s were outfitted for police and fire applications. Hummer’s will live on guys and the pressure will be too great at GM to resist reintroducing Hummer when there is a change at the top of the Goverment.
On a side note, speaking of Transformers, Megan Fox won’t be in the third installment.

Less expensive than the H3, with its’own new drive train, it would have not only fit my budget, but been a heck of a lot of fun to drive. As 2014 is well on its way, Avalon Emergency Equipment LLC is continuing to seek the best in American made products for our customers. I was presented  with a situation from a local fire department: “Our apparatus still works well and fills our needs, but we have old lighting equipment. As the summertime winds down, and our customers look forward to outfitting their vehicles for the winter time, or upfitting their new-model-year vehicles for first time service, Avalon is pleased to bring a new line of product: SoundOff Signal.
As I invest more time each day into our industry of upfitting and installing warning devices, I find some common issues facing today’s upfitters. This will happen at some point as you know all to well, it starts with this falls elections. You research, investigate, and finally purchase that new vehicle either for your department or personal use.

We think its time to upgrade.” I entered into a lengthy conversation with those folks and we came up with some great solutions! THE SAD THING IS IT LOOKS LIKE GM DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE LOYAL HUMMER OWNERS AND FUTURE OWNERS. Recently we were approached by an outfitter in Stevens Point who requested a solution to a 2013 Tahoe needing very low profile lighting. When I founded Avalon, I wanted to provide items and services to improve our customer’s vehicles. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERANT WAYS THEY COULD HAVE GONE WITH THE TRUCKS AND WE WOULD HAVE FOLLOWED.

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