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All electrical appliances produce electromagnetic fields which are damaging to our health. We can measure EMFs in units called gauss, studies have shown that anything above 3 milli gauss will start to have negative physiological effects on the human body.
When the body is exposed to EMFs like in the picture above the electrical field of the body is disrupted causing our cells to function incorrectly.
The beneficial effect of EMF progection technology was confirmed by 3D-MRA test which was conducted by Tex Chu Technology Corp., Taipei, Taiwan. The MRA angiograms clearly show the substantial negative effect of RF radiation generated by cellular phone on the state of blood vessels in all parts of the brain area.
Based on the above test results, using the new EMF shielding technologies like the Air-Tube Headset, EMF Harmonization products, Qlinks Pendants, and the Earthcalm® Home Protection System with a cell phone has been shown to protect the human brain against the harmful, suppressive effects of electromagnetic radiation fields. Typical electric appliances run at 50-60hz which is significantly higher than the earth's and our bodies magnetic fields which range between 7-10hz. Our bodies conduct electricity through neurons and muscles, sending small electrical impulses to the brain, the heart also generates these electric signals to keep it beating. These frequencies are severely incompatible with our bodies so when we enter their magnetic fields they disrupt our own.
Test was conducted on a human subject who was exposed to cell phone radiation (Sony Ericsson T630) with and without EMF protection technology.
They also reveal that the use of the new EMF shielding technologies like the Air-Tube Headset, EMF Harmonization products, Qlinks Pendants, and the Earthcalm® Home Protection System with a cell phone has been shown to protect the human brain against the harmful, suppressive effects of electromagnetic radiation fields. When EMFs come within proximity to our bodies they cause damage to the cells by disturbing their magnetic field.

For example if you have a reading of 4 milli gauss at 2 feet away you will have a reading of 16 milli gauss at 1 foot away and a reading of 256 milli gauss at 6 inches away.
New studies are even showing that each individual cell has its own magnetic field which builds up on our entire framework. Our own bodies magnetic field is at a very low level and therefore can be disrupted relatively easily.
In the future we may periodically email with other great sales we are having and new product releases. Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) is a technique for imaging blood vessels that contain flowing blood. Below we have prepared a table of common household items and rated them on a scale of 1-5 on how powerful and dangerous the electromagnetic field the device creates.
When we measure a healthy body we will find the magnetic field has a frequency of about 7-10hz. Studies have shown when we come in contact with stronger EMFs they disrupt each of our bodies cells magnetic fields and increase the bodies voltage.
Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) is used to generate pictures of the arteries in order to evaluate them for stenosis (abnormal narrowing) or aneurysms (vessel wall dilatations, at risk of rupture). Higher frequency waves start occurring in Cell phone transmissions, radio waves, microwaves, wi-fi and other similar devices like smart meters which are much more dangerous than regular electronics.
Since at 3 mill gauss damage starts to occur on our body we grouped the devices by how close you have to be to have 3 milli gauss or higher exposure. What is interesting is when the earth's magnetic field was measured in the 1950s it frequency was recorded at 7.83hz and has been changing slightly over time.

When your cells magnetic fields are altered by strong EMFs they cannot function correctly.
Remember that Shieldite transmutes the EMFs to a harmless form and does not stop then so you will still get a reading on your gauss meter as the gauss meter measures the intensity of the EMF and not the frequency.
You can see that our bodies and the earth's magnetic field operate at the same frequency along with all other living things on this earth.
This is similar to trying to use a TV designed for European outlet being used in a North American outlet, since the circuits are not designed to run at the same power or frequency ( 50hz compared to 60z) the TV will eventually overheat and burn out.
This is the same case with our cells, they are designed to operate with a magnetic field of 7-10hz but when influenced by EMFs their magnetic frequency rises and they start operating at a frequency they are not capable of handling. 3D time-of-flight sequences) was used to get images, where most of the signal on an image is due to blood which has recently moved into that plane. This can cause immediate symptoms in some people of pain, burning skin, headaches, blurred vision, and making your skin crawl.  If it is just a short period of time the body will re-balance its magnetic field and start functioning correctly. The problem occurs with too much exposure or at too high a level of EMFs where the cells get so disrupted they cannot re-balance their magnetic field and continue functioning incorrectly. We are now seeing cancer and tumors being linked to EMF exposure as both these disease are the cause of cells growing incorrectly and uncontrollably.

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