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There are many types of emergencies and it will be impossible for you to build an emergency car kit to cover everything, however there are basic components you MUST have in your ECK (Emergency Car Kit).
Food and water are also hight on the list.  Even if you have a small car, it does not take much room to hold a couple jugs of water and high energy bars. Although these are not new on the market, they are mostly targeted towards the camping crowd.
Jumper cables are nice to have, but what if you're in the middle of nowhere and killed your battery by mistake?
A good roadside emergency kit will also include a pair of jumper cables, so you would be covered for that basic requirement, but they include so much more. One last bonus item is for everyone to get comfortable with the basic understanding of their vehicle. Each person will design their kit based on their own comfort and skill level, but the list noted above is my recommended "basic emergency survival car kit" so you can be self sufficient in case you find yourself in a compromised position and away from any help. Between commuting to and from work, running errands, and schlepping the kids around to various activities, the average American spends over 200 hours a year in their cars. With all that time in your vehicle, the chances of you being stranded in your car due to a breakdown or inclement weather at least once in your lifetime is more likely than not. And with winter now fast approaching, having an emergency kit in your car is doubly important! What you decide to put into your car kit is really based on your needs, skill and desired comfort. When winter rolls around I add some extra gear that would help me through the rougher weather if I were to become stranded.
Items in this category consist of anything that helps with keeping you safe, secure and healthy.
The water component contains all those things that help to store, filter, collect, and purify water. This category contains all those items that you need to create fire, light and energy (including fuel). I have adjysted mine to assume there will be 4 occupants, so you end up needing to increase blankets, hats, gloves etc, but it doesnt take up too much space, also 5 hour hand warmers or those heating back pads are great for keeping core temp up. You should be able to make some changes by making normalized saline solution at 0.9% Na Cl. Given that the candle is so small (and thus the BTUs are minimal), in all but the most mild temperatures I don’t think it would be very effective.
Unless I missed it, I think the core car kit should also contain some sturdy shoes for walking and an old garage jumpsuit for doing utility work if necessary.
One tip for storing water in sub zero temperatures is to store your water containers upside down. I live in ND and my mom taught me to carry a can and a candle (like one of the old coffee cans, altho now they are plastic ?? ) That way you can heat CLEAN snow in the can if you really get into a pinch, and the candle works for some warmth. I broke down once in northern Arizona, not the coldest place there is, but it was near zero. Great article, but I had read somewhere (I think a comment on a YouTube video) that fiberglass insulation could be used instead of TP because it wouldn’t burn away and so therefore last longer.
PHI Management Solutions announced that all of their emergency survival products, including popular Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit, will be 5 to 10 percent off through Father's Day.

Ralph Huber, President of PHI Management Solutions announced that all of their emergency management products and emergency survival kits would be on sale through Father’s Day. Huber opened the meeting with a moment of silence for the Oklahoma tornado victims and used the opportunity to remind all of the executives that the quality of their emergency kits is paramount. James Moody, the Vice President of the Emergency Division, reviewed the latest products and several recent upgrades. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. As much as I like to think I have a handle on things, sometimes projects slip through the cracks. Since then, life has happened.  We needed room to cart groceries and, in Shelly’s case, to transport 4 set of golf clubs along with 3 of his buddies.  Something had to give, but what? Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold. Well, today this new incredible Paleo Cookbook is finally available to be shipped right to your door for FREE!
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I cannot stress this enough and the fact that they are so inexpensive to get makes me wonder why they are not part of the OEM equipment if every car. These store very well and for long periods of time so throw them in your Emergency Vehicle Kit and forget about it. At a minimum, have a set of good jumper cables in your kit, but it is well worth the extra money to purchase a Battery Booster Pack. I always carry an extra quart of oil, antifreeze and supplies to temporarily fix a blown radiator hose (length of rubber hose and clamps), steering fluid and break fluid.
In this case you will need to be self sufficient and able to sustain yourself until help can arrive.
They include the essential preparedness items for most kinds of roadside emergencies including: vehicle breakdowns, blizzards, evacuations and tornadoes. Instead of having to buy a whole new kit, save money and purchase our 4-Person Backpack Roadside Refresh Kit that contains all the items you need to bring your kit back up to date. I originally had it in my trunk for an Appleseed event I attended and have kept it in there since then (again, since it takes up hardly any space). I eventually compromised with my wife only sequester about half of the trunk space these days.
It stays below -10c for 6 months or so, and bringing fresh water in every time I drive would be annoying.
These seem to thaw out easier and faster than 1-gallon jugs (this can be done through body heat, the heat of a running car, an emergency car heater, sunlight through the car windows etc). A friend from Canada once told me a small candle lit will help keep the inside of a car warm if your stranded. I think the crank-chargeable flashlights or the ones with the copper coil inside that you shake to charge would be more reliable and sustainable if you travel country roads and want to be able to get noticed for help. I do have the crank-flashlight in my small BOB that sits in my car but never thought of using it as a signalling device.
I would love to check it out since I’m always reading about this kind of stuff in my quest for survival knowledge, tips and know how.

Most important he said was the introduction of kits with enhanced water purification capabilities. The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!! According to popular research, the average American spends, on average, 540 hours a year in their car.  With all this time spent traveling for business and leisure, it is important to have, at a minimum, the basic emergency supplies so you are not "caught with your pants down". By extra money, I mean you can pick up one of these units between 30-80 dollars plus depending on all the extra bells and whistles. These are self contained battery packs that will let you jump start your car or truck on your own. It will include items like reflectors, call police or emergency type banners, flares, tow rope, flashlight, gloves, safety vest, shop cloth, etc.. I guess this comes from my offroading experience where you need to bring what you can with you to repair your vehicle in the middle of nowhere.
Ask a mechanically savy friend or good mechanic to give you a once over of the vehicle, showing you items like how to properly check your radiator fluid, check break, oil and transmission fluids where applicable, check the pressure in your tires, changing a tire, identifying the drive belt and how to put a temp replacement and anything else you would like to know. Every disaster kit we sell contains a minimum of 3 days' worth of food and water (the same supplies used by disaster relief agencies). Place the candle in between your legs and drape the blanket over your head and body while keeping a small portion open near the candle for air.
Besides for signalling, I also like flares because they help prevent people running me over if I’m working on a broken-down car and they are excellent fire starters in a pinch. Always remember to crack your window a tish away from the wind and to keep the tailpipe free from snow if you are running the car for heat. These multi units are great as they are LED lights which use less energy, allow you to charge you mobile phone in case of emergency and also let you tune in to weather alerts and radio stations in case of an environmental disaster so you can keep informed of the situation around you. All these items you can use in cases of distress where you went off the road, broke down on the side of the road and many more. Well even though in this case we're on the road, it is still highly recommended you have these supplies to get you out of a jam.
Remember, the goal is not to become a mechanic, but to be able to identify a mechanical problem if your stranded and possibly be able to fix it. Some use insulation to make their alcohol stoves and wondered if it would be okay for an emergency car heater. The nice thing is you can pick up containers of these items in small "top up" form so they take less room and will last for a very long time if not opened. Now think of how horrible it would be to walk a couple miles in high heel shoes for help or have to spend the night in your office shirt and light jacket due to a snow storm. If he was wanting to carry this in his pack all the time I would say it was a bit much but in a car?
Moody also stressed that the same standards of excellence apply to all of PHI's kits to include their popular line of Zombie themed Survival Kits. The bottom line he said is that every kit we produce has what a person needs in the event of a catastrophe.

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